Mary’s Bottom Line
Last night I watched the first episode of Mary’s Bottom Line, in which Mary Portas is on a crusade to bring textile manufacture back to Britain. This is a subject that is so important to me,… View Post

Coloured Jeans
I am after a nice pair of spring jeans to go with some vintage tops that I’ve had for ages. I love all these bright colours… View Post

Spring Colours
I love wearing bright dresses, the more floral the better. I obviously love vintage but also buy lots of stuff on the high street. I have chosen my favourite colours; aqua blues, coral and mustard.… View Post

England’s Mistress by Kate Williams
When I don’t have time to read, I often download audio books from I Tunes. It gives me the chance to ‘read’ while doing the housework or driving. I have just finished listening to England’s… View Post

A Trip to Portsmouth
Last weekend we went on a family trip to Portsmouth. I’ve been reading a book on Emma Hamilton, and had just finished the chapter in which Nelson dies at Trafalgar and really wanted to go… View Post

Courtiers by Lucy Worsely
I have just finished reading Courtiers by Lucy Worsley, here’s what I thought. Worsley is the chief curator at Historic Royal Palaces, the charity that manages Hampton Court, The Tower of London, Kew Palace, Banqueting… View Post

A little introduction
Welcome to my blog! A little introdcution never goes amiss! I’m Catherine, I’m a 26 year old happily married mother of two. I love the past, anything from the past really, be it books, clothes,… View Post
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