Vintage Frills Beauty
I am currently working on an exciting new regular feature for the blog, all about beauty. I’ll be reviewing vintage themed beauty and hair products including make-up, skincare, nail polish, hair tools and hair products… View Full Post View Post

Vintage Frills Unfinished Book Challenge
Over the next couple of weeks I’m setting myself a little challenge. I’m going to go through all my books and finish all the ones that I’ve started. I have a really bad habit of… View Full Post View Post

At Home on Sunday – Toile de Jouy
I’ve had a little obsession with toile de jouy since I was a little girl. I love the way the prints and patterns tell a little story and I love the detailed pictures. Toile de jouy prints are… View Full Post View Post

What to Wear Under your Vintage Dress
As vintage fashion becomes more popular it can be hard to see how the modern woman can actually fit into the shapes of vintage dresses. I used to have a job have involved finding the… View Full Post View Post

Dress of the Day #13 Mad Men Special
I haven’t done a dress of the day post in a little while, partly because I’ve been working on other things for the blog including a regular weekly beauty post which will be coming soon… View Full Post View Post

At Home on Sunday – IKEA Rose Prints
It’s been a busy weekend making changes to the blog, spending time with friends and family and obsessively watching Mad Men! I hope you like the small changes I’ve managed to make to the blog… View Full Post View Post

Out and About – The Junior Vintage and Craft Fair
For too long our little ones have missed out on the vintage fun. There are so many vintage events and fairs out there and yet people with kids struggle to pass their vintage lifestyle onto… View Full Post View Post

Out and About – 575 Wandsworth Road
It’s always exciting to hear about a new property aquired by the National Trust, especially one that is really close to where I live.  In 2010 the National Trust accepted 575 Wandsworth Road, bequeathed from… View Full Post View Post

Dear Santa Please May I Have a Mad Men Barbie
I’m an ridiculously obsessed with Mad Men at the moment, it’s crazy that I’d never watched it sooner. Today I stumbled upon these… MAD MEN BARBIES!!! My one complaint about the Mad Men Barbie collection… View Full Post View Post

Television Tuesday – American Pickers
American Pickers is one of a cluster of programmes that follow a recent television trend. The best way of describing these programme would be Mantique, Mantiques are basically antiques and vintage items with man appeal. This… View Full Post View Post