After a very busy week last week, and a very busy week planned for next week today it was time to relax. My husband has gone to Bognor today to see some friends so it was just me and the kids. Cue dolly dressing up, den making, pretend tea parties and all the other delights that come with having girls!

We had visits from both my parents and my husbands and it was just a lovely day filled with happiness. It’s not always like this but today was perfect. And sometimes you just have to remember how lucky you are to have the simple things in life.

Now my girls are tucked up in bed it’s time for me to clear up, do the washing and reflect on life’s blessings.

I hope you’ve all had lovely Saturdays too.


Kirstie’s Vintage Home is the latest book from Kirstie Allsopp. Kirstie is famous for presenting Channel Four’s hugely successful Location, Location, Location and Relocation, Relocation with co-host Phil Spencer. She went on to present the hugely succesful Kirstie’s Homemade Home, a programme that defied the generation of flat pack furniture addicts and encouraged us to up-cycle, reuse and hand make our furnishings.

Kirstie then co-founded Raise the Roof, an independent production company which produced the series Kirstie’s Handmade Britain and the up-coming series Kirstie’s Vintage Home on which the new book is based.

As a vintage home addict and a big fan of Kirstie’s I was really looking forward to receiving the book. I’m always looking for inspiration and ideas for things to make and up-cycle at home.

In the book Kirstie looks to the past for inspiration to create vintage style furniture decorations and home accessories, and shows us how to achieve vintage looks within the home. Kirstie is a passionate advocate for buying second-hand and vintage items and loves filling her home with handmade items.

This book is a step-by-step guide to planning and furnishing your vintage home. She runs through the planning stage working through the different eras and explaining why and where to look for vintage things for the home. Everything from creating your own look book to drawing floor plans are covered, so for anyone who’s not a natural interior designer this is essential reading.

The book is not just about going out and buying vintage things for your home. It’s more about acquiring and using new skills to create a vintage style home. There are still the usual handmade projects and up-cycling tips, including making and arranging soft furnishings and little craft ideas which make the prefect finishing touches. Projects include creating a shabby chic chair and sewing bits of fabric together to make a memory quilt.

The projects are a mix of things that anyone can do at home, to more complicated projects that you would need to visit a craft school or craftsmen to complete. Although thrifting can be a cheap way to furnish a home some of the projects require a lot of materials and equipment so not everything is suitable for people on a budget. That being said Kirstie’s guides to buying at auctions, salvage yards, second-hand shops and finding things in skips are really helpful.

The favourite idea that I will be re-creating is the bedside cabinet made from a reused vintage crate. It looks fantastic and is a great place to store some of my favourite coffee table books.

You’ll love this book if… You’d like to create vintage looks in your home but don’t know where to start or you want some ideas for things to make for your vintage home.

You can buy Kirstie’s Vintage Home from Amazon here

Published by Hodder and Stoughton

I’m definitely going to be trying some of the ideas from the book so look out for future posts.



I’ve been a big fan of No7 make-up for a few years. I’ve always loved top end make-up but after having two children my funds were a little limited. I like No7 because you get the quality of a luxury brand without the price tag. Being a vintage girl I love No7’s collaboration with Poppy King.

Poppy has been designing lipsticks since she was 18 and 20 years on she is still going strong. She was unhappy with the lipsticks in the shops and wanted to create colours and textures that emulated the thick pigment rich products of the 1940s. Poppy has always approached her business as a consumer and has managed to create lip products that are wearable and exciting.

Her range of lipsticks for No7 are beautifully packaged and the range of colours are gorgeous. There’s a great selection of reds for every complexion and a pink too. There are also lip-glosses in a plethora of vintage colours and the new addition to the collection, the lip crayon.

I was sent this gorgeous lipstick to try…

I asked for a red as I wanted a really vintage colour and this was a lovely shade. I usually favour warmer reds and pillarbox reds and this one was a slightly bluer red but I still really liked the colour. The lipstick was very smooth and moisturising and the colour was strong and opaque. When I first put it on, because it felt quite light and smooth I didn’t think it would last long but after a slice of cake and a couple of glasses of bubbly it was still going strong! I would recommend this lipstick as part of a vintage make-up look as it looks very authentic.

Heres a pic of me playing vintage dress up at Betty Blythe’s vintage tearoom in Kensington wearing my Poppy King lipstick!

I was also send a lip crayon to review so look out for my review next week.

You can buy the lipstick on the boots website here

Looking Pretty on my dresser

Have a good weekend everyone!


I’m a big fan of the Style Me Vintage series. The books cover all elements of vintage style including fashion, hair and make-up. The collection is soon to expand with the addition of a vintage tea party book and a vintage wedding book.

I was lucky enough to get sent the gorgeous Style Me Vintage Look Book to review this week. The book is a compilation of the first three books in the series and includes Naomi Thompson’s fashion book, Belinda Hay’s hair book and Katie Reynold’s make-up book. So if your new to vintage style or just want to brush up on your knowledge then this is the book for you. Even if you know nothing of vintage by the time you’ve finished this you should be able to shop and style vintage outfits and create an authentic look.

I really enjoyed looking through the book, which is easy to read and has just the right amount of information. The hair and make-up tutorials are well illustrated and give simple clear instructions, making some of the more complicated vintage styles easier to achieve. The guide to buying vintage is useful and has all the key things to look out for.

I like the variety of styles and era’s covered in the book from the 1920s to the 1980s, there is a vintage look for every girl here and lot’s of inspiration to get creative with your style. For anyone whose scared to go for a vintage look this is a good book as it shows how easily you can go from girl next door to rivalling the likes of Rita, Marilyn and Audrey!

The writers all have vast experience in the vintage industry and I had heard of them all before through my work and interest in vintage.

Naomi Thompson is a stylist and personal shopper specializing in vintage fashion. She has been featured in the pages of Vogue, Sunday Times Style and Cosmopolitan amongst others, she is recognised as the Uk’s premier vintage personal shopper.

Belinda Hay learned vintage styling techniques in New Zealand and has worked for over 7 years in some of London’s top hairdressing salons. In 2009 she opened her own vintage and contemporary salon, The Painted Lady, in Shoreditch.

Katie Reynolds has been a hair and make-up artist for over 12 years, working in film, TV, music, commercials and fashion. She founded The Powderpuff Girls in 2005 – a unique team of beauty professionals who provide a pampering service.

I know I’ll be using this book loads as I love the vintage hairstyles and cant wait to recreate them! This is the kind of book you just won’s stop digging into and I would suggest keeping it on your dressing table at all times!

You’ll love this book if… your new to vintage and want to incorporate subtle elements of retro glamour into your day-to-day wardrobe, or you love vintage but don’t really know where to start. This book is also perfect for those wanting to achieve iconic vintage looks.

The book is available to buy from Amazon here

Published by Pavillion

Look out for future posts where I will be trying some of the make-up and hairstyles from the book.

I recently discovered The Vintage Cosmetic Company, the perfect website for anyone looking for the tools to create a vintage look.

The company launched in may 2011 starting with their range of vintage inspired false eyelashes, with the success of the lashes other products followed. The company has gone from strength to strength ever since.

Logo The Vintage Cosmetic Company

The range consists of a collection false eyelashes, make-up brushes, tweezers and eyelash curlers. My favourite would have to be the eyelashes, there are five in the range all with pretty names to suit different types of girl; Betty, Connie, Gracie, Kitty and Nancy. They all vary in length and volume and I could quite happily own them all!

Of course false eyelashes aren’t for every day so The Vintage Cosmetic Company also provides a fabulous eyelash curler which has quickly established a big fanbase, it comes in the prettiest of boxes and helps create the long curly lashes which every vintage starlet needs!


After the success of the lashes and eyelash curlers the company introduced their distinctive stainless steel tweezers, I have a pair of these and they are fantastic. I love the cute floral design and the excellent quality. They work really well and are angled to tweeze even the shortest eyebrow re-growth.


The next product launch was an amazing selection of make-up brushes, these perfect brushes have created a storm within the fashion and beauty industries. The quality of the brushes rivals some of the more established make-up brands and there is a tool for every kind of make-up. The best sellers include the blusher and foundation brushes. I’d recommend the eyeliner and lip brushes if you’re trying to create a vintage look.

I asked the lovely people at The Vintage Cosmetic Company why they think old-fashioned glamour is important to the modern woman…

“With modern women taking more interest and time in their appearance it only makes sense to relate modern trends to classic looks. Back in the 1950’s women were so glamorous and spending time on their appearance was a social event as much as it was a luxury. Now the culture has changed so that whilst women take care of themselves, they aspire to be as glamorous and beautiful but without as much time and effort. We pride ourselves on producing glam and girly tools to help them along the way”


I couldn’t agree more. As a lover of vintage fashion, trying to recreate old fashioned glamour can take time I don’t have in my busy schedule and having beautiful tools to make the job easier is just perfect.

I also asked what their top tips are for creating a glamorous vintage look using their products…

“Use lashes to enhance your eyes and create different styles. The variety of lashes on offer will help to create different looks. To enhance your eyes keep your brows tailored and tidy. Also keep lashes in place with lash combs. Create an even complexion using makeup brushes, which creates an even canvas for the basis of your look. The Marilyn’s of this world will back us up on that!”

The Vintage Cosmetic Company list Sheree North, Gloria Grahame, Marilyn Monroe and Audrey Hepburn among their style icons as well as the stereotypical 1950s domestic goddess, and used them as their key influences when creating the range.

Gloria Grahame

The company is ever-increasing its range with some top-secret new products launching later in the year we’ll be keeping an eye on their site. They have also recently collaborated with Minnie’s Boutique as seen on The Only Way is Essex and are producing a limited edition lash as chosen by the boutique’s owners Sam and Billie Faires.

The brand is available in around 45 different stockists ranging from high street retailers, boutiques and salons to online retailers. You can find a list of stockists here.

They sent me a little goody bag with some products to try, and I will be adding my review later in the week.

If you’s like to try some of the lovely products The Vintage Cosmetic Company are offering a 25% discount to my readers. Just enter the code VINTAGEFRILLSBLOG at the checkout to review your discount!

Visit their website HERE