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It’s Monday What are you Reading is a weekly meme hosted by Sheila at Book Journey. It’s a chance to share what you’ve been reading this week. You’ll find lot’s of vintage book inspiration here on Vintage Frills.

This week I’ve been making progress on two books which I’ve been reading for a little while. The Island by Victoria Hislop is set in Crete during the second world war and the years surrounding it.

A Glass of Blessings is a 1950s book written by Barbara Pym.

This week The Vintage Book Group is reading The Vintage Teacup Club by Vanessa Greene who I will also be interviewing this week. We are also planning a giveaway featuring this book later next week.

I don’t have any other reading planned this week as I still need to catch up on reviews and finish these ones.

Join The Vintage Book Group here. It’s not just for vintage lovers but for anyone who enjoys a good book!

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The sun has been out in London this week and it’s got me thinking about losing the winter woolies and getting into some pretty spring dresses. I love the dresses Betty Draper wears in Mad Men and would love to steal her style. So I’ve been looking online for a few ideas.

Betty’s Style…

I love Betty’s cotton shirt dresses – The perfect early 60s housewife look

Here are a few dresses that I love for the spring…

1950s shell pink dress with rosebuds and lace £45 Love Miss Daisy

Picture of 1950s floral shirtwaister vintage dress

1950s floral shirtwaister vintage dress £65 Love Miss Daisy

Pale lilac and grey plaid vintage 50s dress £55 Love Miss Daisy

50s Shirtwaist Dress / 1950s Dress, Pink Pastel Striped Cotton Day Dress, Pleated Full Skirt Rockabilly, Kay Windsor, 40B 26W

Pink pastel striped cotton shirtwaister dress $50 Etsy

1950s SHIRTWAIST DRESS // blue & white gingham // M-L c722

Blue and white gingham shirtwaister dress $76 Etsy

These dresses all reminded me of Betty’s style and the shirtwaister dresses she wears to perfection. And if you can’t find the perfect dress why not make your own?

I love this pattern which is £7.99 on Ebay

I got this pretty new dress on Ebay the other day. I have plans to completely alter it as I love the full skirt and the pretty print, but the top of the dress is horrible. In the pics I’m hiding it under a wool cardigan. I am wearing the dress with my red petticoat which I love but hardly get the chance to wear. I wearing a 1950’s brooch and pearls which were a gift from my Grandma and my shoes were a bargain from the New Look Sale. My hair is far too long for this look but I keep putting off getting it cut!




Vintage Dress – Ebay – £9.99

Petticoat – Ebay – £10.50

Cardigan – Banana Republic – £45

Jewellery – Grandma’s

Shoes – New Look – £5

Please excuse my garden in the pics, we only moved to this house last year and haven’t touched outside yet!

I love vintage fabrics because the prints are so different to anything we see today. Even reproduction vintage items tend to have prints that are quite sympathetic to modern tastes. I’ve collected quite a few pieces of vintage fabric. At the moment I don’t really use them I just look at them and enjoy them. I often use them as backdrops for photographs and when the right project comes along I will eventually use my vintage fabric to make something new and fabulous! I thought I’d share a few of them with you…

I love the colours on this beautiful piece of Sanderson fabric

I’d like to make this pretty fabric into a cushion for one of the girls bedrooms

I only have a small piece of this gorgeous print, it’s so pretty I would love enough to make a dress with it!

How retro is this! I think it is part of an old bed sheet.

Another oen that I wish I had more of, I’d love a 1950s style tea dress in this.

I love the bold florals on this fabric. I’m planning to use this to cover the front of a notebook or photo album.

This one makes me feel all summery!

Another vintage sheet pattern


I love this chintzy fabric being a fan of anything floral or rosy.

This is a new fabric which I bought from a fabric shop in Brighton. I love the retro kitchen design. I had originally bought this to make an apron, but I haven’t got round to it yet.

This is one of my favourite fabric in comes from a pillowcase I bought in a charity shop for 75p. I=So far I’ve used it as the back of a patchwork cushion and to make a bunny toy for my daughter.


This is a Cath Kidston fabric which I bought in the sale when I worked there about 9 years ago.


Apologies for the blurry image! This 1950s boat fabric is beautiful but I only have a very small bit. I might just frame it and put it in my bathroom.

The above two would make beautiful dresses.

This is another vintage sanderson which I would like to use to make a cushion.


This is another one which I got from the fabric shop in Brighton.

One of my favourite antiques is an 1890 Singer Sewing machine which I have had for a while. It’s a really beautiful piece and in very good condition condsidering it’s age. as a big fan of sewing I can really appreciate the beauty of this sewing machine and I love to think of all the wonderful things that it must have made over the last 123 years. Although there are a couple of small bits missing it will actually still sew which I find amazing.

It has its original cover which still has the Singer logo in gold which is beautiful. The sewing machine was easy to date as they all have a serial number.

I had always planned to have a sewing room one day and have some old sewing machines as display items. However the reality of living in Greater London means I will never have a house big enough for a sewing room and as such the couple of old sewing machines I have just been gathering dust in the loft. So with a slightly heavy heart I have decided to sell them. I have visions of them going to a new home to be lovingly restored and used for many years to come!

I wanted to share these pictures so you can see just how beautiful it is…

Antique 1890 Singer Sewing Machine

Antique 1890 Singer Sewing Machine

Antique 1890 Singer Sewing Machine