One of my favourite vintage pieces in my home, is this Tala icing nozzle set. I got this last year in a house clearance shop. I can’t remember exactly what I paid but I know it wasn’t much. It is a complete set with the original box and instruction booklet and it looks fantastic on my vintage dresser.

There are quite a few of these out there as I have spotted them on Ebay and at car boot sales a couple of times so it’s definitely worth keeping your eyes peeled if you’d like something similar. A few months ago I spotted an older 1940s version of this but it was far more expensive so I didn’t get it. I’ve regretted leaving it behind ever since as I think they would have looked great next to each other. I won’t ever make this mistake again!

House clearance shops are a great place to pick up vintage home bits, they are often pretty cheap as they turn over stock very quickly and they seam to be everywhere.




On Tuesday I took a little trip into London to have lunch with Faye. She had seen a little café in Soho which she wanted to try. Foxcroft and Ginger is located on Berwick Street and is run by husband and wife team Quintin and Georgina. Their recipes are sourdough based and they other a simple menu of sandwiches and pizza with the most amazing fillings and toppings, as well as a wide selection of tea and cake.

The décor is very industrial vintage and is small but comfortable. There were lot’s of retro details and I loved the wooden tables and factory style vintage lighting.

We both opted for a sourdough pizza with chorizo and halumi and it was one of the nicest lunches I’ve had in a very long time. And when the bill came in at only £10 each we were even more happy! I would definitely recommend this one.

Foxcroft and Ginger from the outside.

My amazing sourdough pizza served up on a rustic chopping board.

I am wearing my all time favourite 1950s dress and looking a little sheepish!

After lunch Faye and I had a coffee and a catch up in Soho Square

A better view of my dress.

On Monday night I attended the launch party for a brand new reproduction vintage clothing website. Tatyanna officially launched online last night, and is the perfect place to inject some old fashioned glamour into your wardrobe.

The event was held at the perfect vintage venue – All Stars Lanes in Bloomsbury. The perfect retro American style bowling alley in the heart of London. I went with the lovely Fay of Blog a Book Etc. and we indulged in a full old fashioned cocktails while admiring the venue and the gorgeous clothes.

The entrance to All Star Lanes

Some of the gorgeous models showing off the collection

Me with Bethan and Fleur of The Vintage Mafia

I wore this 80s does 50s vintage dress which I recently bought on EBay

The collection is really feminine and very wearable, not just for vintage girls but for anyone who likes a girlie classic look. There are certainly a few things that I have my eye on. Here are a few of my favourites from the new website…

Retro Frock £99

Day Dress £99

Tea Dress £99

If your looking to bring out your inner pin up check out this fabulous new website. I’m sure I’ll be featuring Tatyanna again in the future and I’m really looking forward to seeing more of what Zoe has to offer in the future and hopefully wearing a few of the lovely designs myself.

Tatyanna Links – Website – Facebook – Twitter

Today we went for a little family outing to Claremont Landscape Garden in Esher. This National Trust garden is one of my very favourite places to go. It’s simply stunning. It is the garden attached to Claremont House the former home of Princess Charlotte (If you’ve been reading this blog for a while you’ll know about my Princess Charlotte obsession)

The garden was designed by Capability Brown in the 18th century and has stunning walkways and a fabulous lake with a little island. The is also a small tower and a lakeside grotto. One of my favourite parts is the grass amphitheatre which is extremely rare.

Claremont is well worth a visit and even has a little play area for children. We always enjoy a good run around and explore and there is just enough history to interest my older daughter without it becoming boring. We had lot’s of fun playing Victorian dress up in the little thatched cottage.

Today I wore my new original 1950s dress which I bought at Judy’s Affordable Vintage Fair at Old Spitalfields market a few weeks ago. I love this thick cotton dress which fits beautifully and is in perfect condition. It also only cost me £40 which isn’t much for such a well preserved 50s dress. I have to apologise for the pictures not showing the dress off well enough my camera was not on the right setting and it shows! I didn’t really accessorise the outfit as I got ready in about 5 minutes and ran out of the house. I think the dress would look great with a belt and petticoat and some vintage hair. So I will try and do a better outfit post with it soon.


I have been really busy this week working on a few things for the house. My husband had the week off work so we got loads of things done that we’d been planning for a while. So expect lot’s of home related posts over the next week!

One of the things I did was make a seat for the stool in Jessica’s room. We bought it ages ago to go with her desk which we found in the loft when we bought this house. We bought the stool for £3 at a charity shop and painted them both pink.

I decided to make a little seat for it the other day using a vintage pillowcase from another charity shop.

I’m really happy with the final result and it only took about 10 minutes to do…

If you’d like to do something similar, here’s how I made it…

1. Take the seat off the stool, usually all you need is a screwdriver.

2. Cut a piece of foam to the same size as the top of the tool and if necessary round off corners.

3. Glue the foam to the top of the stool using a hot glue gun.

4. Cut a piece of wadding large enough to go round the foam and the top of the stool.

5. Cut a piece of your chosen fabric slightly larger than the wadding.

6. Wrap the fabric and wadding round the wood and hold down edges.

7. Staple down your edges using a staple gun.

8. Re-attach the top the stool.

All done!