As time goes on decent vintage is getting more expensive and harder to find. There are a few reasons for this, firstly as vintage fashion becomes more popular there are more people snapping it up. Also as time passes and things are worn they wear out and show their age. A lot of vintage clothing is now tucked away in people’s collections. I understand the need to collect vintage however I also feel that if it is not being worn or enjoyed it should probably be made available to people who will use it.

Of course there are still plenty of treasures out there just waiting to make their way into your wardrobes and there are lot’s of different places to pick them up.

In no particular order here are my top ten ways to buy vintage.

1. Vintage Fairs – If you like lot’s of vintage in one place with lot’s of choice then a vintage fair is the place for you. It’s a great place to find new sellers and really get to see and feel what you’re buying. It’s not always the cheapest way to buy vintage, but many sellers are happy to negotiate on price.

2. eBay – If you read this blog often you’ll know I have a bit of a love/hate relationship with eBay, however there is no disputing that if your willing to put the time in there are amazing pieces and fantastic bargains to be had. Just be careful that you really do know what your bidding and don’t be afraid to ask questions.

3. Independent Websites – Although slightly rarer than they were a few years ago, there are still plenty of online vintage shops out there. One that really stands out to me is Love Miss Daisy and if you’re in the US Adored Vintage.

4. Etsy – I like Etsy as there are plenty of international sellers who are happy to send to the UK. There is absolutely loads of choice, however as it grows in popularity and gains more sellers the quality of whats on sale has definitely slipped so just like eBay always be cautious before buying.

5. Car Boot Sales (and jumble sales) – Yes I love to root around piles of rubbish to find those amazing pieces. It is hard work though – think early starts, dirty clothes, lots of rummaging and the chance of not finding anything at all! Some of my most amazing pieces have been bought for ridiculously good prices at car boot sales.

6. Direct From the Source – I’m sure there is plenty of beautiful vintage clothing tucked away in people’s lofts and attics just waiting to be discovered. Why not politely ask elderly relatives if they have anything you could have. Or perhaps advertise in the wanted section of the local paper and offer a good price for any vintage clothing.

7. Charity Shops – I’d say these days your hardly likely to find an amazing vintage dress in your local charity shop unless it’s quite a recent one. However I still find plenty of shoes, handbags and jewellery in the ones near me, they key to this one is to go as often as you can so that you don’t miss anything.

8. Vintage Boutiques – This is by far the most expensive option, however you will find amazing things which don’t need any cleaning or repairs so if your budget will stretch to it, then this is a great way to pick up something special. It’s also important to support small independent businesses.

9. Vintage Wholesale – If you’re looking to buy quite a few things then visiting a vintage wholesaler might work well for you. The majority have a minimum spend which is often a few hundred pounds but you do get a lot for your money. Most require an appointment to visit and pick your own items so always check in advance. Don’t expect to find much pre 70s vintage either.

10. Clothes Swaps – clothes swaps don’t seem to be quite as popular as they were a few years ago, but there’s no reason not to organise your own clothes swap event. This is a great option for students. On a smaller scale if your bored of some of your vintage clothing why not see if a friend would like to swap a few pieces with you.

I hope the list has been helpful. I’d love to hear your ideas of where to find vintage. Please comment below.

This weekend we had a few last hours of sunshine before the rain showed it’s face and didn’t go away. We made the most of the nice weather on Saturday by driving to Brighton for the afternoon and visiting the pier.

We only stayed for a couple of hours, and played in the arcade, enjoyed the view and Rob and Jess went on the roller coaster. It was the perfect afternoon and I’m sad to say goodbye to the sunshine.

Here are a few pictures from our day…

I love walking along the quiet end of the beach at Brighton and seeing the pier up ahead. Brighton has always been one of my favourite places and the pier looks so fantastic from afar.



I spent quite a lot of time on the 2p arcade games, I get a bit addicted, so Rob and the girls ended up leaving me to it for a while! I’m so good at them that I managed to win 6 cheap tacky prizes for the girls!

I love all the old fashioned fun fair signs at the end of the pier. It reminds me the heyday of the British Seaside.

Jess and Rob went on this one and Lila and I kept our feet on the ground and took more photos!

Check out the stag night, with the blow up doll. They were definitely old enough to know better! I love seeing all the hens and stags at Brighton fully embracing the seaside tackiness!



As the sun began to set and the wind picked up we had a quick sit down on the deck chairs and enjoyed the view.

I was too busy having fun to take any proper outfit photos, but I’m wearing a dress from Lindy Bop which is available here. My shoes and cardigan are from Primark.

We were lucky to have one of the nicest summers that England has seen for a long time and it feels like it got cold over night. It’s definitely time to start thinking about fun autumn activities to do with the kids. I’m thinking lot’s on puddle splashing, conker collecting and jumping through piles of leaves.

Then before we know it we’ll be making christmas decorations and making snowmen.

This is just going to be a really quick post today, as I have a busy night of mummy stuff ahead!

I hope you liked my last two videos on YouTube, thank you so much for all the lovely comments you’ve left on the blog about them. It’s inspired me to carry on making them, and learning a bit more about editing so they can be better quality in the future.

I just wanted to take a moment to ask what kind of things you’d like to see on my YouTube channel.

So far I’ve done two hauls which I love doing as I’m always adding more vintage to my collection but I’d definitely like a bit more variety.

So I’d really like it if you could let me know what you’d like to see in the comments section below. I’d like to do an inside my wardrobe video, an Autumn look book and a vlog filmed at a car boot sale. What do you think of these?

I’d also like to do a Q&A, I don’t know if anyone is interested enough in me to ask a question but if you’d like to ask me ANYTHING please comment below and I will try and put it into a video.

Thanks again for all the comments and input which always make me smile.

A few weeks ago the lovely people at Lady Vintage sent me this gorgeous 50s style dress to review. I love fruity vintage prints and this dress was the perfect one for me to try. I’m going to do a proper outfit post with this one later in the week, but today I’m going to let you know what I thought.

Lady Vintage sell a large selection of vintage style dresses, there are just a few styles but they all come in a very wide selection of prints. So if you find a dress you like you can get it in loads of colours.

The dress is made with thick 100% cotton fabric with a viscose lining, and hangs beautifully because the fabric has quite a bit of weight to it. I’ve photographed it with a petticoat under the full circle skirt.

The print is bright and vibrant, which I love. It come with a matching tie belt which can be worn at the back or the front, it is completely removable so you can also wear it without. I personally like it best with the bow at the back (as pictured)

I love the squared off shape of the neckline and the little capped sleeves which are really flattering and elegant. The neckline is probably my favourite part of the dress as it really gives it that vintage feel which you don’t always get with vintage style dresses.

The dress has a high neckline at the back, making it perfect to wear on it’s own or with a little cardigan. It fastens with a concealed centre zip. I often find that dresses without a side zip don’t give such a good fit on the body, however this one fits my waist and bust very well. I checked my measurements on the website first to make sure I got the right size and the dress comes up very true to the measurements provided.

The dress costs £45 and although I got this one as a sample to review I would definitely be happy to spend this on a dress like this. I will probably be buying this dress again in other prints as I was so happy with the fit. The swing dresses range in price from £40-£60 depending on the print so theres something for every budget.

The company recently moved their manufacture from abroad to London. As I’ve said many times I’m a great supporter of British business and I’m delighted to hear of a brand moving their manufacture locally. This is definitely something which makes me keener to buy more dresses from Lady Vintage.

The quality is very good, and I couldn’t find any faults with the fabric or construction so I’m sure the dress will last for a long time. I haven’t washed the dress yet but it can go in the washing machine at 40 degrees so it should be pretty easy to look after.

Here’s the dress pictured with the belt at the front, which I also really like.

So in conclusion I am really impressed with the fit and overall quality of the dress, and will definitely keep it for many years as a staple part of my wardrobe. I will try and do an outfit post later this week. Possibly when I pick the fruit trees in my garden (you know I like to match my surroundings!)

You can find the full range of swing dresses here

What do you think of the dress, do you own a Lady Vintage dress or will you be buying one. Please comment below.

*edit* since publishing my review this morning, the dress has just gone into the Lady V Sale so is now only £27 along with lot’s of other lovely dresses which have been reduced! So grab a bargain while you can. Find the sale here.

I was given this dress by Lady Vintage to review, I don’t do sponsored posts but am always happy to review products. All opinions are entirely my own.


So I finally managed to do another video! It was a little rushed as I snuck off for ten minutes while Lila was having her lunch. So it’s not as good as I’d like it to be, but my mum likes it and that’s the most important thing!

I’ve bought so much new vintage lately that I couldn’t include it all in one video, so I’ll try to do another one next week.

I’m going to try to do some different videos over the next few weeks, including some vintage styling tips, and some vintage shopping advice. If there’s anything you’d like me to do please comment below.

Did you like my vintage buys, have you found any vintage bargains recently?