If you love luxurious baths as much as I do, you’ll love todays little tutorial. It’s really quick and easy to make and all the ingredients are easy to get your hands on. Yesterday I had my first go at making home made sugar scrub and it came out fantastic. This lovely scrub smells amazing and will leave your skin feeling soft. The natural scent of lavender is really soothing and perfect for a pre bedtime pamper.

I decided to film this tutorial, I hope you like it…

The ingredients are really affordable, and mostly things you can either get from the supermarket or high street shops. The dried lavender is not essential but can be bought online or in craft shops or even grown in the garden.

Although this contains all natural ingredients remember to test it on your skin first, especially for sensitive skin! This is perfect for all over the body, and can be used to soften dry hands and feet. Just get in the tub or shower and scrub it on.

Please let me know if you give this a try, and what you think. I’d love to try more home made beauty products and have a few ideas so please let me know if you want more tutorials. xxx

I’ve had a bit of an obsession with jars for a while and use them to store all kinds of different things. I recently invested in some Kilner Jars from both Sainsburys and Lakeland and although I mostly use them to store homemade snacks for the girls I’ve also come up with a few very pretty alternative storage ideas.

I love how retro Kilner jars look, and considering they’ve been around for over 150 years they are really authentic too and look great in a vintage inspired home. When John Kilner invented his first jar in the 1840s his intention was that they be used for preserving and pickling in recent years people have come up with all kinds of uses. Here are a few of mine…

I think they look adorable as sweety jars, I also use a larger jar made by Kilner for my sugar cubes.

Jars make the perfect place to store buttons and could also be used for ribbons and sewing threads.

More sweet treats, these iced gems look so pretty in here and would look great as part of a party spread or just to brighten up a kitchen shelf.

I use one to store dried lavender which I use for crafts and soap making.

You could also use them to store make-up, pencils and hair accessories.

I was delighted when I spotted these boxes of real vintage Kilner Jars at Wimbledon Car Boot Sale this morning, they were quite pricey so I didn’t pick and up today but I had to take a few sneaky pictures to share. Don’t they look amazing with a little wear and tear!

Do you have any ideas for things to store in jars? I’d love to do another post on ways to decorate them so look out for that very soon.

Kilner Jars

I haven’t been charity shopping for absolutely ages. In recent years I’ve just found that there isn’t much vintage to be found and the prices have gone up a huge amount. However I really felt like pottering around and seeing what they had to offer this morning.

I went to two different towns which I know have loads of great charity shops Wimbledon and Worcester Park in Surrey. Considering that in total I visited 9 different charity shops I didn’t actually find that much, but I’ve put a little haul together anyway and it was definitely a very fun way to spend a morning.

I got these vintage patterns from the 70s, I really like the trousers and for 50p a pattern I couldn’t leave these behind. I got them in the Geranium Shop in Worcester Park.

I also got these sixties patterns in the St Raphael’s Hospice Shop in Worcester Park. These were also only 50p a pattern.

Lot’s to make for both me and the girls, I absolutely love the little capes.

I got lot’s of vintage haberdashery bits in the Trinity Hospice shop in Wimbledon. These were all 50p each. When I make dresses from vintage patterns I always try and use as many real vintage bits as possible, so it’s always great when I find bits like these.

I found this gorgeous Monsoon cardigan for Lila in the oxfam shop in Wimbledon for only £2.99. I love Monsoon children’s clothes but they are really expensive so I always pick them up when I see them second hand.

Lastly I got myself this brand new skirt for £4.99 from the Scope shop in Wimbledon. It’s not a good picture but it’s a really lovely full skirt which I plan to wear with tights and my brown boots.

It was great having a good look around especially as Fay (Blog a Book Etc) came and joined me in Worcester Park for a coffee and she got a few things from the charity shops too. I think she’ll be doing a post later in the week so be sure to check out her blog.

It’s always nice having a chat with the people who work in charity shops, they’re always so friendly and helpful. I’ll definitely be doing it a bit more often.

Has anyone else found anything nice in charity shops recently?


In recent years I’ve looked on enviously as other bloggers open their beauty advent calendars. They are a huge indulgence but what women doesn’t love beautiful mini beauty products especially when you get a new one every day!

The advent calendar I felt a particular longing for this year was the Ciate Mini Mani Month. I love Ciate’s beautiful range of nail polishes and the thought of having 24 delicious new colours to try was more than I could bear! I was delighted when after christmas the set was reduced to half price. So from a rather pricey £42 to £21 this was a sale bargain I couldn’t resist!

I had seen it on the John Lewis site but this sold out before I got the time to order so I got it directly from the Ciate website.

These are all the colours that are included

I was really impressed with the selection of colours and I actual love nearly all of them. There is a nice mix of coloured polishes, glitters and a couple of nail caviars. The set also includes a base and top coat and a fabulous full size red glitter polish.

The other advantage to getting this in January was that I could open all the windows in one go!

My Favourite shades are these pretty pastel ones.

The set comes with a handy mini top and under coat

I love these pretty feminine neutral shades

Lots of glitter and caviars

Beautiful Silver Shades

Delicious wintery reds

I can’t wait to try them all out and hopefully get full size versions of a couple of my favourites.

Find out more about Ciate here.

Cori Lu Vintage is an online treasure trove of vintage loveliness. This gorgeous Etsy shop is packed full of an eclectic mix of vintage home wares and accessories all at very reasonable prices. Although based in the states like most Etsy they send to the UK.


I was delighted when Cori asked to be a sponsor on Vintage Frills, I had been reading her blog for a while and fallen in love with some of her treaures.

Like many vintage businesses Cori started selling vintage to support her love of collecting vintage. Like me Cori grew up surrounded by vintage as her Mum and Grammi both collected antiques and vintage items. They even once had an antique shop together before Cori was born, which I absolutely love as selling antiques runs in my family too. Her love of the past was also influenced by her Dad’s love of old movies.

Using her passion for all things vintage Cori handpicks beautiful items for her shop, her love of vintage jewellery really shines through with some stunning pieces in the shop.
“Sometimes it’s hard to part with them, but I love knowing that I’m helping someone perfect their outfit; especially for a special occasion.”

Her selection of little home accessories are absolutely gorgeous, they’re mostly little bits and bobs that would add that perfect little vintage twist to a room.

Whenever I speak to a fellow vintage lover I always ask them what their favourite vintage era is here’s Cori’s answer –

“Picking a favorite vintage era has always been a very hard question for me to answer. I love every era from the 1860s to the 1970s, but I guess if I had to pick one, it would be the 1940s. I think the WWII era is very fascinating from a historical stand-point. Also the clothing styles and shapes fit my personality and figure.”

My absolute favourite items in the shop are the handbags. There is an absolutely stunning range and I have spotted so many bags that I want! They’re perfect for accessorising a mid-century wardrobe and these are my favourites…

The shop currently has a sale on, so now would be a great time to grab yourself a vintage bargain.

Visit the Etsy Shop here. Use the code CORIFRILLS for a 15% discount.