If you follow me on Facebook you may have seen me sharing a few family photos from the 1940s. They are part of a huge suitcase full of photos and documents that I was given by my Grandma. The pictures date from the 1910s to the 1990s and tell an amazing story.

Before I go on I’d recommend reading this post as I go into quite a lot of detail about the life of my Great Grandmother and her love of antique clothes. It also has some pretty amazing images.

At the beginning of her adult life she was a stage actress who went by the name of Betty Lambert, her real name was Gertrude Lee. When she fell on hard times in the 1920s she began selling antiques from her house at Caledonian Market in London, and this slowly grew into a business. She went on to open 3 shops in central London in the 1950s mainly selling antique clothing bric a brac and linen.

She sold Victorian garments with the idea of them being worn then and also built up an impressive collection of clothing from as early as the Georgian period. So now we know where I get my passion for vintage from!

I had a few photos of her already, but discovered some new ones in the suitcase as well as another newspaper article on her and her shop so I thought I’d share them with you on here. The newspaper article is amazing! Definitely something that us vintage lovers of today can relate to.

An early picture from her days on the stage. I’m sure had she not been an actress we wouldn’t have these amazing pictures of her today.

Another early picture of her and other chorus girls.

I love her outfit in this one.

Another amazing outfit.

Selling antiques I think she’s the one in the white hat on the second stall along.

The Queen driving past her shop in the 1950s

I absolutely love this! It was published in 1950 and is basically about selling vintage before the concept of vintage existed.

Wearing a rather interesting outfit later in life, can you see the picture of her in her younger days on the wall?

Still selling antiques, she carried on working until she was very old.

It was amazing looking through these pictures and learning a little bit more about her. I would have loved to have met her and talked to her. I think she was quite hard work but I have so much in common with her and I love that she made her own way in a time when many women weren’t able to. She also did most of this as a single mother so I respect her hugely for that. I bet she would have loved eBay!

Be sure to check out my previous post on her as it has some more wonderful images.

I have put my web address on these photos as I would rather they weren’t reproduced without my consent. If you would like to reference them or use them please get in touch with me first. You can of course share the actual blog post if you would like.

Now that Spring is finally here, I’ve got all my cotton vintage dresses down from the loft ready to wear out when the sun comes out. I’ve updated my accessories to match the pretty floral dresses, and now it’s time to take a look at my spring make-up. With sandal season fast approaching and gorgeous frocks to wear I’ve been taking a look at my nail polish collection and choosing my favourite shades.

I like to have a variety of colours, from pretty pastels to subtle nudes to vibrant corals. These are a some of my absolute essentials. I usually stick to one or two brands that I love and pick up all their shades. My personal favourites are Barry M and Models own. I also have loads of Ciate ones having picked up the Mini Mani Month in the January sales. I’ve also recently bought a few Tanya Burr polishes which were launched earlier this year.

My first choice is this beautiful mint shade from Tanya Burr. Little Duck is just one of those colours that I always go to. I have quite a few similar shades but this is my favourite. The packaging is simple and I like that the lid is quite large as I find it easier to apply. The brush is really nice and thick, making this really easy to apply and it looks perfect in just 2 coats. I’ve also found it lasts really well and takes a few days before it shows and chips.

My Second choice is a pale blue from Models Own. Blueberry Muffin is the perfect pastel blue, it’s lovely and pale and looks so pretty on. It also has a slight blueberry scent, although I never really pick up the scent in scented nail polishes but it’s a nice touch. My only complaint with Models Own polishes is the size of the brush, which is quite narrow. I’ve never really got on with narrow brushes. To get a really opaque finish I’d recommend applying 3 coats so allow a little longer for this one to dry.

My third choice is another really pretty pastel shade, this time from Ciate. Sugar Plum is the perfect girlie lilac shade and I love wearing this with my fifties summer dresses as it so feminine. This is really easy to apply although I find it a little transparent so again I use three coats to achieve the colour I like. I’ll definitely be buying a full size version of this when my mini one runs out.

Number four is another Barry M polish. It’s come out a little bit brighter in my photos than the actual shade. Blueberry is such a pretty bright colour, perfect for summer cocktails and vibrant dresses. This only takes two coats for the perfect finish and I absolutely love it.

My fifth choice is another favourite from Ciate. This is a beautiful pale nude shade, which would look amazing with a white dress or on a bride. Amazing Gracie is a really classy elegant colour and would be perfect for wearing to work when you want something a little more subtle. This does takes a few coats for an opaque finish, but the results are worth the wait. This one is going to get a lot of use this spring.

And lastly this beautiful orangey coral from Barry M, is so bright and fun. Papaya would be perfect for the beach and I’d love to wear it with a beautiful vintage swimsuit. It’s come up a little orange in my pictures, whereas it has a slightly more coral finish. I love wearing this one on my toes as an alternative to the usual pink or red. This takes a couple of coats for a perfect finish but does take a little while to fully dry.

I hope you like my choices, what are your favourite nail polish colours and makes?

Vintage Car Boot Sale Finds

Wednesdays have to be my very favourite day of the week. Because Wednesdays are the days I go out vintage hunting at Wimbledon car boot sale. I have to say though, that this week was probably the worst in a very long time. I can usually find quite a few pretty dresses, and lot’s of lovely home bits but there really wasn’t much there today.

So I was a bit naughty and to make up for it I bought a few things that were a little over budget! As soon as I realised I wasn’t going to pick up any bargain clothes I made a bee-line for the legend that is Bakelite Man. I seem to spot him everywhere and generally gaze longingly at his beautiful collection of early plastics. Today he took pity on me and let me have a bakelite bead necklace for just £15. I also picked up two late 50s/early 60s swimsuits for £15 each on another stall, which is more than I’d usually pay but they were so pretty!

So here are my three lovely purchases….

I love red bakelite and all the beads on this are in excellent condition. It will probably need re-threading though as it’s a little loose. I have so many outfits that these will look amazing with, I can’t wait to wear them.

I love the classic shape of this swimsuit and the lovely thick material it’s made of. I’m yet to find out if it fits although the measurements on the label suggest it might. 

I absolutely adore this cute 50s swimsuit. It also has built-in pointy structured cups for that perfect pin-up look. I think this will be too small but I’ll give it a try. Watch this space!

I never buy furniture there as my car is too small, but I always spot really nice things. These are just a few of the things that caught my eye. If I had a van there’d be problems!

What do you think of my new goodies? Have you bought any new vintage recently?

Today I popped into Primark with the plan to get a few little bits to brighten up my bedroom. I’ve seen lot’s of great Primark home finds on other blogs recently and wanted to get a few bits without spending a fortune.

I managed to get some candles and a couple of pretty accessories for just £25. Here’s what I bought…

Bird and Bicycle Cushion – £5.00

This cushion is so pretty and beautifully made, I love the lace and embroidered detail and I think it looks lovely with my other cushions and mis-matched vintage pillowcases. 

Rose Fairy Lights – £6.00

I already had these in pink, and use them in different places around the house. I thought the cream would be perfect to add a little detail to my Ikea bed frame. They are battery operated so I don’t have to unplug my lamp to use them which is great. I think these will made the room look extra cosy in the evenings when I’m snuggled up with a book.

Painted Heart Decoration – £2.00

I’ve seen loads of similar decorations all over the high street, but these are definitely the cheapest I’ve seen. I’m not completely sure where I’m going to hang these, but I’m hoping to get a vintage shelf with hooks that I might hand these from.

Tripple Wick Candles in a Tin – £3.50 each

I had planned on buying these for a while, having read some great reviews of them. The tins are so pretty and they smell amazing. I got two scents Fresh Citrus and Ginger – because I love both citrus and ginger scents and this one is gorgeous. I also got Vanilla and Coconut, which aren’t scents that usually appeal to me, but I actually really like this one. 

Large Wicker Heart £1.50

This is another very pretty accessory, that was an absolutely fantastic price and I think it will look great alongside the white one.

Scented Candles £2.00 each

You can never have too many candles and these two look really pretty and smell great. 

Little Oscar kept me company while I took my photos.

What do you think of my choices? Have you ever bought any home bits from Primark? What did you think?

Today was Lila’s third birthday. I can’t believe my little girl is getting so big! We had a lovely day seeing family, eating cake and as the day came to an end a quick visit to a park near our house. Despite a little rain earlier it was a beautiful day and it was lovely seeing all the spring blossoms on the trees.

Today I wore a dress that I’d wanted for ages and finally got as a mothers day present. It brings together two of my favourite things dresses and Brighton. Brighton has always had a very special place in my heart as I love the seaside and have so many amazing memories of trips there. So when Cath Kidston introduced this print I just knew this dress had to be mine!

I wore it with a red nautical themed cardigan, some vintage beads and a pair of red ballet pumps.

Cath Kidston, Brighton Dress, Brighten up Your Day Dress

Cath Kidston, Brighton Dress, Brighten up Your Day Dress

Cath Kidston, Brighton Dress, Brighten up Your Day Dress

Cath Kidston, Brighton Dress, Brighten up Your Day Dress


Dress – £65 – Cath Kidston

Cardigan – £23.99 – Banned Clothing

Necklace – Vintage

Shoes – £6 – Primark