I feel like I’ve done quite a few hauls on the blog recently. I’ve definitely spent too much time shopping. Time to stay in and sell some stuff on Ebay I think. I try to live by the ‘one in, one out’ rule so it’s definitely time!

Anyway last weekend we popped to Hook Road Arena car boot sale in Epsom and although we arrived quite late I picked up a few bargains. I have never once found any decent vintage clothes at this car boot and this week was no different, but I was still happy with the bits I did find.

Firstly I got this beautiful vintage teacup for £1. Looking at the design and hand painted finish I’d guess this one is early 20th century and it’s absolutely beautiful. It’s really hard to find decent teacups so cheap especially such a beautiful old one so I’m thrilled with this. Having sold my entire teacup collection last year, I’m starting to collect a few again.

A few months ago I bought a cute vintage Quality Street tin at Wimbledon car boot sale and this time I spotted a smaller version for 50p and had to have it. This ones in lovely condition and they look so cute next to each other. I’m using them both to store some sewing bits.

I’ve been picking up lot’s of bangles recently, as they go with everything and I love matching up stacks of bangles with my outfits. I bought four on Sunday for 50p each. I got a black one as I’m particularly trying to build up my collection of black ones. I also got some fun 80s plastic ones in yellow, pink and navy.

I found a stall selling vintage and antique children’s books and picked up two from the 1940s. I’m always really careful when I get vintage books as I will look at them with the kids and some have some really outdated attitudes that are totally offensive today! So I turned down a couple of older ones in favour of these two lovely books from the 1940s. They are absolutely delightful and will look great in our playroom alongside our other vintage picture books.

The only other thing I got was a big stack of sewing patterns, I was looking at a couple of them and the seller offered me the whole lot for £1. I had a proper look when I got home and there’s plenty of lovely things I’d like to make so I was thrilled with this bargain.

 There were absolutely loads of patterns there, over 50 in total. These are just the ones I’ve picked out to use soon. I love this cute vintage children’s one which I’m going to frame for the playroom wall.

I’m so glad the spring has come and that car boot season is in full flow. I love looking for little bargains and it’s a great way to spend a weekend morning. I hope you like reading car boot hauls because I’m going to be doing quite a few more this year. I’m hoping the vintage clothing fairies will be with me over the next few weeks as I got so many great things last year.

Have you bought anything nice at a car boot sale recently? Which ones are your favourites?



I can’t believe we’re nearing the end of May! The month has gone so quickly, and so far it’s been a pretty fantastic month for me. Not for any particular reason other than appreciating the little things in life, counting my blessings and just enjoying my life and the people in it. Being a full-time mum and blogger can be really tiring sometimes (always) and it’s easy to sometimes feel a little overwhelmed by how much I put on my plate, at the same time if you’re going to be busy all the time, it might as well be because your filling your life with things you love.

At the beginning of the month I signed up to two challenges – Me Made May and Blog Every Day in May. Through the first couple of weeks of May I did pretty well with these, and I thought I could stick it out for the rest of the month. However things got really busy with Jessica having her first communion and then this week she’s not been very well and we haven’t had much sleep. I’ve actually spent the last few days in my pyjamas looking after her so Me Made May went a little out of the window this week. I’ll have to make myself some PJs for next year to cover all eventualities!

As for blogging everyday in May as much as I would have absolutely loved to achieve it, life always comes first and I just didn’t have time to get a post up everyday. I’m still pretty proud of how many posts I have done though, and there’s still quite a few days left of the month.

So although I failed at both challenges, I will be picking them back up next week. What I have achieved is being a good mum, being happy and putting the important things first.

So that’s my little update for today, normal activity will resume as soon as I get a full nights sleep!

Today I have one of my very favourites home DIYs that I first made last year. It’s really easy and looks great in a kitchen or kids room. Because you can choose any style of frame you like and any colour to paint it, you can really make this fit with your theme and colour scheme.

Here are my simple steps to make this pretty chalk board frame. As every frame is different you may want to skip some of the steps, for example if your frame is already a pale colour you may not want to use a white coat first. Also you may not need to use wood glue if the frame already has clips on the back.

You will need:

Chalkboard Paint,

Wood paint I used Laura Ashley Duck Egg for this. (excuse the mucky cans!)

White emulsion paint

A dust sheet

A piece of wood or MDF to fit the frame, you could also use foam board.

A Paint Brush

A Frame – I bought a few of these in bulk on Gumtree (don’t worry it’s not a precious old one just a reproduction) You could also try charity shops or car boot sales for cheap frames.

How to Make:

Clean your frame and if it is particularly shiny you may want to sand it a little first.

Then apply a thin layer of white emulsion.

While that’s drying paint your wood using the chalk board paint. It’s best to do a couple of coats.

You can then paint your frame in your chosen colour. Being sure to get the paint into any details on the frame. I used two coats on this one.

Make sure you don’t miss anywhere. Your frame will need to dry for a few hours before moving on to the next step.

Apply wood glue to the inside of the frame, you only need a small amount.

Place your piece of wood inside the frame, and place a heavy object on top for a couple of hours while the glue dries.

Your pretty chalk board is now ready for you to enjoy.

This one is eventually going to go up in Lila’s room as I’m planning to give it a little revamp. I’d like to make lot’s of pretty home-made things to put in her room, so hopefully I’ll do a few more tutorials.

What do you think of this little make? Will you be giving it a try?

Last week Fay and I popped along to the Coast A/W 2014 press day to take a look at their gorgeous upcoming collection. I absolutely love Coast’s beautiful clothes which really appeal to my taste for classic feminine outfits. They are a great port of call for formal outfits for weddings and events.

As someone who is always looking to the high street for vintage style clothes this particular collection had loads of pieces that jumped out at me. There were lot’s of full skirts and classic jackets as well as lot’s of beautiful satin, lace and mesh finishes as well as lot’s of glitzy embellishments and even feather trims. Some of the outfits paid homage to the New Look era and the 1960s. I especially liked seeing a few pastel tones in a winter collection.

Glamour and elegance were oozing off every piece in the collection from the most beautiful evening gowns to the smart day wear, there were also plenty of looks which would carry perfectly from day to night.

The collection is quite different from previous ones I have seen from Coast, with slightly more fun adventurous designs and a multitude of different prints and textures. I can’t wait for it to hit the shops so I can get my hands on a few of my favourite items.

Beautiful pastel tones and floral details 

I loved the mix of prints and lace

Beautiful colours, textures and prints

Gorgeous vintage inspired and oversized jewels, alongside pretty classic clutch bags

Perfect day to night looks

More beautiful lace

Perfect party outfits

All in all I liked this range so much, and wish I could have featured even more items. The press day was so beautifully presented and as a former visual merchandiser I was in absolute heaven amongst all the beautiful displays.

View the current Coast collection on the website here.

This is a bit of an accidental haul, Fay and I were in London a few days ago having lunch off Oxford Street. In true British April form it went from beautifully sunny to torrential downpour in a matter of seconds. I decided it would be a good idea to shelter from the rain inside Selfridges beauty hall.

Anyway one thing led to another and I ended up picking up a few bits. I’m really happy with all my purchases so thought I’d share them here. I’d also like to mention how helpful and lovely all the staff were in Selfridges, we got really great customer service and considering they have a few really affordable ranges as well as high-end ones I’m definitely going to shop there more.

First up, I’ve been on the look out for an orangy red lipstick for ages so I had a look at lot’s of different counters for just the right colour. I really don’t like reds with blue tones and I love the recent trends for orange lipstick so wanted something that was half way between the two. I finally found the perfect one on the Mac counter. ‘Lady Danger’ is a gorgeous rich colour in the perfect matte finish and I love it. I might do a full review of this one soon. The lipstick cost £15.

While I was paying for my lipstick we noticed the lady at the Mac counter was wearing some really great rings. She told us she’d got them from the H&M concession in Selfridges so we headed over there to get some. Faye and I both bought the same rings so we’ll have to be careful not to wear them at the same time! I love the little stacking rings and the prices were great. I also picked up a pair of sunglasses. The smaller pack of stacking rings was £2.99 the other one was £3.99 The large ring was £2.99 and the sunglasses were £5.99.

Next I headed to the Top Shop counter as I love their make-up. I picked up a light peachy coral nail polish called ‘Bounce’ which I thought was a really cute colour for spring and a Matte Lip Crayon in a pale pink called ‘powder room’. I’m yet to try both products properly but will let you know if I like them. The nail polish was £5 and the lip crayon was £7.

I’ve been wanting an EOS lip balm for ages so when I spotted all the flavours in Selfridges I had to take one home. In the end I chose the green one which is Honeysuckle flavoured and smells lovely. This one is going to go everywhere with me in my handbag. This cost £5.99.

Lastly I got a pot of Bourjois Java Rice Powder, which the company re-issued to celebrate their 150th anniversary. I’ve been after this for ages but it’s always sold out in my local Boots. I love everything about this product, from the beautiful packaging to the history to the lovely soft illuminating powder. This is another one I would like to write a proper review of eventually. This cost £9.99.


I’m really looking forward to giving everything I bought a proper try. Have you bought any nice make-up recently?