One of my favourite vintage events to go to is the fabulous Mid Century Market. This outstanding new event is soon to return to The Hammersmith Club for the third time since it’s launch last christmas. The event was put together by Bettina Scarlett Presents and is one of only vintage fairs in London that focuses solely on the 1950s.

You can expect to find lots of fabulous accessories and jewellery, reproduction and original mid-century clothing and homewares alongside a tearoom and pop-up vintage salon. This ones not just for the ladies with plenty on offer for retro loving chaps as well.

I’ve teamed up with Bettina Scarlet Presents to offer a fabulous giveaway over on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. The prize includes…

Free Entry to the Mid Century Market on 16th August.

Free Tea and Cake from The Vintage Sisters travelling tearoom.

A Free Subscription to In Retrospect Magazine.


There are three ways to enter the giveaway…

Head over to Facebook and like and share the photo, tagging either Vintage Frills Blog or Bettina Scarlett Presents.

Retweet the competition on twitter tagging either @vintage_frills or @BettinaPresents

Share the competition on Instagram with the hashtag #midcenturymarket and #vintagefrills

You can do any of the above to be entered or all 3 to be in with a bigger chance of winning.

The giveaway closes on Monday 28th July so hurry to be in with a chance of winning this fantastic prize.

There are so many amazing companies selling reproduction vintage clothing at the moment. Every year there seem to be more and the designs are getting better and better. If you’re a fan of clothing from the past but are scared of the price tag or the risk of damaging something precious by wearing it, then these are perfect for you.

I like to wear vintage style clothing for everyday wear as it’s easier to look after and replaceable if it gets damaged while looking after two kids. I keep my real fifties dresses for special occasions now.

I’m going to make this a regular feature on the blog, as I love supporting independent businesses and I’ve seen so many things I love that I just couldn’t fit them all into one blog post. So here are some picks from 3 of my favourite online shops…

Lana Blue Garden Party Dress £34.99 – Bella Yellow Garden Party Dress £29.99

Audrey Red Gingham Dress £29.99 – Myrtle Halter Neck Dress £29.99

Lindy Bop – I love Lindy Bop because of the affordability and the huge choice. Their designs this year have improved somuch and I love all the new gorgeous fabrics they are using. They seem to be constantly be adding new designs and I want them all! I recently reviewed a Lindy Bop dress, check out that blog post here.

Red Stripe Shirt Dress £98 – Sweetheart Top – £39 – 40s Tea Dress £99

Spring Garden Day Dress £95 – Royal Rose Swing Dress £120 – Picnic Day Dress – £98

20th Century Foxy are a little more pricey but have a really authentic feel to them. I love the attention to detail which makes their fabulous designs really look like the real thing. I’d definitely like to invest in some of their pieces to wear year after year.

Fabric Parasole £6 (sale price) – Tortoiseshell Lucite Earrings £6.50 – Bamboo Bangles £3.50-£14.50

Carmen Fruit Necklace £19.99 – Velma Pink and Green Sunglasses £8

Velma Tortoiseshell Sunglasses £8 – Bamboo Earrings £6 – Wicker Cherry Handbag £18

Bow and Crossbones have a fabulous range of vintage clothing and accessories. I particularly love their jewellery and have had my eye on their bamboo jewellery for ages. The prices are really good so it’s a great place to stock up on little bits to wear with your vintage clothing treasures.

I’ll be doing another reproduction vintage favourites post next week with some shoes and lingerie thrown in What are your favourite vintage style brands?

Over the last few weeks I’ve tried a few recipes from my 1954 copy of Women’s Journal. I found them in an article about traditionally English recipes and I just had to give them all a try. So far I’ve discovered that old recipes are hard to follow, especially with no pictures and very brief instructions. I’ve been really happy with the results so far though and this time I decided to try Eccles cakes.

Eccles cakes for some reason make me think of my grandma. I can remember her talking about them when we visited tea shops together, however I couldn’t really remember what they were like. Having given them a go they remind me a little of puff pastry mince pies only a little less heavy.

Once I’d figured out the recipe these were pretty straight forward to make. I used pre made puff pastry which made the whole thing much easier. Next time I’d give them a couple less minutes in the oven and I’d also try to round off the sides a bit more as it says to do in the instructions.

Despite them not looking exactly like the eccles cakes I’d spotted on Google Images they tasted absolutely delicious and I’ll definitely be making them again.

Check out the other 50s recipes I’ve tried, Sally Lunns and Derby Teacakes.

A few weeks ago I was sent these cute little guide books on how to be a ‘chap’ and ‘chapette’. I love the idea of these books which don’t take themselves too seriously and are a little bit of fun for vintage enthusiasts. They are pocket-sized and fit nicely into a small handbag or jacket pocket and make perfect tube reading. They are quite short and would make an excellent gift for a lady or gentlemen in your life who like old-fashioned style and manners.

Everything is covered from hair styling, to fashion to etiquette in a fun easy to follow way. Think charm school for 2014. I love the cute illustrations and simple instructions. One of my favourite things was the recommendations of books and films that an aspiring chapette might enjoy. I also enjoyed the tips for throwing parties and meeting people.

I adore the idea of old-fashioned manners and I think these little guides get it spot on, being friendly and polite are not just ideas from the past and it would be lovely if more people remembered to use them!

The books feature lot’s of fabulous quotes from icons of yesteryear including George Barnard Shaw and Sophia Loren as well as including little profiles on iconic stars from bygone eras.

Although these guides are fun and slightly tongue in cheek I really loved the ideas in them and found some of them quite relevant today. Vintage loving guys and girls are sure to love these sweet little books and I will definitely be getting a few copies as stocking fillers for my friends this Christmas.

The guides are written by Daisy Loveday and Dickie Archer

The guides are published by Summersdale at £5.99

Get your copy on Amazon –

How to Be a…Chapette: A Nifty Guide for First-Rate Ladies

How to Be a…Chap: A Nifty Guide for Top-Notch Gents

One of the reasons I decided to cut back my blogging schedule for a little while was so I could spend more time doing family stuff. Wednesday afternoons are usually a time I would be at home working and Rob would take the kids out before dropping Jessica at her drama class. So a couple of weeks ago I thought I would start a new family tradition and make Wednesday afternoons a time that we would all spend together doing something fun at home or having a little outing.

The squirrels were all really tame and very grateful for a few monkey nuts.

This Wednesday we had some time in our garden playing in the pool which was really lovely and the week before we popped to my favourite park to feed the birds and squirrels. I took loads of pictures while we were there and thought I’d share a few on here. When I started my blog two and a half years ago I said that I wanted to make a record of all the lovely things I’ve done and look back on them, and lovely family afternoons are one of those things that I really treasure so I’d definitely like to share more.

Lila made friends with this little cutie.

This little squirrel was a little more shy and wasn’t sure whether to join his friends!


We also got surrounded by hungry pigeons.

I had just as much fun as the kids.

I’m really glad I made the decision to take a step back for a couple of months. I love this blog so much but I love having the extra time. I’ll get back to a busier blog schedule in September when Lila starts nursery and I will actually have a bit of kid free time. I have loads of great post lined up for the next few weeks and hopefully my trusty Macbook will be fixed really soon and I’ll have my Cornwall pictures to share with you.

What are your favourite family activities? Any recommendations of things we can do for an hour in the afternoon? xxx