To say I am behind with my blogging at the moment would be a vast understatement. I am really really behind! I’m still planning on writing about holidays I went on at the end of last year and haven’t quite got round to it. I’m aiming to catch up by the end of the year and go into 2017 all fresh and ready to work on new content. We’ll see! I really want to talk about all the vintage events and days out I’ve been on this year, because they are my favourite part of blogging.

classic-car-boot-sale-vintage-china-and-glassSo today I wanted to write about an event I went to all the way back in April. I’ve blogged about The Classic Car Boot Sale lots of times before on the blog. It’s one of my favourite vintage events and it’s always a good place to meet up with friends. I go to the event almost every time it’s on. I must say I preferred it when it took place on the South Bank, but its still good in its new Kings Cross venue. The event is basically a car car boot sale, with only vintage things on sale, sold from classic cars. There is also plenty of street food, a bar in a bus and lots of fabulous music.

the-classic-car-boot-sale-jewellery-and-compactsThis time I went with some lovely people from the Most Marvellous Meet Ups Group. It was lovely to finally meet some people I’d been friends with online for ages, it was a bit like a mini blogger gathering. I was joined by Sarah from Lipstick and Dresses, Nicole from Coco Von Vintage, Carrie-Ann from Something Definitely Happened, Holly the biggest vintage enthusiast I know, and Rhina, all round fabulous lady and multi lingual scientist. In other words a wonderful bunch of inspirational ladies, with extremely good dress sense!

13001079_10206280792479044_698823624038399605_nMe, Carrie-Ann, Nicole and Sarah (picture borrowed from Sarah’s blog)

One of my favourite things about The Classic Car Boot sale is the amazing sellers, I love the huge mix of vintage products on sale, from fashion to homewares to curios, there is something for everyone. I really enjoy looking through all the interesting things and spotting stuff I’ve not seen before. It’s a great place for a rummage and there is something there for every budget.

classic-car-boot-sale-sewing-notionsAs usual while I’m out with friends I didn’t take that many pictures and I’ve blogged about the event several times before. So I mostly just enjoyed myself. So I’ve just shared a few of my favourite things from the day. There were absolutely loads of stalls there and we all found a few nice things to take home with us.

classic-car-boot-sale-vintage-dressesIf you’re in London when one of these is taking place, I would highly recommend it. Even if you’re not shopping, its a good one for having a look and enjoying a few drinks and something to eat with friends. If you like classic cars there are plenty of them to admire as well.

The next Classic Car boot sale will be in Kings Cross next April. Find out more on the Classic Car Boot Sale Website.

As the weather gets colder, all the colours in the shops seem to get darker. Although I am a fan of the gorgeous mustards, plums and bottle greens that grace our autumn wardrobes, I can’t help but feel a little mournful for the cheeriness of summer. I will definitely be sharing some of my typical autumn and winter outfits on the blog over the next few weeks, but today I’m sharing something a little brighter.

outfit-photographAdmittedly I took these pictures a couple of weeks ago when it was still warm, but I think the dress in todays post could definitely work at this time of year. I’d just pair it with a cardigan and some thicker stockings. I also think the colours reflect those of the leaves that are falling from the trees.

checked-dress-ootdThe dress is an original 1950s dress, which I bought from Liz of Advantage in Vintage. I buy a lot of clothes from her, because she has an eye for beautiful things and she also always has a lot to offer in my size. I’ve teamed the dress with my trusty Hotter heels and an Enid Collins bag. This was the first Enid I ever bought and I love the colours with this dress. I’m also wearing an autumn inspired hair flower and a stack of bakelite bangles.

Since I only recently bought this dress, I certainly won’t be hiding it away, waiting for the Spring. How do you make your summer clothes work all year round? I’d love to know.

In other news, the latest issue of Vintage Life magazine is now out, and it features two articles written by me. I am so proud to be featuring in the brilliant re-vamped issue. It is absolutely packed with brilliant content and they have some amazingly talented writers on-board.

I’ve also started listing some of my new stock on my Etsy shop. At the moment I’m just adding some more jewellery, this always sells out really fast, so I’m excited to see it all go to it’s new home. Next week I’ll be adding some original vintage clothing too. So keep your eyes peeled.

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I am always on the lookout for affordable make-up and beauty products. I never have a massive budget for things like make-up brushes, so I like to try really good quality products that won’t break the bank. I was recently offered some make up brushes from Brush Works to try and I was excited to give them a go and see how I got on.

brushworks-brush-set-reviewI’ve been using them most days for a couple of months now. I like to try things for a while and see how well they last and I was definitely impressed with these. I’ve used all of them and washed them a few times and they are still as good as new. They also hold up well against some of the higher end brushes I use.

brush-works-make-up-brushesI tried 4 brushes from the range; the blush brush, multi tasking brush, foundation brush and the duo eye brush. Together they make a really good basic kit and are perfect for applying my everyday make-up when I’m not being too technical.

brushworks-make-up-brushesThe brushes are all hand cut for the perfect shape and made using Taklon bristles, which are soft, hygienic and suitable for vegans as well as being allergy free. They are easy to clean as the bristles don’t absorb any of the product.

brushworks-powder-brushThe blush brush is a lovely full brush, with really soft bristles. The fullness is perfect for picking up just the right amount of product and the shape is great for a smooth even application. I also use this blush for all over powder, which works really well. The blush brush is priced at £6.99, which is really good value for money.

brushworks-brush-reviewThe multi tasking brush is a smaller shorter version of the blush brush. I’ve used this for powder, contouring, highlighting and blending. Again this one picks up the product well. This is definitely the brush I’ve used the most as it’s just the right size for lots of different things. I will probably pick up a few more of these as I use it so much. This brush also costs £6.99.

brushworks-foundation-brushThe foundation brush is perfect for spreading liquid foundation over the face. I’ve mostly been using it for applying concealer and blending around the eye area. At £5.99 this another really great value product and is every bit as good as some of my other high street foundation brushes.

brushworks-eyeshadow-brushThe duo eye brush has two ends, one for applying and blending eye shadow and a tapered precision end for detailing. The eye shadow end isn’t quite soft enough for me, but the other end is perfect for finishing. I also use it to fill in my eyebrows as it’s the perfect shape for creating a perfectly shaped brow. This brush also cost £6.99.

brushworks-boxesSo if you’re looking for some new brushes and don’t want to spend a fortune, then I’d definitely recommend giving these a try. Check out the whole range here.

* These products were sent to me for the purpose of review. All opinions are my own.

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One of my favourite retro home trends at the moment, would have to be pineapples. Over the last couple of years, I’ve seen loads of fabulous home pieces paying tribute to the good old pineapple ice bucket – the perfect kitsch household accessory. No vintage bar would be complete without one and now these fruity treats are brightening up other gorgeous homeware.

I’ve looked online and chosen some of my favourites….

laura-ashley-pineapplesI love the brass and gold tones of the pineapple range at Laura Ashley. I’ve had my eye on the wallpaper for ages and at the moment it’s top of the list for when I redecorate my living room. I also really love the lamp, which would quite like to take home with me as well. Check out the full pineapple range on the Laura Ashley website. 

oliver-bonas-pineapplesNow we all know I love a cocktail, and I cannot resist the pineapple themed range of cocktail things from Oliver Bonas. I love the mixture of copper, yellow gold and rose gold tones, now I’m writing about cocktails for Vintage Life, I might have to purchase some of this range! See all the gorgeous cocktail goodies on the Oliver Bonas websiteprimark-pineapples

If you read my post on Jessica’s bedroom revamp, you’ll know that I’m loving Primark Home at the moment, they have some lovely affordable pineapple accessories too. These are a bit cuter and less sophisticated than the other brands, but still lovely and perfect if you’re on a budget.

I’ve been a bit absent from blogging lately and I just wanted to quickly check in, to say that I’m still here! The last few months have been a bit crazy. So I thought I’d write a quick chatty catch up post, to keep you updated.

Ginger Cake from a 1950s RecipeMy kids take up a huge amount of time, especially over the summer and I’ve just been really busy with everyday life and other writing work. We’ve also been really busy trying to choose a high school for Jessica. I can’t quite believe she’s in her last year of primary school! Where does the time go? While I’m on the subject, I cannot believe how much homework kids get these days?! I wish the government would let them be kids, rather than learning machines!

The Viceroys Daughters by Anne De CourcyI will be back to regular posting eventually. I have countless blog post drafts that just need finishing and way too many new vintage dresses that need to be photographed. I also went to quite a few vintage events over the summer and I can’t wait to share all my pictures with you.

Sleeping Beauty A Mid Century Fairy tale Rose BushBehind the scenes I’m working on a few things that I’ve always wanted to do. Since turning 30 last year, I’ve been reminding myself of all my crazy ambitions and I’m so ready to work hard towards them. Hopefully everything will start coming together soon and I can tell you all about it.

chlo-bo-labradorite-sparkle-flower-heart-bracelet-close-upIn other news, I have now started writing for Vintage Life magazine. I’ll have vintage food and drink related features in every issue, so if you like that side of the blog, go and buy a copy. In the October issue I’ve shared a review of Betty Blythe vintage tearoom and 5 of my favourite gin cocktails. As magazines work a few months ahead, I’ve been working on my Christmas articles and it’s been really fun getting all festive.

Pemberley Pride and Prejudice Candle From the page Uncommon Goods Vintage FrillsNow I’m off to go and work on some of those drafts I was talking about. Thank you for always sticking by me, no matter how often I post and for keeping me inspired! xxx

All the pictures in this post are recycled from other posts, click on them to be taken to their original posts. 

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