This year I’ve shared more outfits on here than any other year. I’ve really enjoyed embracing my own style so much. In many ways I feel like I’ve come out my shell a bit more. Today I looked back on all my outfit pictures from the last year and I can see a big change in myself.

2016-in-vintage-outfitsFirstly I lost quite a bit of weight this year. I don’t really talk about things like body image and weight on the blog at all. Having been everything from a size 6 to a 16 in my adult life, it has never been something that has impacted on my happiness. But looking back on my pictures over the year I am proud that I worked hard to lose a stone and feel healthier and more comfortable and of course I’m happy to fit into some of my dresses that were too tight last year.

2016-in-vintage-outfits-2I also feel very happy and content and far more confident to go out wearing whatever the hell I like and not being afraid if people notice that my outfit wouldn’t look out-of-place 60 years ago. I used to like to fade into the background and didn’t like people commenting on my clothes. I think it has a lot to do with turning 30 last December, I just feel older wiser and more comfortable to always be me.

2016-in-vintage-outfits-3I also made a lot of friends with similar interests this year. I used to absolutely hate meeting new people and was far too shy to go to a meet up with people I didn’t know. Everytime I said yes to going to an event it got easier and by getting past that anxiety, I have met some wonderful people who love vintage clothes too. We definitely encourage each other not only to be ourselves, but also to spend way to much money on gorgeous dresses (you know who you are!)

2016-in-vintage-outfits-4I also started doing vintage styles on my hair a lot more this year. Before I’d always had the attitude that I was a modern person wearing vintage clothing. I wasn’t really trying to recreate a look from the past, I just really liked the clothes. This year I got a bit more geeky and started doing more vintage hair and make-up and I’ve really enjoyed it. It’s also been easier now the kids are a bit older and I have a bit more me time to perfect my hair and make-up!

2016-in-vintage-outfits-5I’m definitely more of a summer person and I loved wearing lots of pretty dresses when the weather was warmer. I also really enjoying finding great locations to take outfit pictures. I always try to go somewhere interesting where I can have a look around and also stop for a slice of cake and a cup of tea.

2016-in-vintage-outfits-6I also discovered that the park 5 minutes from my house has some great spots for photos, who knew! I clearly really like this particular spot, as I used it in 3 outfits posts in a row!

2016-in-vintage-outfits-7In the Autumn and Winter, I usually move away from classic mid-century looks and embrace the 60s and 70s a lot more. I like going for comfy clothes and darker colours. I also really love Autumn walks and so flat shoes and warmer layers come out a bit more.

2016-in-vintage-outfits-8My favourite outfit of the year, would have to be the 20s inspired Lindy Bop dress I wore a couple of weeks ago. I’ve also read heaps of history books about the 20s this year and feel really inspired to visit the decade through my clothes a lot more. I have a suitcase of old family photos with a lot of pictures from the 20s and I’d love to use them as inspiration for creating more 20s day looks. Expect to see a lot more hopping between the eras next year.

Some of my favourite outfits of the year have never made it onto the blog. Mostly because I was busy doing something else and there was no time to get decent pictures. I’ve shared so many outfits on Instagram that aren’t here. So I thought I’d show you a few of those too in a post later this week.

Also I wanted to mention that I’m determined to complete Blogmas this year, however I have a lot going on at the moment with work and the kids and other things that have to come before blogging. You may notice that my posts are getting published all over the place and that’s because I am mostly writing in the middle of the night or finishing a day’s post the following day! As I’m doing this challenge for me to see if I can I’m just going to do my best!

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As I’m sure you all know, I absolutely love baking. I’ve got the stage now where i feel pretty undaunted by the idea of making different cakes. But when it comes to cake decorating, I’m completely out of my comfort zone. I think baking and decorating are quite different skill sets and I’ve mastered one, but not the other.

tala-christmas-icing-setWhen I was recently invited to try Tala’s Christmas icing kit, I jumped at the chance for two reasons. Firstly as I’ve mentioned before I collect vintage Tala baking equipment and have a few 50s icing sets from them, so using the modern equivalent rally appealed to me. Secondly I love to throw myself in at the deep end and try new skills, nothing ventured, nothing gained and all that.

tala-christmas-icing-set-and-bowlSo armed with my new icing set and a rather lovely festive red icing set I got to work on decorating my Christmas cake. I had a vision of what I wanted in my head, I’ve been making a lot of tiered cakes, so I knew I wanted to try another one. I also knew I wanted to go for a red and white theme, just like I did on my Christmas tree.

tala-christmas-icing-kit-christmas-cakeI’ve only covered a cake in fondant once before, so this was something I was really glad to practice again. It’s actually harder than it looks and I needed to refer to a few Youtube tutorials to make sure I was doing it right! The result isn’t perfect, but I’m just happy that it looks OK!

tala-christmas-cake-train-detailTo create the train on the cake I used my train cookie cutters, for the snowflakes I used the cutter from the Tala kit. I also added some piping using the piping bag from the kit with royal icing to complete the decoration.

tala-piping-bagI found all the products in the tin really easy to use, which made the whole experience much more enjoyable. The heavy duty piping bag was so much easier to use than disposable ones and I was really happy with the choice of nozzles. I know these will be getting lots of use all year round.

tala-snowflake-cutterThe cutters are also really good, as I got used to using them my snow flakes got much neater. Its a really handy little tool for creating something detailed with very little effort.

vintage-tala-icing-setI really enjoyed giving cake decorating a go and it’s definitely something I will try again and try and improve my skills a little. I was really impressed with the kit and I’ll using the piping bits loads and I’m hoping to use my holly cutter for something nice this year too.


See the full baking range on the Tala website.

*Thank you to Tala for sending my the icing set and bowl to make my cake. All opinions are my own. 

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Today I thought I’f share an outfit that I wore a few weeks ago to a Tiki Vintage Christmas event in London a few weeks ago. This was organised by Amber from Atomic Amber. I had such a lovely day with some of my favourite people. We headed to Kanaloa, a fabulous Tiki inspired bar in the city. As usual when I go to events I was really rubbish at taking enough pictures to do a proper blog post. But in true blogger style I got some outfit pictures to share!

kanaloa-barThe bar itself is absolutely amazing, you are instantly transported from the harsh building of the city, into a little Tiki paradise. I’ve been twice now and not remembered to take any decent photos, good excuse to go back I suppose!

kanaloa-tiki-barI wore an original 1950s orange dress to the event. It was getting it’s second outing after being worn last at Twinwood Festival in the summer. I picked it up at a vintage shop earlier this year for about £40. I have a lot of orange jewellery and I love Autumnal colours, so it was a great addition to my collection.

orange-ootdIt was quite a cold day and for the sake of comfort I wore my super thick black tights and some comfy ballet pumps. I accessorised the dress with a huge stock of original vintage bakelite bangles and a vintage handbag which I purchased from a French antiques dealer at Wimbledon Car Boot Sale. Thank you to Carrie-Ann for taking my pics for me.

bakelite-bangles-2And how gorgeous did everyone else look too?


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A few weeks ago I posted about my collection of vintage embroidered brooches. I thought today I’d take a break from talking about Christmas and share some new additions to my ever growing collection.

novelty-embroidered-vintage-broochesIt’s got a little bit to the point where a collection becomes and obsession and now I’m constantly looking for new additions. I find them all over the place and usually they are really great prices.

embroidered-cottage-broochI got this little cottage scene at Judy’s Affordable Vintage Fair in Balham a few months ago. It was on a stall called goodbye Norma Jean and it cost £10. It’s probably the most expensive one in my collection as I usually have an £8 limit. I couldn’t resist the lovely colours and detailed stitching on this one.

embroidered-vintage-swan-broochThis lovely swan was an eBay bargain and only cost me £3. I don’t find that many good ones on eBay so I was really pleased to snap this one up. It’s also my only one with this style of frame, which I think is really lovely.

vintage-embroidered-crinoline-lady-broochThis crinoline lady was also an eBay find and £2.20, it is probably the cheapest one in my collection.

vintage-embroidered-flower-broochI bought this flower one on a Facebook selling page. I can’t remember the exact price but it was around £5. I’ve been buying a lot more of my jewellery and vintage on Facebook recently. It’s a great place to look.

purple-embroidered-flower-broochThis purple flower brooch was another Facebook Buy. As I said in my last post, I really like buying similar ones and this is my third purple flower one that looks like it might have been based on the same pattern.

petit-point-broochLastly I also got this petit point brooch on Facebook. I have a handbag with a very similar design, so I plan to wear them together.

vintage-novelty-embroidered-broochesAt the moment I’m really on the lookout for anything with a picture, these are my favourites at the moment and the ones that get the most wear.  vintage-embroidered-brooch-collectionAnd here’s the whole collection, apart from a few that I bought years ago and don’t have to hand. To end on a very sad note! A few weeks ago i spotted this job lot on eBay and asked Rob to get them for me as my birthday present. He is amazing at eBay and never usually loses auctions, but this time it was just not meant to be and we missed out by £1. This would have been the best haul ever. I hope the person who did win them really enjoys them though. 🙁


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Today I have yet another Christmas in July press day post for you. It feels like absolutely ages ago that I first started looking at this seasons Christmas selections, it always feels a little strange to preview them in the hight of summer. Now that Christmas is just a couple of weeks away, it all feels a bit more exciting. If you’re like me and still haven’t put all your decorations up and haven’t done any Christmas shopping yet, heres a little fabulously festive inspiration for you, all spotted at the Paperchase Christmas press day. I’m going to do this post in two parts as it’s so photo heavy, so today is all about decorations and wrapping and my next post will cover gifts.

paper-chase-christmas-press-day-cute-decorationsI can’t get enough of all their cute and quirky decorations, especially the lovely little peas!

paperchase-press-day-green-christmas-decorationsAs green is my favourite colour, this makes me very happy. I really need to get some cactus decorations, they are fabulous!

paperchase-press-day-pink-and-purple-decorationsI love the move away from tradition Christmas themes and colours, a multi coloured theme can be so cheerful.

paperchase-pink-and-orange-baublesI really like the Mexican touches, although I’m not a fan of sugar skulls particularly, I would definitely get the sombrero decoration.

paperchase-christmas-baubles-and-wreathsThe vibrant colour palette really comes through in the wide variety of baubles, some more eccentric than others. The wreaths were one of the highlights of the collection for me.

paperchase-press-day-glitter-fawnIf you prefer a retro kitsch look, there are plenty of cute glitter fawns in a selection of colours that would look perfect in a vintage inspired home.

paperchase-press-day-christmas-goldFor a more traditional look, there is also a great selection in gold and metallic tones.

paperchase-press-day-globe-baubleI really love the globe bauble and really want to add one to my collection. I also have my eye on the unicorn snow globe, which I know my girls would love.

paperchase-press-day-wildlife-decorationsThere was a lovely collection inspired by woodland animals, which would make a lovely theme. They would look great peeping out amongst the branches of your Christmas tree.

paperchase-press-day-cards-and-gift-bagsAs usual you can expect to see a great selection of cards and wrapping in both tradition and crazy designs. Last year I went for the Brussels sprout theme, but this year I’d prefer something like the bottom right one below.

paperchase-wrapping-paperI really enjoyed the whole range and revisiting the collection has definitely got me feeling a bit more Christmassy. Now I just need to get down to Paperchase and pick up a few things! I’ll be sharing my favourite gifts from the range in the next few days, so watch this space!

See the full range on the Paperchase website.

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