A couple of months ago, I visited the Peacocks AW17 press day and I was blown away by how lovely all their stock was. I’ll be writing about that a little later in the year, but it did get me looking at their summer offering. At the moment I’m still really liking 70s influences and loving long flowing dresses and floral prints. I was kindly sent a few things from Peacocks to try and the first is this gorgeous orange maxi dress.

Retro 1970s Inspired Orange Maxi Dress from Peacocks. High Street.I’m a big fan of bright colours and this dress really stood out to me. I really liked the shape of the dress with it’s faux button down front and relaxed off the shoulder neckline. The dress actually fastens with a concealed zip at the back.

Retro 1970s Inspired Orange Maxi Dress from Peacocks. High Street.This was the perfect outfit for a morning walk in Richmond Park, with Rob and Lila. The dress is really comfortable to wear and the slit at the front makes it easy to walk and move around in. We actually met up with some friends afterwards for a game of football with the kids. I ran around for half an hour comfortably in it!

Retro 1970s Inspired Orange Maxi Dress from Peacocks. High Street.The dress is made from Polyester and is machine washable. I went for my usual size 14, which was perfect for me. Length wise I’m 5’6″ and the length was pretty good too.

Retro 1970s Inspired Orange Maxi Dress from Peacocks. High Street.My maxi dress is paired with a floral hair garland from H&M and a pair of gold Sol sandals from Hotter.

I’m looking forward to sharing some more of my outfits from Peacocks with you, as well as some more 70s inspired looks. I think it’s great to have fun and mix your eras and constantly find new things to wear. It’s also been fun putting a retro look together from a high street shop.

Find my dress on the Peacocks website it’s currently in the sale for just £15!

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On our way to an event in London, Fay and I recently found ourselves with a spare hour to kill. This struck us as the perfect opportunity to check out Crosstown Doughnuts. This quirky doughnut stand, located a stones throw from Victoria Station is something special in the doughnut world.

Crosstown Doughnuts London ReviewCrosstown started its life in London street food hub, Leather Lane Market, back in 2014. The business now has several stands across London with more on their way. You can find them at several markets and even order them online.

Crosstown Doughnuts London ReviewThe donuts all have unusual and unique flavours. I love the sound of Kiwi and Green Apple and Sea Salt Caramel Banana. There are also 3 vegan option, so theres definitely something for everyone. The donuts are made fresh daily using a hybrid sourdough and all toppings and fillings are made in house.

Crosstown Doughnuts London ReviewI tried the Peanut Butter Berry flavour and Fay opted for the Matcha Tea option. Mine was absolutely amazing! The texture of the donut was absolutely beautiful and the peanut butter was gorgeous too. The tangy berry flavoured jam with chunky berry bits complimented it perfectly. You could tell that the doughnuts were freshly made and with lovely ingredients. They are definitely worth paying a little extra for.

Crosstown Doughnuts London Review

Crosstown Doughnuts London ReviewAs well as picking up a juice from Crosstown, I also grabbed a coffee from nearby Note coffee on my way past, which is why thats also in the picture. Crosstown do offer speciality coffees too.

Crosstown Doughnuts London ReviewThe staff were really friendly and were happy to discuss the flavours and make recommendations to us. I really can’t wait to go back and try a few more flavours.

Crosstown Doughnuts London Review

You can find a list of London locations on their website.

For more foodie posts check out my Food Section.

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A few weeks ago I went on a spontaneous trip to Margate with a couple of friends. It was a lovely little getaway and although we only stayed for 2 days, we certainly made the most of our time there. Margate has so much culture to explore and its also the perfect place for foodies to indulge in some delicious treats. I couldn’t decide whether to do a summary post of all the things we did or to break it down. In the end I decided that there was so much to say that I would give each place it’s own post.

Bus Cafe, MargateThe Bus Cafe: 

First up – the fun and fabulous Bus Cafe in Margate is a little bit special. Not only is the old double decker a fun and quirky venue, the food is also beautiful, fresh and locally sourced. On a sunny day it makes the perfect spot for a spot of lunch by the sea.

Cafe Margate BeachFood with a Conscience: 

If you care about the environment and only like to leave a positive footprint behind you, then The Bus Cafe is a pretty guilt free indulgence. They support local charities and all the packaging is biodegradable or recyclable. The business aims to create as little waste as possible and have a strong ethos of reusing and up-cycling.

Food and Drink in MargateFood and Drink:

Now onto the most important part- the food. The menu is street food inspired and has great options for both veggies and carnivores, vegan and gluten and dairy free customers are also well catered for.  Everything is freshly prepared and the ingredients are beautiful. This is good, honest colourful food, healthy and good for the soul.

Fentimans Mandarin and Seville Orange JiggerI started off with a bottle of Fentimans Mandarin and Seville Orange Jigger, the perfect antidote to a very hot and sunny walk. The cafe have lots of Fentimans flavours, but sadly didn’t have any ice.

Halloumi Salad WrapI had a delicious vegetarian salad wrap. This had nice chunky lumps of halloumi, with seasonal vegetables and seeds for that extra bit of crunch. On the side I had falafel balls. It was all absolutely delicious, with lots of flavour and a perfect balance of ingredients. For such a healthy meal it felt very indulgent and by the time I’d finished I felt full and satisfied. Since we had lots of walking and exploring to do, this was a great meal for an energy boost.

The Bus Cafe Margate ReviewThe staff were absolutely lovely and very enthusiastic about the food. We asked lots of questions and got helpful answers and recommendations. The service was really friendly and it really added to an already great experience. So if you’re visiting Margate be sure to check out with lovely business.

Find out more on The Bus Cafe website.

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Well it’s been another very busy week, enjoying the summer holidays with the girls, being busy, relaxing and spending time together. I’ve felt a lot better this last week and have got into a good routine and balance between work, housework and family time. Obviously these posts are a personal celebration of the good bits of my weeks, a highlight reel. On the most part my life is pretty mundane, loading the dishwasher, cooking meals, doing the washing etc. Most days I’ve stayed in my PJs until the afternoon. But I have made the effort to wear something pretty and get out of the house everyday, because thats what I need at the moment and it makes me feel nice.

Monday: I had an early appointment at the hospital to look at my eyes and see how I was getting on. They had to put drops in to dilate my pupils, which always feels horrible. They did a scan of my eyes and the consultant had a look at them and talks to me about how I was feeling. I’ll write a bit more about how I’m doing at the bottom of the post.

After the appointment I went to Frankie and Benny’s for breakfast with Rob. What I wanted was pancakes with bacon and maple syrup, but as I’m trying to be healthy I got poached eggs and avocado on toast. It was such a small portion that I felt even hungrier after eating it! But it was very tasty! Rob went to work and I picked up the kids.

I went home and got a bit of work done. Then we headed to Richmond Park in the evening for a walk around Pembroke Lodge. I’ve not been to this part of the park for a while and it is looking absolutely gorgeous. The kids played nicely for a while, before getting very very grumpy. Being typical sisters they have a bit of a love/hate relationship! I didn’t let it bother me and just took the time to appreciate the beautiful evening.

I wore my Cath Kidston Winnie the Pooh dress. I wear this one so much as its the most beautiful fit and fabric.

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Tuesday: Tuesday was mostly about running errands, I had a big piles of Etsy and Ebay orders to send, so I spend the morning packing them and getting all my chores done. I then headed into to town with the kids to go to the post office and grab a few things we needed.

After that we headed to our friends house for a barbecue, it was lovely seeing them and having a chilled out afternoon. I completely forgot to take any pictures all day! I got Rob to quickly get a snap of my outfit in the garden. I wore a new tropical dress which I picked up in the Collectif sale. I love anything with a fruit print and this one has been reminding me of my fruit print Swirl dress every time I’ve seen it.

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Wednesday: This was a pretty boring day, I did housework all morning, went to the supermarket and chilled out with the kids. I also took some blog photos and spent some time putting my rollers in my hair. I’ve not set my hair in ages as its got so long, but I felt the need to have a bit of a pamper.

Thursday: In the morning I did some baking with Lila. I wanted to experiment with different types of crumble for some recipes I’ve been planning, so I baked a lot of crumbles! Later on we headed to Morden Park for a quick walk. The girls brought their scooters and and we played some games in front of the beautiful Georgian house, which is now Merton registry office.

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I wore a pair of Collectif dungarees with an anchor print t shirt from Primark and my black Nike trainers.

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Friday: On Friday we headed to Nymans, a National Trust property that I’ve not got round to visiting before. Nymans is a beautiful garden, set around a ruined country house. It is simply gorgeous and despite being a bit reluctant to go, the kids had an amazing time and really loved looking around.

I’m probably going to write a proper blog post about Nymans soon, so I’ll only post a couple of pictures today. I wore this gorgeous boat print dress from Palava, I picked it up in their sample sale a few weeks ago. I can’t get enough of their beautiful organic cotton dresses at the moment. I teamed it up with my Hotter Flare sandals, which are super comfortable for long walks.

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Saturday: On Saturday Rob was home, so I got a nice long lie in. Once I got up I had a big tidy and cleaned the house. I spend ages sorting out my clothes and helping Lila reorganise all her Sylvanian families, which is always a really fun Job!

In the evening Rob and I headed into Soho to celebrate my friend Catherine’s birthday. I wore this amazing embroidered dress from Peacocks, I thinks its absolutely stunning and it only costs £35! So if you’re looking for a budget friendly evening dress, this is a great option. I was sent this to review on the blog, so there will be a proper outfit post with this one very soon.

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Sunday: I surprised Jess with a pair of last minutes tickets to Summer in the City, a big Youtube convention that happens in London every year. As I’d only bought the tickets the day before we hadn’t booked any meet and greets, but there was still plenty to do. We looked at all the stalls, had some lunch and went to some of the panels, which were really interesting. I really enjoyed the Women Who Write and the Body Positivity panels.

I wore my Cath Kidston Mickey In London dress and my trusty Hotter sandals again.

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Health Update: So as I mentioned about I saw the eye doctor on Monday. Everything with my eyes looks really good and my vision is still perfect. So I’m really happy with that. They don’t need to see me again for 3 months and its all down to neurology now to confirm my diagnosis and start treatment.

I’ve managed to cope quite well with everything so far, and I’ve been pretty brave. I’ve also really taken care of myself by eating healthily, getting exercise and plenty of sleep, this definitely helps. The worst part of my week was getting a phone call to say the next available neurology appointment isn’t until October! Which means I pretty much have to put up with this, untreated for quite a long time. From a coping point of view this isn’t great, as I feel like I’m in medical limbo. For now thats it really. I just need to pace myself and keep looking after myself for the foreseeable.

Weekly Goals: This week I really need to catch up on a lot of work. I have articles to write, blog posts to publish, more parcels to send and a huge amount of emails and admin. I’m going to get organise and break everything down into manageable chunks and obviously prioritise the kids, as they’re off school. I hope you’ve all had good weeks, what have you been up to.

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There are very few things that please me as much as shoes and cheese, I’m also occasionally partial to a glass of wine. So when an invite from Hotter Shoes arrived in my inbox for a wine and cheese night and a preview of their new collection I jumped at the chance!

Long term readers will know that I feature Hotter shoes quite a lot on here. I love comfy shoes that keep my feet happy all day, while still looking lovely and going with my huge dress collection. Hotter always deliver with their comfortable, flattering collection. I’m always really excited when they launch their new ranges and I can begin to plan future outfits around their lovely shoes.

So on a wet and windy Spring evening a few months ago, I headed to Borough Market for the event which was being hosted in The Neal’s Yard Dairy shop.

It was lovely catching up with all the lovely people from Hotter and Wingfield PR who I have met at previous Hotter events. They are such a lovely company to work with and I love how creative they are with their blogger events. Last year they organised a Lindy Hop class which was so much fun!

We had a look at some of the new styles and got a sneak peak at their Autumn/Winter lookbooks. I always love seeing their shoes in deeper colours, as someone who never really wears black, the purple, navy and maroon tones always really appeal to me.

As well as the shoes, I was really taken with the coordinating accessories including, scarfs, bags and some stunning fur stoles which will be absolutely perfect when the weather gets cold.

Once we’d all had a catch up and and looked at the lovely shoes and accessories it was time to indulge in some wine and cheese. we were given a really interesting talk on all the cheeses and tried them all with the complicating wines. I found it all really interesting and everything was picked really well.

I was sure to make a note of my favourite cheeses and have since popped into the shop to pick up a couple of the ones I enjoyed. As for the shoes I had to wait a little longer, but keep your eyes peeled as the lovely new stock will be arriving on the Hotter website really soon.

Here are a few of my vintage inspired highlights from the collection. I’ll be sharing some more of the styles very soon. Some of these are already up online and the rest will be landing in the next few weeks. I love all the new colours in the Donna style, I’m planning to add the purple to my collection.

Find more gorgeous and comfortable shoes on the Hotter website.