A couple of weeks ago I wrote about a two of the teas from the Whittard Gift box I received when I celebrated National Tea Day at their shop in Kingston. Today I thought I’d share some more of the goodies from my box. I’m really enjoying working my way through all the samples.

Part of the joy of tea to me is the preparation and serving of it. I love the ritual of brewing and serving it in a favourite cup or mug. I recently got this lovely initial mug from New Look and I love it!

The two teas I’m writing about today are twists on classic and popular teas. Both of them are very different, but have the addition of lovely cornflower petals.

First us was their famous Piccadilly Blend. This is a classic black tea with the additions of rose, strawberry and lotus, with cornflowers petals. I liked this one in the same way that I liked the rose tea, the subtle floral tones on top of the classic tea flavour are lovely. This is another one that is very well-balanced. I’ve photographed it here black, but having tried it a few more times, I think I prefer it with a little splash of milk. I’ve definitely developed a taste for teas with floral hints and will be looking for more.

Also in my box, was a selection of biscuits. These were all absolutely delicious, but my favourite would have to be the Earl Grey infused shortbread. These were so tasty that I will definitely be getting some more as a little treat for myself. They also come in a really pretty tin, which is definitely a bonus to me.

I really like the idea of tea infused biscuits, these really would make such a lovely gift. Not only do they come in individual tins, they also have gift sets. I’d love to try some of the other flavours.

Next up I tried Marrakech Mint. I absolutely adore mint tea and have tried so many different flavours and varieties over the years. This particular tea is a blend of Whittard’s gunpowder green and peppermint leaves with a light sprinkling of cornflower petals.

This is a really refreshing and very light tea. They recommend trying it with honey or sugar. I don’t usually sweeten my drinks, so I really enjoy this as it comes, but I’ll definitely give the honey a go.

One of my favourite things about this tea, is how the little compact tea leaves unfold in the hot water and reveal beautiful complete leaves. This is definitely one to brew in a glass teapot of tea maker so you can watch the magic happening.

Here’s the tea leaves after brewing. Gunpowder tea is fired and rolled and was one of the first teas the chin ease traded with the arabs.

Get the look: Initial mug £5.95 New Look – Cat Teapot £8 George – Butter Dish – Laura Ashley

What teas have you been enjoying recently? Any recommendations?

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I’m still a little bit obsessed with tea at the moment. I’m really enjoying trying new recipes and different brewing equipment to create the perfect cuppa. I recently went to a tea masterclass at my local T2 shop. This was organised by Fay from Blogabooketc as part of our Kingston Blogger Meet which I’ll be writing more about soon. We were shown how to make lots of different tea recipes including iced tea. I’ve tried mixing and matching lots of different teas and flavours and at the moment this is my favourite.

I made this using T2 Packs a Peach, which is a gorgeous loose leaf tea, with lots of beautiful fruity ingredients. I also used fresh mint and nectarines to add a bit of extra flavour.

I brewed the tea using my T2 Jug-a-lot iced tea jug. I have the 2 litre one, which is perfect for keeping in the fridge. I really like that once the tea is ready you can leave it in the fridge all day and go back for a glass whenever you fancy one.

How to Make:

First I fill the jug 2 thirds full with boiling water and add my mint and nectarine.

Then I add the tea infuser.

I allow this to cool before sealing the lid and leave it in the fridge overnight.

In the morning I remove the tea infuser and fill the space in the jug with ice.

The end result is refreshing and delicious, perfect for hot summer days. I’ve been trying out lots more iced tea recipes and would love to share a few more on here very soon.

What are your favourite tea flavours? Do you have any recipes or suggestions that I should try?

*This post is not endorsed by T2 and all products used were purchased by me.

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A few weeks ago I blogged about my trip to the Whittard shop in Kingston. Faye and I were treated to a tea tasting and were shown around the shop and taught about some of the teas and their origins. We were also given a goody box to take home.

The box contained lots of samples including tea bags, loose leaf tea, marmalade and biscuits. Since I decided I wanted to write about tea more, I thought I’d work my way through the box and let you know what I thought of the contents. I’m going to do a couple of teas at a time.

As I’ve said before, I prefer loose leaf tea to teabags. I really enjoy the ritual of spooning out the tea and watching it brew, so I was really pleased to see all the lovely choices in my box.

The first tea I tried was the English Rose. Rose is a very traditional ingredient in tea and was first blended during China’s Ming dynasty. Whiter currently have this tea in a gorgeous Alice in Wonderland tin, which I completely love.

This blend is beautifully well balanced with the rose. It is pale, aromatic and quite full flavoured while still being delicate and fragrant. There is a subtle hint of rose without being over powered. I found this tea to be quite refreshing and as recommended by Whittard this would be lovely for a summer picnic. I take mine with a little milk.

Another treat inside the box, was a little jar of Blood Orange Marmalade infused with Assam tea. I adore marmalade on toast so was very happy with this! This was very tasty and full of chunky yummy orange bits. The hints of tea are quite subtle and make this a great addition to my breakfast. I’m definitely going back to pick up another jar of this!

The other tea I tried was the Apple and Elderflower fruit infusion. This blend contains apples and elderflower, with sweet liquorice, vanilla and hibiscus with added rose and marigold petals.

This beautiful mix is tangy, fruity and fresh. It has a medium strength and smells absolutely divine. This can be served hot, which is how I had it or it can be made into a refreshing iced tea.

Recreate my breakfast look:

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1953 Coronation Plate – Vintage car boot find

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As I mentioned in yesterday’s post, I absolutely love trying different teas. Today in celebration of National Tea Day I thought I’d share a few of my favourites from my collection. I particularly like loose leaf tea, although there are a few tea bags on the list too.

Of course I do drink a lot of classic English breakfast and coffee too, but as they’re a bit boring I’ve just included the more interesting and exotic ones. My collection has definitely grown since Fay encouraged me to start buying tea from T2 and it’s definitely become a bit more of a habit over the last few months!

For the morning: I love a classic Earl Grey and my new favourite is Girly Grey, a soft and fragrant tea which contains Black tea, orange peel, lemon peel and cornflower petals. It’s the perfect tea for when you fancy a classic without going for a heavier tea. This is perfect with a splash of milk and goes down a treat with a slice of cake.

Get up and Glow was my first ever T2 purchase. It’s the perfect tea for a morning pick-me-up and has just enough caffeine to set you up for a busy day. It has a long list of ingredients including cocoa husks, yerba mate, elderberry, beetroot, cocoa beans, lemon myrtle, dandelion root, raspberries and guarana, giving it a fruity herbal flavour. This isn’t on the website at the moment, but may be available in store.

For wellbeing: I’ve been drinking Womankind from Pukka Tea for a long time. It’s a lovely fruity concoction designed especially for women. It contains cranberry, rose, shatavari and vanilla. Its a very fruity tea, that tastes absolutely gorgeous and I’d definitely recommend it for keeping your body in balance.

I recently got Beauty Queen from T2 as a mothers day gift. Firstly I absolutely love the tin and having tried it a few times in the shop, it was top of my tea wish list for a while. It’s packed with beautifying ingredients including green tea, jasmine, nettle leaves, liquorice root and moringa, which are all great for the skin. I love the hints of jasmine in this one but at £18 a tin it is definitely a bit of a luxury. Worth every penny of course!

Feeling Minty: I have countless varieties of mint tea, it’s one of my absolute favourites and with so many different options it’s worth stocking up on a few. I always opt for blends that contain spearmint, as its great for balancing your hormones. I’m currently really enjoying Mint Mix from T2 this zingy refreshing mint tea contains peppermint, spearmint and lemon verbena. I always feel fantastic after drinking this, I’ll often take a cup of it to the bath with me when I have a bit of a pamper session.

For a slightly more interesting mint tea I go for Pukka’s Mint Matcha Green which contains spearmint, sencha green tea and matcha powder for a refreshing lift. I love that pukka teas are organic and this one tastes fantastic.

For a warmth: I like spicy and deeper flavours, especially in the evening. A longterm favourite of mine would have to be Peppermint and Liquorice from Pukka. The strong liquorice flavour really comes though in this one and it is both sweet and tangy. If you’re not a fan of liquorice avoid this one as it’s pretty strong, but if like me you’re a fan then this is an absolutely beautiful tea.

My favourite winter warmer, is too good not to drink all year round. Sweet Spice is a beautiful mix from T2, just look at all those beautiful ingredients. The tea contains meringue, orange zest, rose, sultanas, cardamon and clove. This tea is just stunning and even makes the house smell amazing while it brews. I’ve heard this one won’t be around much longer, so stock up while you can.

For Bedtime: For me bedtime is all about rituals, when I get the chance I like to unwind before bed. I’ll have a relaxing bath, thoroughly cleanse and moisturise my skin and relax in bed with a book or some colouring and a mug of relaxing tea. I’ve recently been having Sweet Dreams from T2 most nights. This blend is so soothing it makes me feel super sleepy when I drink it. It contains Chamomile, apple, linden and lavender and smells and tastes really lovely.

When I was in Whittard on Wednesday I picked their Dreamtime instant tea. This is like a sweet and soothing night cap without the alcohol! It contains honey, apricot and vanilla and compared to most of my herbal loose leaf teas this one is very sweet, but I love the flavour and felt really confronted when I tried it for the first time yesterday.

What are your favourite teas? I’d love to hear your recommendations.

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I am a big tea drinker, I like to try lots of different flavours and have lots of tea pots and cups to serve it in. I really enjoy the ritual involved in creating the perfect brew and have different teas for different moods. I have tea for the morning, tea for relaxing and tea for just before bed. When I was invited to have a tea tasting session at the Whittard shop in Kingston, I obviously jumped at the chance and I’m so glad I did.

I visited the shop, which is located in the Bentall Centre with fellow tea fanatic Fay. She is probably even more of a tea fan than me, having a fully stocked tea cupboard in her kitchen with every flavour you could possibly think of! When we arrived at the shop we were greeted by the lovely staff and a lovely cup of cold brewed Cucumber and Mint Tea, which was delicious and refreshing.

We talked about the types of tea we liked and got to try a few, both hot and cold. We also discussed some of the more popular and unusual teas in the shop and their origins. I was really impressed to hear that the tea is fair trade and bought straight from the farms they are produced on. It was lovely to see how enthusiastic the staff were about their products and also how knowledgable.

Having talked about the types of tea we liked, we were offered lots of recommendations and discovered lots of new flavours to try. Our absolute favourite was the Cranberry and Raspberry Instant Tea, which is lovely both hot and cold.

Teas can be bought in a selection of beautiful pots and tins or measured out from their canisters, giving you absolutely loads of choice. I was actually completely amazed with just how wide the selection was, and it absolutely extends far further than your normal English Breakfasts and Earl Greys.

Whittard is a long-standing British company which was founded all the way back in 1886! Walter Whittard set up his first shop in Fleet Street when he was 25 years old. He was hugely successful in putting together creative blends and making tea a bit more interesting, something we definitely see a lot of today. The business has survived through world wars and times of recession and goes from strength to strength today, still creating innovative and tasty flavours as well as gorgeous tea making equipment.

Tomorrow is National Tea Day, a great chance to celebrate our love of tea and also an opportunity to try some new flavours and be a bit creative with every cuppa. It also made me think about writing about tea a bit more on here, as its such a big part of my day. Having only visited yesterday I haven’t had the chance to properly try my purchases and samples, so I will definitely be doing an update post soon.

I’d definitely recommend a visit to your local Whittard shop, where the staff will help you find your perfect tea. You can find a full list of stores of the Whittard website.

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