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Get Your House In Order

March 28, 2012

This week I watched a new programme on Channel 4 called Get Your House in Order. The programme is basically about hoarders, whose lives have been taken over by all their belongings. Everything that is cluttering their lives and filling their homes is then moved into a warehouse so they can see the extent of the problem and also see their houses empty of all their things.

This weeks episode saw 26-year-old shopping addict Amie face up to her addiction to shopping. Amie’s beautiful Georgian cottage which she shared with her fiance was literally buried under clothes, shoes and handbags. It was actually really sad to see how much her habit had taken over their lives. They were due to get married and yet she had squandered all their money spending over £100 a week shopping!

I really liked the concept of the programme, and the idea that making the person’s house look amazing will help them not to sink back into their old ways. It’s basically ‘How Clean is your House’ meets ‘Changing Rooms’!

I think it’s a great mentality to sell all the stuff you don’t use anymore, give the rest to charity and spend any money you make on creating a beautiful home, or going on holiday. Belongings are just another burden on many people.

I moved house recently and got rid of a huge amount of stuff, but really this is something we should all do as often as we can. A good clean out and spring clean every six months is a great way of never letting your clutter mount up.

Luckily it was a happy ending for shopping addict Amie who saw the error of her ways and managed to raise enough money getting rid of her ridiculous volume of clothing to have three rooms of her house revamped.

I cant wait to see next weeks episode, in which Sylvia faces up to over a £100,000 worth of shopping that has accumulated in her home!

You can watch this weeks episode on 4OD here

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    March 29, 2012 at 5:05 pm

    Hmmm makes me think i need to clear up!!!! Like to see you are now on the blogaholic social network i need to log in and add you x

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      March 29, 2012 at 5:58 pm

      I know! As soon as I’d finished watching i had a good tidy! Yes add me. Not quite figured it all out but getting there!

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