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Planning, Cleaning, Organising!

July 20, 2012

This week I have been ridiculously busy. On Sunday it’s my little girls christening followed by a big garden party at our house. We planned this a few months ago knowing we had loads of time to finish the house and get everything sorted. As with all my grand plans it has come round rather quickly and the last week has been more than a little crazy.

We only moved into the house 6 months ago and have been completing the renovation since we moved. The house is now near on perfect, however the garden was a huge mess and it’s taken a lot of effort to make it presentable.

My lovely husband is a handy sort and has built some beautiful picnic benches from scratch and painted them! Here they are in progress…

And here they are finished…

I’ll add some more photos once the rest of the garden is sorted. It’s still a work in progress here!

Meanwhile I’ve been cleaning and planning like mad and it’s all starting to come together! I am now in search of some last-minute bunting to decorate the three gazebos that we’ve put up and I’d like to make some pretty centre pieces for the tables.

Then it’s back to last-minute preparations for my next vintage fair which is now only a week away! After that I plan to do nothing but rest and read for at least a month!

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