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Carbooting, Enjoying the Sun and Making Plans

September 11, 2012

Yet again I’ve been off the laptop and a little busy with other things. This Sunday we did another carboot sale but this time to sell and not to buy. We were selling at my favourite car boot sale Nuthill Farm which is along the A3 just north of Guildford. I was banned from buying anything as we were there to make money not spend it. I had to try and not look around as there were bargain antiques everywhere! I did manage to buy a few books while no one was looking though! It was great to have a clear out and sell  a lot of DVDs and the kids old clothes and we did so well, so very pleased.

We’ve been enjoying warm weather and had a lovely pub lunch after car boot and it was warm enough to sit in the bear garden!

In other news I’ve got some great plans for some upcycling projects (more on that soon) and also a few sewing projects that I will try to get on the blog next week.

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