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5 Minute Make – Soap Gift Bag

September 21, 2012

If your stuck for a small gift idea why not make one of these cute little soap bags for a friend.

You will need
2 fabric squares
Safety pin

Step one – make a fold of 2cm across the top of each fabric square and sew a seam along each one.

Step two – place the two pieces of fabric facing each other and sew them together leaving the hemmed section at the top open.

Step three – turn it inside out and poke out the corners.


Step four – use the safety pin to thread the ribbon through the hemmed section at the top.

Step five – tie the end of the ribbon together

Step six – place the soap inside and pull the strings tight.

These also make great wedding favours. For other gift ideas you could place a pouch of lavender inside or use he bag to store a vintage brooch.

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