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Holiday Reads

October 23, 2012

I’m off somewhere sunny for a few days so it’s going to be a little quieter than usual on the blog. I had planned to write a few posts and schedule them, but by the time I had packed for me and the girls there wasn’t a minute to spare!

One thing I particularly love about going on holiday is having the chance to have a little read. I barely get time at home and between the plane and the beach I’m sure I manage to get through a couple of books while I’m away! I’m taking a couple of books from my unfinished book challenge and a couple of new ones that I was sent this week to review. I will also be picking up a copy of Anna Karenina at the airport to get a head start on the read along.

So here’s my little list of holiday reads (look out for reviews when I get back)….

A bit of an ambitious pile but 3 of them just need finishing.

If I dont get the chance to post while I’m away I will be posting pics of instagram every day my username is jessiebeck

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