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Dancing on the Edge – Get the 1930s Look

February 28, 2013

I have been catching up on Dancing on the Edge a new BBC production set in the early 1930s. As well as the amazing story line and wonderful music I am absolutely in love with the beautiful 1930s fashions. What makes the 1930s so special fashion-wise is the fabulous draping of the fabric. Bias cuts and clever pleating and rouching add instant elegance to even everyday outfits.

Being a dress addict after watching a few episodes of dancing on the edge I just had to trawl the internet for some examples of 1930s dresses. Due to their age and rarity genuine 1930s dresses are very expensive. However it is worth remembering that they are investment pieces. As long as you don’t rip them like Kate Moss so famously did, they will retain their value.

If you’d like to create the perfect 1930s look here are a few dresses to help you on your way…

1. Adored Vintage $168 available here  2. Adored Vintage $178 available here 

3. Reproduction 1930s Day Dress – Revival Retro £189 available here 

4. 1930s Peeptoe Shoes – Etsy $124 (£84) available here

1. Bias Cut Evening Dress and Jacket – Ebay £640 available here 2. Velvet Silk Dress – Etsy £200 available here  

3. 1930s evening gown – Dorothea’s Closet SOLD similar ones available here 

4. 1930s Handbag – Amazon £80 available here

For more 1930’s inspiration follow my 1930s Fashion board on Pinterest.

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