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My Vintage Holiday Outfits

April 19, 2013

Isn’t it funny how quickly a holiday feels like a distant memory. I’ve not even been back from Spain a week and I already feel completely back in my everyday routine! The weather here is also pretty cold so my lovely summer dresses are back in the wardrobe waiting for the sun to come out! I was so busy having fun with my girls that I didn’t get too much time for outfit shots but my husband managed to get quick pictures of 3 of my dresses.

This is my lovely 1970s sundress which I got on Ebay for about £10. The fabric is beautifully thick and lined and I love the lovely floral print. The quality of this dress is brilliant and I know it will be one of my favourite summer dresses for years to come.

Holiday outfit 3

This 50s style Cath Kidston dress was bought in the sale shop at Gunwharf Quays for about £25 and I love the print which reminds me of pretty vintage table cloths. It’s a little big for me as I got it a few weeks after having Lila, but I like wearing it with a little cardigan and if I get a chance I’m going to try taking it in to make it fit a little better.

Holiday Outfit 2

At the moment this is my very favourite dress. It an original 1950s handmade dress which I bought on Etsy for around £30 plus postage from America. The price was amazing for a 50s dress which is absolutely fantastic condition. As it’s handmade I know it’s a complete one of a kind and I just love thinking of the woman who made it all that time ago.

Holiday Outfit 1

When I had my poll a few weeks ago, outfits posts came up as the most wanted feature on the blog. Now I have to confess that as a busy mum of two I don’t always have time to get dressed up in my vintage dresses, however if we do get a summer here I will try a bit harder to wear my dresses more and get some more pictures on the blog.

My husband has been hard at work this week sorting out our very overgrown garden. We moved into this house just over a year ago and did a full renovation. This year it’s all about chopping down years of growth and making the huge garden beautiful for us all to enjoy. So hopefully I will have a nice garden to take my outfit pictures in very soon.

I can’t believe I still haven’t quite finished the dress I was making. All it need now is a hem and the zip to be finished and then it’s ready to be worn. I can’t wait to go out wearing it. I also have enough fabric to make three more so I’ll be getting to work on them soon too.

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    April 20, 2013 at 8:18 am

    Lucky you jetting off to Spain! And your pretty vintage frocks are adorable! Now, more sunsine please . . . . .

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    April 23, 2013 at 4:55 am

    I completely empathise with you about holidays! When you get back it’s almost like you never went on one 🙁 Beautiful outfits though!

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