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A Week in Pictures

March 9, 2014

Sometimes at the end of the weekend when I still have a million things to do, and I feel tired and not looking forward to Monday morning it nice to look back at the week I’m leaving behind.

Last Sunday I spent most of the day travelling home from a very busy weekend in Birmingham. A lot of this week was spent blogging, cleaning, washing and at a few points relaxing. Above are a few of the other things I got up to this week…

I looked through my collection of vintage magazines for blog and wardrobe inspiration for Spring. I love the spring suits pictured from 1954, I wish I could nip to the high street and pick one up!

I also ate a whole box of chocolates this week! I hardly ever have sweets or chocolate at home, but I saw someone eating a box of chocolates in a film and just had to have some. Luckily I ate so much that it’s put me off chocolate for a while!

I planned a few blog post for the coming week and took lot’s of pictures. The third picture is of my lighting, which you can just about see and a sneak peek of some photos coming up on the blog the blog later next week.

I recently got some new nail polishes from Tanya Burrs new range, this one is called Little Duck and it’s one of my favourite colours. The glitter polish is by Barry M.

On Thursday I visited Ham House for lunch with my mum and Lila. It was the most beautiful day and we had a lovely walk around the gardens. I got loads of video footage of Lila which I’m going to put on a DVD as a keepsake for my mum. The gardens looked beautiful and flowers were popping up everywhere. I loved this picture I took of some blossom.

On Friday we popped to Dulwich to visit my dad and I took this beautiful picture of the building he works in. It’s also where I got married so it holds a really special place in my heart. The other photo is of the cricket pavilion where I had my wedding reception. Whenever i see the benches outside it reminds me of everyone sitting outside drinking Pimms while we had our wedding pictures taken.

On Saturday we met friends in the park and Jessica climbed a fallen tree, which despite coming down in a storm a few weeks ago had still produced lot’s of beautiful blossom.

This week was particularly lovely because every day there were more signs that spring is on its way. It’s nice to put my coat away and go out in dresses and cardigans, lets home the sun stays out for a little while.

I hope you’ve all had good weeks and that next week will be even better. xxx

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