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Local History Month

May 9, 2014

When I signed up for Blog Every Day in May I knew it was going to be a big challenge. Thats a whole 31 blog posts to fill with great pictures and content. Luckily for me the sign up page had a few suggestions for days when your lacking inspiration. One of those was to blog about Local History Month. As a total history geek, this is something that really appeals to me.

When I was in primary school, local history was one of the subjects that I really enjoyed. We looked at old maps and walked around Wimbledon talking about where all the old houses and where their estates used to be. As I got older it’s something I continued to be interested in. I like that there is history hiding everywhere and when you seek it out even locally you can learn some amazing things about your area.

A few of years ago when I was living in Carshalton I went on a guided tour of the village as part of Open House Weekend and was amazed by how much Eighteenth Century architecture was right on my doorstep. Everything from an abandoned grotto to a full scale mansion.

Thinking about local history month made me dig out all the pictures I took while walking around and I’m hoping they might inspire you to check out your local hostory and some of the historial buildings in your area or even take part in one of the many events, walks and talk taking place throughout the month. To find out if anything is happening near you why not pop into your local library, museum or check out the listings here.

Carshalton 1

 Carshalton House (Now St Philomena’s School)

Carshalton 2

 Carshalton Grotto, an 18th century grotto which has now fallen into disrepair.

Carshalton 3

 The Hermitage, located in the grounds of Carshalton House

Carshalton 4

An 18th century water tower.

As well as visiting all of these and having a good look inside I also visited loads of other great places locally. Why don’t you have a look into what there is in your area and have a lovely day out while your at it. If your a blogger why not share a few photos on your blog and encourage others to take part. Be sure to let me know if you do.

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