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Shopping Vintage

A Few Vintage Car Boot Sale Buys

May 24, 2014

I feel like I’ve done quite a few hauls on the blog recently. I’ve definitely spent too much time shopping. Time to stay in and sell some stuff on Ebay I think. I try to live by the ‘one in, one out’ rule so it’s definitely time!

Anyway last weekend we popped to Hook Road Arena car boot sale in Epsom and although we arrived quite late I picked up a few bargains. I have never once found any decent vintage clothes at this car boot and this week was no different, but I was still happy with the bits I did find.

Firstly I got this beautiful vintage teacup for £1. Looking at the design and hand painted finish I’d guess this one is early 20th century and it’s absolutely beautiful. It’s really hard to find decent teacups so cheap especially such a beautiful old one so I’m thrilled with this. Having sold my entire teacup collection last year, I’m starting to collect a few again.

A few months ago I bought a cute vintage Quality Street tin at Wimbledon car boot sale and this time I spotted a smaller version for 50p and had to have it. This ones in lovely condition and they look so cute next to each other. I’m using them both to store some sewing bits.

I’ve been picking up lot’s of bangles recently, as they go with everything and I love matching up stacks of bangles with my outfits. I bought four on Sunday for 50p each. I got a black one as I’m particularly trying to build up my collection of black ones. I also got some fun 80s plastic ones in yellow, pink and navy.

I found a stall selling vintage and antique children’s books and picked up two from the 1940s. I’m always really careful when I get vintage books as I will look at them with the kids and some have some really outdated attitudes that are totally offensive today! So I turned down a couple of older ones in favour of these two lovely books from the 1940s. They are absolutely delightful and will look great in our playroom alongside our other vintage picture books.

The only other thing I got was a big stack of sewing patterns, I was looking at a couple of them and the seller offered me the whole lot for £1. I had a proper look when I got home and there’s plenty of lovely things I’d like to make so I was thrilled with this bargain.

 There were absolutely loads of patterns there, over 50 in total. These are just the ones I’ve picked out to use soon. I love this cute vintage children’s one which I’m going to frame for the playroom wall.

I’m so glad the spring has come and that car boot season is in full flow. I love looking for little bargains and it’s a great way to spend a weekend morning. I hope you like reading car boot hauls because I’m going to be doing quite a few more this year. I’m hoping the vintage clothing fairies will be with me over the next few weeks as I got so many great things last year.

Have you bought anything nice at a car boot sale recently? Which ones are your favourites?



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    May 25, 2014 at 5:46 pm

    the tea cup is so pretty!

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