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Ikea Lemon Muffin Mix

January 9, 2015

Ikea Muffin mix 1

I’m not usually a fan of using cake mixes, to me baking is something I enjoy and something I do to relax. However I will occasionally use a cake mix if I’m baking with the kids or want to make something in a rush. The main reason I picked these muffin mixes up in Ikea this week, is because I liked the packaging. Put something in pretty pastel coloured packaging and I’m more or less sold! I’ve not made the chocolate ones yet, but I tried the lemon and thought I’d share what I thought with you.

Ikea Muffin Mix 2

I was a little dubious of a mix which you just add water to and shake. I’m used to adding at least an egg to cake mixes! I’m also not entirely convinced by the ingredients as there are a few e-numbers on the list.

However it was fantastic to be able to make the muffins without needing a mixing bowl and spoon, and it took all of to minutes before they were ready to go in the oven.

Ikea Muffin Mix 3

Just add water, shake for 30 seconds and pour!

Ikea Muffin Mix 4

The colour is little shocking! The mix came out bright yellow to go along with the lemon flavouring.

Ikea Muffin mix 5

The instructions said to fill the muffin cases halfway with the mix. I used standard sized muffin cases from Waitrose for my muffins.

Ikea Muffin Mix 6

I do wish I had filled them a little more though as I like to have a bit more of a muffin top, and these didn’t rise very much.

Ikea Muffin Mix 7

The finished result was really tasty and the girls devoured them in a matter of hours. So as an occasional treat I think they were great and really handy for people who don’t like all the ingredients and mess involved in normal baking.

Ikea Muffin Mix 8

At £2.95 the mix is a little more expensive than some of the others I’ve seen, although you do get quite a lot of muffins out of it.

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