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The Vintage Cosmetics Company Paddle Brush Review

January 11, 2015

Vintage Cosmetic Company Hairbrush 1

Before christmas I was invited to the launch of The Vintage Cosmetic Companies new blow dry bar in London, which I wrote about last week. When I was there I was kindly given a goodie bag containing a hairbrush and some hair clips. I liked them so much I decided to write a review of them.

Vintage Cosmetic Company Hairbrush 4

First up is the oval paddle brush, one of three brushes offered by the company. It’s a really useful tool for anyone who likes doing vintage styles on their hair. It works really well for brushing out a curly vintage set as well as being perfect for smoothing out a backcombed beehive or just giving your hair a really good brush.

I’m always on the lookout for new brushes, mainly because my two daughters keep “borrowing” mine so I’m always buying new ones! This one has been hidden away as I intend to be using it for a really long time! In my search for good brushes I’ve not come across many bristle brushes so I was so happy to try a new one.

Vintage Cosmetic Company Hairbrush 3

The brush features nylon and boar bristle and is perfect for smoothing the hair’s cuticles, leaving it looking sleek, healthy and glossy. I’ve been using it to brush out my hair every evening before bed and my hair has been looking really healthy. I’ve also used it to brush out a set after using rollers and it worked really well in coaxing my curls into the desired style. They recommend the brush for blow drying as well with a few tips available on their website. I usually let my hair dry naturally so I’ve not tried using it with heat yet.

The brush also makes a great de-tangler so if you’ve been caught in a winter storm and your hair need a little tlc, then this brush is the answer, it really gently unknots and sleekness even the most stubborn tangles, even on my really thick hair. Happy hair days all round in my house!

The quality of the brush was fantastic and the price of £14.50 seems pretty reasonable for a really good product. The packaging is really pretty and girlie and always makes me fall in love with their lovely products even more. This would make an amazing gift for a vintage loving lady.

Vintage Cosmetic Company Hairbrush 4

I was also gifted these pretty little hair clips are the perfect finishing touch to a hair style. I wore mine a few days ago with a half up half down hair style and with a little help from my good friend hair spray it stayed put all day. These plastic clips have a pretty floral design printed on them, they are part of a collection of lovely hair accessories available from The Vintage Cosmetic Company. I was really happy with these and will definitely be using them a lot.

Vintage Cosmetic Company Hairbrush 2

Have you tried any products from The Vintage Cosmetic Company? What did you think?

Find out more on The Vintage Cosmetic Company website. 

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