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ASOS AW15 Press Day Highlights

May 19, 2015

Every press day I’ve been to this season has got me more and more excited about all the wonderful 70s influences which will be everywhere later this year. Being a vintage collector I’ve managed to pick up quite a few amazing 70s pieces over the years and although I don’t love every look from the decade there are certainly aspects of it I adore. One shop that seams to have really picked up the best of the Seventies is ASOS. Everything has a very authentic retro feel,  infact at first glance their press day could be mistaken for an actual vintage shop.

ASOS AW15 Press Day Womenswear

The colour palette contains all the rich earthy tones you’d expect from retro clothing and it’s all absolutely perfect for Autumn. The fabric choices are also inspired from the past with lots of flowy chiffon and muslins as well as crimplene-esque stretchy fabrics. There are lots of strong prints, as well as stripes and chevrons with embroidered and beaded details.

ASOS AW15 Press Day Beaded Top

ASOS AW15 Press Day Favourite Dresses 1970sIf disco is more your thing then you won’t be disappointed, there were lots of sequins and sparkles. Forget being subtle, winter will be all about bright, light catching all over sequins, just in time for the party season.

ASOS AW15 Press Day Sequin Cape

ASOS AW15 Sequin Details

ASOS AW15 Sequin Jacket

The accessories are also daring with heavily embellished clutch bags, metallic boots and lots of fur.

ASOS AW15 Press Day Bead and Sequin Embellished Clutch Bag

ASOS AW15 Press Day Metallic Snakeskin Ankle Boots

There are also lot’s of brown tones and platforms as you’d expect. I can just image all of these walking over thick shag-pile rugs!

ASOS AW15 Press Day Brown 70s Style Platform Shoes

I really really liked all the coats, which are perfect for cold winter nights. I love seventies style coats and have an original suede one with a big furry colour, which looks just like these. I love all the fur details these all look so warm!

ASOS AW15 Press Day 1970s Coats

What do you think of the seventies trend and the collection from ASOS? I think it’s really cool and I’ll definitely be embracing aspects of it in my wardrobe.

Shop the currant collection from ASOS here. 

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