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Review – Blanc De Blanc at The Hippodrome Casino

July 29, 2016

Last week I went to see Blanc de Blanc, a show which is part cabaret, part circus and part burlesque at the Hippodrome Casino in London. The show, which features a wide array of performances is brought together with the theme of champagne.

Blanc De Blanc Programme CoverThe show is most definitely just for grown-ups, with plenty filth and frivolity. The host for the night was Monsieur Romeo, a rather gorgeous French lothario, who starts the show in a suit and ends it in a pool of bubbles wearing just a tiny pair of briefs.

Blanc De Blanc LondonThe show is unashamedly filthy, and in amongst beautiful sensual aerial performances, there is plenty of full nudity and sexual innuendo. The show is a glamorous merry-go-round mixing a plethora of performance genres. I absolutely loved the acrobatic and dance based sections. They were stunningly choreographed and the breath-taking stunts were a pleasure to behold.

Hampus & Milena - Blanc de Blanc - London Hippodrome - Pamela Raith Photography - (037)The contortion display by Shun Sugimoto was both horrific and entrancing, watching him stretch his body into impossible positions left me wishing I could look away! The comic aspects from the clown Spencer Novich were both dark and hilarious and a great addition to the show.

Blanc De Blanc CastEmma Maye Gibson provided some of the lewder entertainment, with plenty on show. In the programme she is described as an ‘obscene beauty queen’ which just about sums up her performance. She provided a very entertaining performance with her riotous escapades across the stage.

The cast of Blanc de Blanc - London Hippodrome - Pamela Raith Photography - (043)Where the show really shines, is when it moves away from light naughty entertainments and striptease and the sheer talent of the performers is allowed to shine through. The opening piece – an aerial performance from Masha Terentieva on a suspended hotel luggage cart is simply amazing. The other aerial performance from Hampus Jansson and Milena Straczynski is so sensual and beautiful that it is definitely the finest part of the show.

Blanc De Blanc ReviewThe more surreal and creative performances are also really fun and entertaining to watch and the sheer variety of the show makes it worth every penny.

I feel that the whole thing must have been really fun to make, the performers look like they are enjoying every minute and there is plenty of audience participation which is great fun. I even ended up with Monsieur Romeo sitting on my lap at one point. I wasn’t complaining!

The cast of Blanc de Blanc - London Hippodrome - Photo By Darren Bell - (10)The Producers Strut and Fret did a great job creating a show that no one will forget in a hurry. It is the perfect show to be hosted in a casino and the intimate cabaret theatre area was just the right size for a small audience.

Blanc De Blanc CostumesThe thing I appreciated most about the show would have to be the stunning costumes. There was plenty of glamorous vintage showgirl inspired glitz from costume designer James Browne.

I’d recommend this show to anyone who likes a little naughtiness and isn’t put off by slightly bawdy entertainment.

The show is running at The Hippodrome Casino London until 28th August. 

For more information and booking details visit the Hippodrome website. 

*I received two complimentary tickets to the show for the purposes of review. All opinions are my own. 

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