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Christmas Crafts and DIY

Blogmas Day 19 – DIY Marble Gift Tags

December 19, 2016

Usually at Christmas I like to make as many gifts and cards as possible. As the big days has crept up on me a bit this year the only crafty thing I’ve done so far is to make these pretty marbled gifts tags.

diy-marble-gift-tagsI bought this marbling kit from Hobbycraft absolutely ages ago, and had never got round to using it. Having seen some marbled crackers recently, I loved the idea of using the effect as part of a Christmas theme so I decided to give it a go.

marbling-kit-2To make these you will need; white card, string, scissors, a marbling kit, some thing round or bauble shaped – I used cookie cutters.

marblingMy kit came with a small tray and several different colours of oil based ink. I used different colours to create my my marble and used a cocktail stick to swirl the ink into patterns.

hobbycraft-marbling-kitI cut my card into small squares and places them onto the ink.

marbled-paperThey take a while to dry, so lay them out on some newspaper for a few hours.

marbled-cardI love that each piece of card came out differently. I had experimented with different amounts of ink and swirling different patterns in each one. I really like how unique they all are.

bauble-cookie-cutterI pressed my cookie cutter onto the backs on the card to leave an indentation, this was quicker than drawing round something and didn’t leave any pencil marks.

marbled-bauble-tagsI then cut them all out into bauble shapes.

marble-gifts-tags-on-stringI poked a hole in the top of each one and added a piece of string.

marbled-gift-tagsI am so happy with how these came out and marbling was so fun and a really relaxing thing to do. I’d definitely like to pick up some more inks and try some other crafts using this technique. Have you ever tried marbling?

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