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My Week in Pictures 10th – 16th July

July 18, 2017

If you read my last post, you’ll know that last week wasn’t the best. I had thought about not writing a week in pictures post, but this is one challenge that I don’t want to fail at and so I thought I’d just carry on as normal and keep blogging through this. Looking at screens is making my eyes hurt a bit, so I’m trying to spread out my computer time as much as possible. Lots of lovely stuff happened last week and theres plenty or everyday stuff to look back on.

Monday: I had a big list of errands to run and busy things to do on Monday. The only really fun thing was picking blackberries in my garden. We have a pretty big garden that likes to go wild and get over grown at every opportunity. Especially when it comes to brambles. This year we decided to let them grow so the kids could pick the blackberries. Naturally they have spread like crazy and there is so much fruit to pick! So on Monday we picked all the ripe ones and I’ve now cleaned and frozen them for future pie and crumble making!

Tuesday: On Tuesday evening we went to see Jessica’s school show, she was playing Bugsy Malone and she did an absolutely amazing job. I don’t know how she managed to remember all her lines, I was super proud. I always find it funny how confident she is when it comes to singing and drama. I was the complete opposite when I was a kid, I used to get the smallest part possible!

Wednesday: This was a very busy day, after dropping the kids at school I headed out with my friend Catherine who’s blog is called Curiosity Killed. Our first stop was The Sanderson hotel to check out the new NSPA beauty range that will be launching exclusively in Asda in August as well as a haircare range from Andrew Barton. I will be blogging about this properly nearer the time, but it was a lovely event and I can’t wait to try out all the products properly.

Here we are having a pose in front of this gorgeous flower wall…

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After that we headed to a press event called The Christmas in July Festival. In July lots of brands hold their Christmas press days, and this was a great event where lots of brands were all in the same place. It was great to make lots of contacts and get some ideas for Christmas gift guides and blog posts. This is another one I’ll probably talk about a bit more later in the year. Heres a sneak peek at some of the Christmas bits from crabtree and Evelyn.

Thursday: This was another busy working day, that I spent shooting outfit pictures for the blog. After dropping the kids at school I planned the outfits, ironed them and did my hair and make up. This time my dad was taking the pictures for me, so he picked me up and we headed out to take the pictures. I’m hoping to get these up later in the week, but as I’m not sure whats going on with hospital appointments and stuff, we’ll see. Here’s a pic of a cute bee that that I snapped between outfit pics.

Friday: On Friday morning, Jess was starting school a little later so I stayed at home with her, Rob had taken the morning off to go to Lila’s sports day so after dropping Jess in, I headed over the school field to join him. After that I headed to my opticians appointment. You’ll have to read Sundays post to find out about that shit afternoon.

Saturday: I spent most of Saturday in the dark in my bedroom feeling sorry for myself. In the evening I decided to go for a drive round Richmond Park and took my mum. I’ve found driving and fresh air really help my headaches because I find it much easier looking into the distance and it doesn’t tire my eyes as much.

Sunday: Rob took the girls to their school fair, I really didn’t feel like going with everything thats been going on and just needed a bit of time to myself. Luckily my friends came to the rescue and a coffee and chat in with Fay and G in Fay’s garden made me feel much better about everything.

Rob and I sat out in the garden and looked at this beautiful sunset while two cut little bats flew around the garden. Quite a lovely moment at the end of the week.

Weekly Goals: My first goal is to cancel all my plans and work commitments and just get some rest. Before I knew there was a problem, I was just pushing through. Now I know I just can’t do that I need to be more responsible.

So this definitely wasn’t the best week for pictures, or the best week in general really. I’m keeping everything crossed for a quick recovery and for lots of adventures with the kids. They break up from school on Friday, so a whole 6 weeks of fun awaits.

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    Mim (@crinolinerobot)
    July 19, 2017 at 8:11 am

    It’s good to know that you’re not pushing yourself too hard but are still able to enjoy things. Keep taking care of yourself!

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    July 31, 2017 at 7:34 pm

    That is such a beautiful sunset babe – glad we could be there to help xx

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