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Things I Don’t Write About But Should

April 30, 2018

As bloggers we sometimes typecast ourselves into our own little niches. We decide to blog, choose a name, start creating – especially a few years ago when blogging was a little less polished and shiny! I was 26 when I started writing this blog in 2012. I had a baby and a 6 year old, I had just bought a new house and ran a business selling vintage clothes. At the time I just wrote about a bit of everything, it was something I did just for fun.

Now my kids are older and this is in theory my job, the pressure to produce great content, to keep up to date with all my social media and to earn a little bit of money is huge. Luckily I love it a lot, I love writing, I love taking pictures and I love wearing pretty things. Sometimes though I’m aware that the blog isn’t that much of a reflection of me. Lately I’ve been considering mixing it up a bit and writing about a broader spectrum of topics. Mostly because I think I would really enjoy it, I love writing and want to challenge myself a bit more. Just for fun I thought I’d make a little list of things I don’t write about, but would if they fit the blog a bit better.

Motherhood – nothing really defines my life more than my role as a mum. What I do above everything else is raise two girls, I wash their clothes, cook their dinners, help them with their homework and spend my time doing lots of fun things with them. I get exhausted and challenged and I have moments of pure joy, where I feel like the luckiest person alive to two have these two crazy ladies in my life. The reason I don’t really write about mummy life, is because the blog started my little escape and creative outlet. But I do read a lot of wonderful blogs about being a parent and maybe would consider doing an occasional post on life as mum.

Sex and Relationships – I love reading sex and relationships blogs, the more honest the better! However this is something I never cover on the blog. Sometimes I think about writing more about these things, but then I remember my friends and family read the blog! I have got some amazing vintage books and magazines and have thought about doing a little feature on relationship advice from the 40s and 50s. That would be fun!

Thoughts and Feelings – unless you’re my husband or my besties, I’m a pretty closed book. I’m very lucky to have a few people who will listen to me talk for hours on end, so I usually get all my personal stuff out that way! But I do like the idea of writing about certain things and what I think and feel about them, so you may see the occasional more personal post – maybe.

Fashion – Ever since I was a little girl, I’ve loved pretty dresses. I just really like pretty things. I do in real life, dress very much how I do on the blog, sometimes with straighter hair! But you’ll also see me a lot in gym clothes (I try to work out as often as possible), I also wear jeans a fair amount, for housework and going out with the kids. However I also quite like fashion in general and maybe now I’m a bit older I want to try different styles a bit more. So I might do some slightly different things on the blog occasionally.

Self Care – Since I got ill last year, I’ve focussed on my personal wellbeing and self care a while lot more than I used to. As a mum it’s easy to put yourself last, but ultimately it’s not a good idea. I take a lot of time now to go for walks and runs, work out, get early nights, have long baths and just live my best life. I’d love to share how I find time to do this and what I do to make myself happy and healthy, both mentally and physically. I’ve learnt the hard way to look after myself, while being there for everyone else and I think some of you may find it helpful to read about.

Music – I could probably expose my inner music geek and write about music all day every day. I spend so much time listening my favourite records and can mostly be found singing along to Fleetwood Mac really load all the time! I’d love to write more about my favourite records and what I’ve been listing to.

House and Garden – Ok so I do write about homes and interiors a bit on here, but I really want to do it more. I’m really enjoying working on my home at the moment and would love to share more of that on here. Don’t expect anything to be Pinterest perfect, I like the idea of being realistic and to remember that I have a functioning home with four people, two cats and two fish living in it. I want to write about having beautiful things alongside toy storage and somewhere to hang the washing to dry. Real life stuff! I’m pretty proud of my lovely little house and how I furnish it on a budget.

I’d love to know what you think, obviously there will still be pretty dresses, baking, skincare, more tea than you could drink in a life time etc etc. By the way, I am having so much fun creating content on my Instagram at the moment. I would really appreciate a follow if you don’t already!

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