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A Great Big Chatty Catch Up!

July 3, 2018

Today I have nothing much to write about. I’m actually feeling very content, chilled and relaxed at the moment. But I’m also feeling a bit uninspired by all things blog. A few weeks ago I had a bit of a burst of energy with all the creative parts of my job, I felt excited about blogging, I was really enjoying posting on Instagram and I felt super motivated. By at the moment I feel like I ebbed a little away from it and floated a bit more towards my everyday life. So I thought rather than forcing creativity out of me that I’m not feeling right now, I’d just write a chatty post about everything in my life at the moment.

My Kids:

Being a mum is bloody rewarding and awesome, it’s also really really hard work. You have to be the best version of yourself you can possibly be all the time because you have little people who rely on you for everything. In fact one of my small people os now 12 and is growing up so fast! I’m ridiculously excited to see this next chapter in motherhood, although knowing the scary teenage years are just around the corner is a little daunting too. She seems pretty happy right now and is into lots of fun things, so thats good. If I can get her to do all her homework, get dressed in under an hour and keep her room tidy, I feel like I’ve achieved a lot and I love that she can ask me anything!

Lila is 7 and she is just as kind, giving and sweet as she has always been. Her mission in life is to make everyone around her happy and she certainly does a great job of it. She’s also my biggest fan girl and says so many nice things to me that I always have a smile on my face. Literally as I was sitting typing this she just said “mum, you’re beautiful” out of nowhere! Awwww! I’d love her to find new things to enjoy and we’ve been discussing ballet lessons and gymnastics which I think she’ll really enjoy. She’s so content that she doesn’t ask for much, but I try not to forget to give her as much as I can.

My house:

I like to pretend (mostly to myself) that I’m an exciting full time blogger. In reality I am just a laundry lady and full time cleaner. Nothing prepares you for the ridiculous amount of laundry you will face as a parent. Not to mention just how much time you will spend tidying  and cleaning. Luckily I don’t mind it too much (except the ironing). I’d quite like to write a post on all the things I do to make the daily grind of domesticity a little more manageable and fun, I’m a pro at making things good for myself.

At the beginning of the year I had a bit of a burst of energy with redecorating and making the house look nice. I finally made a start on Lila’s ice cream bedroom and bought rather a lot of houseplants to put everywhere. I haven’t done that many improvements indoors recently and I definitely think I’m overdue a project soon. The only thing I have done is a little gardening, we have a huge garden and it’s slow progress, but hopefully one day it’ll be finished! Again, this is giving me ideas for blog posts!


I’ve written a bit about my body and keeping fit this year and you’re probably due an update. My fitness is going great, I’ve slowed down a little for the last couple of weeks just because I’ve been super busy and I’ve had a few things on that are clashing my my regular classes. I’ve decided to have a bit health and fitness push next week. I’m planning to run or swim every morning and I’ve booked a few yoga and pilates classes. I’m also going to meal plan carefully and just have a very good week. I like to do my best every week, but when I’m feeling motivated I love to give myself a boost by having a few days where I’m really focussed on my goals. I’ve discussed weight loss and mental health in this post.


Now that its official I want to congratulate my lovely best friend Fay on her pregnancy! She’s written about it on her blog and posted on Insta and I’m so glad everyone now knows and I don’t have to keep it a secret anymore! She’s godmother to both my babies and is more like a sister to me than a friend, so I am very excited to be welcoming a new addition to our family. Although I don’t want any more kids of my own, I miss having a little one to take to nursery rhyme time and to do all the baby and toddler things with, so I’m definitely planning on borrowing that baby!


Apart from my little slump in creativity, I am very much looking forward to working and growing the blog. Although it is my job and does earn me some money, I very much supplement it with my Etsy shop and selling vintage on eBay as well as other bits and bobs. I want to work harder on making it pay it’s way and that is something I want to focus on more. Most of the work thats goes into blogging happens behind the scenes. I get hundreds of emails everyday and spend a lot of time editing and planning images, doing my accounts and keeping on top of the business side of things. Not to mention actually trying to promote the blog and get as many readers as possible.

I appreciate every single reader, commenter and follower, because they make it possible for me to do this job, to be at home for my kids and doing something I love. Which is all I really want from my life. Please keep clicking on my posts, liking my pics and pressing that follow button, because it means the world to me and makes such a big difference!


Ok so I’m currently hooked on Love Island, just like everyone else. I finally persuaded Rob to watch The Crown with me. It’s one of my fave programmes ever and it’s been so fun to watch it all with him. We keep pausing it to discuss stuff and there have been lots of interesting discussions between us, me being a total royalist and him being a little more sceptical.


I’ve taken a little break from obsessively listening to Fleetwood Mac and have been having a bit of a Led Zeppelin phase, nothing better than driving around with them at top volume. I’ve also been listening to Greta Van Fleet, a newish band who sound like some of the best bands of the late 60s and early seventies. I love that a bunch of blokes born in 1998, are producing the kind of music that I wish I could go back in time to experience it it’s heyday. They are so good! I managed to get tickets to see them in November and I can’t wait.


It’s the summer! My favourite time of year for clothes. You will mostly find me throwing on my favourite cotton dress with some sandals, minimal makeup and feeling amazing in under 10 minutes! It really is so easy to feel good when the sun is shining. I’ve not had much chance to snap any outfit pics recently. I need to get more into the habit of it and recruit some of my willing helpers to take them for me!

The pics in this post are all from my Instagram. Read my last post, to find out more about how I use colour schemes on my Insta.


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