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Things I Want to Do in 2019

January 20, 2019

I’ve not really made any big resolutions this year, I usually set myself little goals throughout the year and generally just try my best when ever possible. What I did want to do this year is try lots of new and different things. I’ll probably take stuff off this list and add to it as the year goes on, but right now these are the things that I’d definitely like to do before the year is out.

Turn gardening into a hobby!

Ok, so  I kinda hate gardening. I also bought a house with an absolutely huge garden 7 years ago and have struggled with it ever since! So this year I decided to make gardening my hobby. I’ve been watching gardening programmes, reading gardening books and have started a gardening journal all int he hopes that I become a bit more enthusiastic about making my garden nice. My Pinterest boards are now packed with ideas and I can’t wait to make a bit more effort this year.

Read at least 30 books

Whether it’s picking up an actual book, or listening to books on Audible I love to enjoy a good book. I managed 28 last year, so I should be able to do 30 this year if I make the time.

Visit 15 different National Trust properties

I love making the most of my National Trust membership and there are definitely properties that I visit over and over again. This year I want visit as many different ones as possible. Luckily there are quite a few within an hour of where I live and I wouldn’t mind travelling a little further afield to find a few more.

Go on Holiday

I haven’t been on a proper holiday for literally years! It feels like forever since I last got on a plane to somewhere warm. We’ve done quite a few UK holidays in the last few years, but I am so ready to go abroad. Now I just need to earn enough money to afford it! No pressure!

Get better at painting

I really enjoy painting and started doing it a bit more last year. I’d really like to practice enough to get a bit better at it. I mostly do it to relax and have a mindful moment, but it would be nice to do a few paintings that I’m really proud of.

Do more baking

I’ve always loved baking, but I’ve definitely got a bit out of the habit of it recently. Partly because my oven is rubbish and partly because I stopped writing about baking so much. I want to go back to the place where I baked just for fun and didn’t worry about getting good pictures or turning my bakes into blog posts, so hopefully a bit more mindful baking will be happening this year.

Make the most of being a mum more

It is very easy to get into your mum routine, of keeping things clean, keeping your kids fed, getting them to where they need to be etc etc etc forever and ever and ever! But sometimes I need reminding that a lot of the important stuff isn’t as important as actually enjoying your kids. So this year I want to invest more quality time with them and have as much fun with them as I possibly can. I’d also quite like to ban homework too, but what can you do?!

Go to the beach as much a possible

We are so lucky to have so much gorgeous seaside in the UK. I love visiting the beach, enjoying the sea, paddling, eating fish and chips and finding the prettiest pebbles and shells. I definitely need more of that in 2019. I’m hoping to visit as many beaches as I possibly can this year.

Get better at yoga

Last year I found a yoga teacher I really liked and went to loads of classes. I never thought yoga was something I would get into, but I’ve been enjoying it so much and really feeling the rewards. This year I’d like to go to as many classes as I can and maybe even get a bit better at it. Right now I’m not remotely flexible, but I’m working on it!

Looking at my list I’ve concluded that I’m actually an old lady! I never thought my priorities would end up being gardening and painting! But I love simple mindful things and time well spent, so hopefully I manage to achieve all of this things. They’re certainly all pretty obtainable. I’ll update you later in the year.

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