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Whats in my February 2019 Birchbox?

February 28, 2019

Whats in my February 2019 Birchbox?

Happy February! (nearly March!)

It’s the last day of February and it’s been an unseasonably hot week. Spring is in the air and I’ve had a pretty good month. I’ve also been a bit better this month at getting blog posts up and there’s plenty more to come in March. As usual its high time I shared the contents of the February 2019 Birchbox.

Whats in my February 2019 Birchbox? I’ve been subscribed to this monthly beauty box for a few years now. I always eagerly anticipate it’s arrival and look forward to seeing what beauty treats are hiding inside. We’ve had a pretty good run of fantastic boxes recently and I’ve found so many products that I love and have enjoyed using. I was really happy with this month’s box too.

What’s in my February 2019 Birchbox?

Whats in my February 2019 Birchbox? This month’s box is a collaboration with Not on the high street, and being February it’s all about love. Love for family, fiends, your significant other and of course yourself! The box as usual is gorgeous, I will be sure to reuse this one. The box also came with some lovely postcards, which I think I’ll keeping for myself and putting up above my desk.

Whats in my February 2019 Birchbox? I loved the Spring colours and from a blogger point of view, how gorgeous do all the products look together? Totally photogenic! They’re all great products and for the £10 plus postage monthly fee, I thought they were very good value for money.

February 2019 Birchbox Products

Whats in my February 2019 Birchbox? So what did I think of all the lovely products in the February 2019 Birchbox?

Whats in my February 2019 Birchbox? | LOC Liquid Shimmer Shadow in Eclipse I’m not usually a big wearing of liquid eyeshadows, preferring their powdery counterparts. However I am a little bit in love with the colour of the LOC Liquid Shimmer Shadow in the shade Eclipse. It is a lovely colour and similar to the usual light brown shade I wear for everyday. The shimmer is subtle and pretty and it’s very easy to apply. I’ve popped this in my make up bag to encourage me to try something different and next time I’m going somewhere nice I’ll give this one a whirl. The formula dries really quickly, so there’s no need to worry about creasing and it can be layered up for a more dramatic look.

Whats in my February 2019 Birchbox? Anatomicals Shower gel I’ve used lots of Anatomicals products before and always get on really well with them. So I was eager to try the Anatomicals Pick Me Up Body Cleanse. This shower gel is nice enough, the fragrance makes me think of the 90s for some reason. It has quite a fresh classic shower gel scent. It feels nice to use, a little goes a long way and it didn’t dry my skin out at all. So although it is really just a shower gel, I’m pretty happy with it. I also love the packaging so that’s a plus!

Whats in my February 2019 Birchbox? Coco & Eve Like A Virgin Super Nourishing Coconut and Fig Hair Masque I’ve been on the lookout for a new hair masque to try for a while now. I have really long thick hair and now I don’t colour treat it, it’s usually pretty healthy. But it does need some occasional TLC to keep the ends nice and to keep it smooth and healthy. The Coco and Eve Like a Virgin Nourishing Coconut and Fig Hair Masque, is definitely my favourite product from the February 2019 Birchbox. It smells so gorgeous, it’s easy to apply and it actually works wonders for your hair. Mine was left feeling soft and smooth, looking lustrous and generally just lovely! I’m just sad I have so much hair and had to use so much of the sample tube, even though it wasn’t that small! I think I’ll re-buy this and use it every couple of weeks to give myself a happy hair treat.

Whats in my February 2019 Birchbox? Luxie 205 Tapered Blending Dreamcatcher Brush I always love it when I get a new make up brush in my Birchbox. Keep ’em coming guys! Even if I don’t end up using them, my daughter is always so happy when I pass them on to her. The Luxie Tapered Blending Dreamcatcher brush, is absolutely perfect for me. I love fluffy eyeshadow brushes like these and use them so much. This one is very similar to my current favourite and I will definitely be keeping this one for myself. It’s perfect for blending eyeshadow and I love the soft feeling of the brush and I’m pretty pleased with how lovely the actual brush looks too!

Whats in my February 2019 Birchbox? Joliederm Nose Patch Lastly The Joliderm Nose Patches. Luckily I don’t have too much trouble with the pores on my nose, so I only use patches very occasionally. I was happy to give the sample a go though. Mostly I just really liked the packaging! These were very easy to use and left my nose feeling very clean and happy. It also stuck really well, so I’d imagine that they’d do a pretty good job or clearing out those pores if you needed them too. Whats in my February 2019 Birchbox? Joliederm Nose Patch I would have liked more than one sample in the box, as I usually prefer to use things a couple of times before passing judgement. So I can’t really say if these are good or not and at £13.90 each I probably wouldn’t re-purchase.

Whats in my February 2019 Birchbox? Joliederm Nose Patch

Did I Love my February 2019 Birchbox?

Yes I did! The best bits were the gorgeous postcards and the hair masque, but all the products were really nice and I will keep using them all. Since it’s only a few days until my March Box arrives, I’m already feeling pretty excited to see what inside.

Whats in my February 2019 Birchbox? Find out more about subscriptions over on the Birchbox website.

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