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My 2019 Goals – December Update

December 31, 2019

So all the way back in January I set my self a list of things I’d like to do for the year. I kept them simple and achievable and there were no big changes, just nice things really. Unfortunately 2019 didn’t turn out to be the year I hoped it would, it was a tough one for my family. We lost both Rob’s nan and my dad to cancer and really it just became a year for grieving, looking after each other and surviving. It been so hard. But even in the hardest years there are so many blessings, people who support you, kind things people do and you definitely learn to appreciate everything you do have so much more. So my goals for the year have been on the back burner in a big way, but I thought I’d look back and see how I got on anyway.

I thought I’d look back on each thing from the list and tell you how I got on this year…

One – Turn Gardening into a Hobby

Back in January I explained that I wanted to learn to love gardening and do much more of it. Mostly because I have a really big garden and want to enjoy making it nice. I can’t say it became a hobby this year, but very early on the year I did do quite a lot of work on my garden and it looked lovely in the spring. I’ve not really done anything garden related at home since then though. We did do a little garden makeover for my mum in the summer. Maybe I’ll get the bug in 2020 though and finally finish my garden? We shall see!

Two – Read at Least 30 Books

I’d managed 28 in 2018, so this year I wanted to beat the score. I have actually managed to get through 39 books so far this year, so I’m pretty pleased with that. I’ll be writing my annual blog post with all the books I read over the year very soon. In the meantime you can see what I read over the last few years in the Books section of the blog.

Three – Visit 15 Different National Trust Properties

This one probably would have happened if I hadn’t had such a terrible year. However it just wasn’t the year for lots of adventures and outings. I did manage to visit a few properties though, mainly the usual suspects! Morden Hall Park, Claremont Landscape Garden, Ham House and  Polesden Lacey have definitely been visited a few times this year. I’m definitely going to try to pick this goal up again next year, as it’s a really good one.

Four – Go on Holiday

I didn’t go away this year at all, apart from a lovely trip to Bath with my mum in September. But I do have a couple of things booked for next year, which I am very excited about.

Five – Get Better at Painting

I wouldn’t day I’ve had the time to get better at painting, but I have done a little bit of painting this year. Lila has got very into art recently, so it’s definitely something I’m going to be doing a bit more with her next year. I bought some new gouache paints in the autumn and painted a few pumpkins which I really enjoyed.

Six – Do more Baking

This is another goal that went totally on the back burner. However I finally got my new oven just before Christmas, so it’s now possible to successfully bake stuff again. I can’t wait to start sharing recipes on here again in the new year and maybe even work on the cook book I’ve always wanted to write!

Seven – Make the Most of Being a Mum More

I’d like to think I’ve done OK with this one. It’s hard to be 100% awesome when you’re grieving, but I have absolutely loved being a mummy to my two girls this year. It certainly isn’t always easy. I have always found the 5 year age gap hard, keeping two children with very different expectations and needs happy certainly is a full time job. But I hope they always feel loved and that I have worked hard to build a brilliant life for them. I am so excited to make lots of new memories with them next year and we already have some exciting family plans that are going to be wonderful.

Eight – Go to the Beach as Much as Possible

Ok this one is a bit of a fail. I think I’ve only seen the sea a couple of times this year! But my summer just had to pass me by and there’s nothing I could do about it. I’ll definitely be passing this one on to 2020 because I love being by the sea.

Nine – Get Better at Yoga

This one would have been a complete fail, however I really picked this one up in the last couple of months of the year. I started going to yoga once a week and felt the benefits almost straight away. I felt stronger, calmer and more centred almost straight away and I’ve definitely felt myself improving with every class. Bring on all the yoga in 2020!

So yes, when it come to my goals 2019 was a mixed bag. But I’m proud of myself for being a good friend, wife, daughter and mother and especially proud of everything I managed despite feeling so sad, lost and shocked by losing my wonderful dad. I hope to go into the new year feeling strong, kind to myself and others and motivated to be my very best self. I’ll post my 2020 goals very soon and fingers crossed I will have a happy, positive and productive start to the new decade.

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