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Fashion Outfit of The Day

Cold Weather and Vegan Leather

December 5, 2020

*This post features PR products from Will’s Vegan Store. I’m always on the look out for sustainable fashion options, especially when they fill a gap in my wardrobe.i also love to find products that I can recommend to my readers. I know some of you are vegan and I know not all of the products I share are right for you, so I’m really pleased to be working with an amazing company who offer vegan and sustainable products, who have a positive impact on the planet. I have never tried vegan leather before, but have heard such positive things about it. When Will’s Vegan Store offered to send me a something I try I decided on a gorgeous pair of vegan leather Aviator Boots and a vegan leather Biker Jacket.

Cold Weather and Vegan Leather - Wills Vegan Store Review

The jacket and boots arrived in completely compostable and recyclable packaging, something which is just part of their sustainable and ethical ethos. Their products are made in Italy and Portugal and their workers are covered by EU employment law, meaning that they are treated fairly, have rights to maternity, sick leave, equal pay, anti discrimination, fair working hours and time off. Something that many companies cannot guarantee the people who make our clothes. Their vegan leather is mostly plant based and their soles are made from recycled rubber. They are also a certified carbon neutral company. So definitely a great place for some guilt free shopping!

Cold Weather and Vegan Leather - Wills Vegan Store Review

My first impression of the two vegan leather products I tried was how much like the real thing they look and feel. They are completely different from the usual plastic based faux leathers that you often find on the high street. The jacket was super soft and comfortable and water resistant, which is just as well as I shot these photos on a pretty damp and miserable day! The boots similarly were beautiful quality and very well made. The vegan leather was soft and they were comfortable to wear straight away. They are quite similar to real leather shoes in how the material behaves and this made them far more comfortable to wear straight away.

Cold Weather and Vegan Leather - Wills Vegan Store Review

I love to wear my favourite dresses all year round, so I’m always on the lookout for ways to wear them in colder months. I’ll often pair my summer dresses with boots and tights and add layers and jackets to make them a bit more weather proof. Both the boots and jacket are a great additions to my wardrobe from this point of view, as they fill that gap and make lots of my other clothes more wearable. For these pics I paired them with one of my favourite maxi dresses. I wear this a lot year round as it’s really comfortable and versatile. It was also a high street buy, so it makes it especially important to get the maximum possible wears out of it. I’m not a fan of fast fashion, so If I do buy something new I make sure not to waste it and get as many wears as I possibly can out if it.

Cold Weather and Vegan Leather - Wills Vegan Store Review

Both the boots and the jacket are really versatile and will go with loads of things from my wardrobe. I’ll definitely be wearing them with my dresses, but also with jeans and trousers and over t-shirts for more casual everyday looks. I’ll also be layering with warm knits for colder day as we get further into winter. I’m sure they’ll be popping upon my Instagram again lots of times! The jacket will be great for Spring when I can wear it over lighter dresses and for summer evenings, when hopefully we will be out having fun again!

Cold Weather and Vegan Leather - Wills Vegan Store Review

As well as their gorgeous vegan leather products, they also have a gorgeous range of fabulous recycled knitwear and recycled loungewear and a really lovely accessories range. The selection of products is impressively large and there is lot’s of choice. So if you’re looking for a company to help you make a positive change, then this really is a great option.

Cold Weather and Vegan Leather - Wills Vegan Store Review

I was really impressed with the two products I tried and just lovely everything about the company they came from. If you’re looking for vegan leather products that really stand up to their leather counterparts, then you’ve come to the right place.

Check out the full range on the Will’s Vegan Store website.

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