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Styling a Beautiful Vintage Capsule Wardrobe for Spring

March 26, 2021

Spring has finally arrived and isn’t it just the best. After a pretty bleak winter spent mostly indoors I’m so excited to get outside and enjoy all the natural beauty of the season and in a few weeks spend a bit more time outside with all the people who I’ve been missing over the last few months. Things are looking up and I am totally here for it! I’m also so excited to pack my coats away and start enjoying wearing spring and summer outfits again. Today I thought I’d share a little vintage inspiration for spring featuring some of the lovely things from my vintage shop. The last collection was a big success, so the majority of the items featured have already sold out, but there are a few lovely bits still up for grabs and there will be much more coming very soon. But I wanted to keep a record of this collection on here, because I adored putting it together and had so much fun photographing everything and sending it off to it’s new homes.

Spring Colour Palette

I love wearing pretty pastels and lighter colours of all varieties in the spring, it’s such a great season for colour inspiration and wearing colours that reflect whats happening in nature always makes my heart happy. Think pinks and lilacs and gorgeous shades of pale green. I’m having such a big vintage Laura Ashley moment, as you’ll see from the selection of dresses featured in The Romantic Collection. There’s a soft shade of beautiful in all her dresses.

Lovely floral dresses

Spring is when all my favourite florals come out, I love the minimum effort of just throwing on a pretty dress and being ready to go, not worrying too much about layering up and keeping warm with more than a sweet cardigan to match. I am counting down the days until it’s sandal weather too. If you’ve been following me a while, you’ll know how much my summer uniform consists of floral dresses worn with a pair of comfy but cute sandals.

In the meantime I just throwing on my spring looks with tights and boots, as I can’t wait any longer to wear them!

Pretty Knitwear

My wardrobe is full of pretty vintage knits, perfect for spring days and colder summer evenings. I love vintage hand knits and lovely 50s beaded cardigans. I wear them with both dresses and more casual jeans or trousers. Even the simplest of outfits can instantly be dressed up with a pretty knit.

For spring I love pastel shades and basics like cream and white, which go with absolutely everything.

Knits have been flying out of my shop over the last couple of weeks, so I know you all love them just as much as me! I try to have at least 5 cardigans on rotation in a selection of colours so I know I have something to go with everything. For pretty patterned dresses go for something a bit more simple, but if you’re styling a block colour or jeans, why not add something a bit more elaborate.

Whites with a splash of colour

Spring is the perfect time for simple neutral shades like white. I like to mix them with brighter cardigans and pretty accessories to make them a bit more interesting. If you can find something with lace or a pretty embroidered detail, all the better. White is perfect for making your fabulous vintage accessories really stand out.

Embroidered brooches

I’ve mentioned my obsession with pretty embroidered brooches on here before, I’ve been collecting them for years and have a huge collection. I managed to part with a few lovely ones in this collection and there are still a few available on the shop. They are perfect for adding a bit of cottage core charm to your outfits. If you’re not wear a vintage outfit or just want to brighten up a basic jacket or cardigan, add a few brooches to make an outfit really pop.

Pretty but practical bags

I love vintage handbags, but I also like to fit lots of things in them. I need bags that I can put my phone, purse, a book and a snack into as well as essentials like hand sanitiser, masks, wipes and the other extra things we need to carry with us at the moment. For spring I like feminine bags with embroidery, floral designs and interesting handles.

Lace Details

I’ve always had a soft spot for lace. My grandma used to have lots of beautiful antique lace in her shop and I think it’s so beautiful. For spring I love lace collars and pretty broderie anglaise details.

A simple blouse with a lace collar is a great addition to your spring wardrobe. You can wear them with skirts, under dresses or simple throw them on with jeans or under a sweater.


I’ve been so inspired by wildflowers this season, the cottagecore look is so inspired by nature and includes wildflower themes for both what you wear and the home. Whether it’s taking a gorgeous vintage wild flower book out on your daily walk and spotting different varieties, or wild flower embroideries on your clothes and accessories, I love adding little floral touches to my spring outfits and home.

Mix it up

When shopping vintage it’s always worth having an idea in mind for a capsule wardrobe, so choose pieces that will work well together, worn in lots of different ways. Basics don’t have to be boring, but it’s worth looking at ways to wear the same things as many ways as possible and making sure all your clothes are getting the love and wears they deserve. This doesn’t have to be about quantity, more about versatility and being as creative as we can with what we have.

I hope this has inspired you a little and helped you plan your spring wardrobes. Have a look at what you already have and try styling that before you plan what else you might want or need. But most of all have fun and feel fabulous!

Don’t worry if you’ve seen something in my shop that you love that has sold out. I’ll be restocking some more gorgeous stock really soon and I’ve managed to source lots of different sizes, so you should be able to fill your wardrobes with lots more gorgeous vintage from the shop very soon.

For more vintage styling tips check out the fashion section of the blog or follow me on Instagram. Visit the Vintage Frills Shop for lots of fabulous vintage fashion and accessories.

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    Amazing looks
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