Last week Jess was away on a school trip for a few days and I decided this was the perfect time to give a her room a bit of a makeover. I’d already discussed loads of ideas with her and she’d chosen all the colours and the theme before she went away. It took us all week, but I love how the room came out.

jesss-room-weird-is-a-side-effect-of-awesome-plaqueI didn’t take any before pictures, but the room used to be pink with floral wallpaper and was much more vintage themed. I wanted the new room to be more of a reflection of Jessica, than my taste and I’m so glad I gave her the freedom to choose.

jesss-room-check-meowtWe wanted to create a restful space, where she could be relaxed but also creative. She’s 10 now, but will be going into high school next year and I wanted a theme that wouldn’t be too young for her as she gets a bit older.

jesss-room-wood-wallpaper-wallThe colour scheme we chose was grey, mint and peach. We have walls painted in each of those colours as well as a wall with beachy timber wallpaper. I absolutely love the combination of colours. We used the relaxing mint shade on the wall with her desk and the peach on the side where she keeps her toys.

jesss-room-primark-wall-plaquesJess has been collecting these cute wall plaques for a while, I have loads more which I haven’t put up yet as well. These all come from Primark and the plan is to keep filling the wall with them. I’ve hung them on coats hooks so she can change them around when ever she wants.

jesss-room-primark-home-accessoriesHer desk is also a new addition, she originally had an up cycled 1930s dressing table, but this had really started to wear out. We picked up this simple white one from Ikea and I think it works much better this the new theme.

jesss-room-desk-and-wall-plaquesJess chose the pictures above her desk, which are also from Ikea. I’ve put them in some simple black frames, which I may spray paint a different colour at some point.

jesss-room-ikea-printsIt was important that Jess could get to all her toys, so I’ve not tried to hide them away and they’re all easy for her to access and play with. The big tubs at the tops are from Tesco and the grey boxes containing her smaller toys are from Ikea.

jesss-room-grey-and-mint-primark-beddingHer new bedding is from Primark, who have so many amazing home accessories in at the moment.

jesss-room-makeoverI haven’t quite finished the room and there’s a lot I’d like to add to it. But I’m really happy with the progress so far. Watch this space for an update in a few weeks.

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I have another Easter baking post for you today. If you have little ones and wanted to do a fun Easter activity with them, then biscuit decorating is a great one. I baked a big batch of biscuits this morning and Jess, Lila and their little friend Freddie had lot’s of fun decorating them.

Freddie’s mum picked up loads of great decorations from Asda for them to use. I love writing icing as it’s a really easy mess free way for kids to do a little decorating without worrying about piping bags and mixing up icing in lot’s of different colours.

I baked some really simple biscuits in Easter themed shapes for them to use. (recipe at bottom of post)

We popped the decorations into silicone cake cases so they were easy for little hands to pick up.

They had loads of fun squeezing lots of icing onto the biscuits and mostly ate the decorations as they went along!

I used one of my favourite vintage tablecloths to make the table look a little more springlike.

All the kids really enjoyed using a bit of everything and this activity kept them happy and entertained for a good hour, so it was definitely a big success.

I didn’t really get a chance to take many pictures of the finished cookies, as they all got eaten very quickly! These are three that were left over at the end.

This is one of those activities that just about having fun and spending time together, what the finished article looks like really doesn’t matter.

Biscuit Recipe

You will need:

250g softened butter,

140g caster sugar,

1 egg yolk,

300g plain flour


Preheat oven to around 180 degrees

Mix the butter and sugar in a bowl until smooth.

Then add the egg yolk and mix.

Sift over the plain flour and mix.

Roll mixture out onto a floured surface, I roll them quite thinly.

Cut out your shapes and place on a baking tray.

Bake for 8-10 minutes.

I’m going to be doing more regular posts on things I do with the kids as well as the usual fashion, lifestyle and beauty posts. I am after all a full time mummy and enjoy sharing some of the fun things we do. As it’s the Easter holidays I will be doing a few more kiddie posts over the next few days and things will be a bit more normal next week. xxx