Classic Films I’ve Been Watching
This week I’ve been making more effort to relax and have a little downtime. One of things I’ve been doing to relax is watching some of my favourite classic films. I absolutely adore looking at… View Post

Collectif Mimi Dress OOTD
Every time I vow not to buy any more reproduction and concentrate on building my collection of real vintage, the same things happens! I check the Collectif website, fall in love with absolutely everything and… View Post

Reading My First Blog Post
As my blog approaches it’s fourth birthday next month, I’ve been thinking about how far I’ve come with it. I’ve managed a total of 725 blog posts! That seams like so many and I’m really… View Post

My Vintage Favourites No 3 – The Orange Wiggle Dress
As promised, today I have another of my favourite true vintage dresses to show you. This one is quite a recent acquisition so I’ve only worn it a couple of times so far. I picked… View Post

Meeting a Very Special Blogging Friend in London
The internet can be a wonderful thing. Since I started blogging nearly 4 years ago, I have met some fantastic people both on and off line. Some of those I would truly call friends. One… View Post

My Girls
My blog is very close to reaching it’s fourth birthday, which seems absolutely crazy to me as I’m not the best at sticking to things. When I started it Lila was still a baby and… View Post