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About Me

My name is Catherine and Vintage Frills is my joyful little corner of the Internet where I share my love of beautiful vintage and modern clothes, delicious things to bake and easy crafts to make. I’ve been writing this blog since 2012 and it’s been my place to be creative, wear pretty things and celebrate everything that I delight in, which I hope you will enjoy too.
I adore dresses and have plenty in my collection, both vintage and modern, and in true magpie fashion, I’m always looking for more!
Recently, I’ve become a lot more ethically conscious in what I buy and feature – vintage is a perfect example of slow and sustainable fashion that you can wear year on year.
On the blog you can expect to see a selection of dress reviews and pictures of my true vintage pieces in my Outfits or Fashion section. I love the little details when reviewing items as well as looking at the history of my original vintage pieces, so I hope everyone gains something from reading my posts.
My imagination runs riot with crafty creations and DIY home projects, especially during seasons like Christmas or Halloween. Check out my Craft and DIY section for ideas and inspo.
I’ve always loved baking and have a big collection of vintage cookery books, creating my own recipes based on original vintage ones. Discover these in the Baking section of the blog or find lots of my magazine food writing work in the Other Writing section.
I have been fascinated by and loved old things all my life. I come from a very long line of antiques dealers, going all the way back to my great-great Grandfather and only skipping my parents’ generation. I used to sell vintage clothing full time, travelling to fairs and events every weekend. Now I sell directly on my Etsy shop, which is packed with pretty dresses and vintage jewellery.
I’m the biggest bookworm and love reading, especially history books and biographies. Take a look at my Books section to see my latest reviews. I’m always on the lookout for new books to read, so send your recommendations my way.
As well as blogging, I’m a mummy to a lovely teen and tween girl. Sometimes I’ll share our adventures as we enjoy going to interesting places and share my love of old houses with them. I’m a big history geek and I make a lot of use of my National Trust membership with the kids.
Work with me: I have worked with a large selection of companies and brands and only choose to work with those that fit perfectly with the blog. If you think my readers would be interested in what you do or make, request a copy of my media Media Kit or Contact me to discuss further.
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