I love trying new make-up brands, I’m definitely one of those people who likes to try new things rather than always sticking to the same brands and products. I’ve heard loads of great things about NYX and was really keen to try a few of their products, especially as they are now launching in Boots. Last week I went to a blogger breakfast hosted by The Clothes Show to talk about the upcoming show in December. One of the brands present at the event was NYX and they very kindly gave me a big bag of their products to try. I haven’t had the chance to use it all yet, but I wanted to share all the gorgeous bits with you anyway.

NYX Make-up Haul
There was another lip-gloss, however I used it straight away and have now lost it in one of my handbags before I could photograph it! OOPS. All the lip products are absolutely amazing. The colours and textures are all fabulous and so far I’ve used and loved them all.

NYX Butter Lipstick
The Butter Lipstick which I tried in shade 16, is a subtle sleek lip product which feels absolutely lovely on the lips. It has a really nice moisturising feeling and didn’t need reapplying very often. I love products that feel like half lipstick and half lip balm and the pretty soft peach shade is definitely a great everyday colour.

NYX Matte Lipstick
I have a bit of a love / hate relationship with matte lipsticks. On one hand they look really good, on the other after a whole day of wearing them my lips always feel a bit awful. They’re also more prone to looking a little flaky by the end of the night. The NYX Matte Lipstick in shade MLS02 redeems itself with me mainly because of it’s absolutely stunning colour. I absolutely love bright pinks and go for them even more than classic vintage reds. This shade is the perfect Barbie pink and I love it.

NYX Mega Shine Lip Gloss
This product definitely put the gold in lip gloss. The Mega Shine Lip Gloss in shade 145 was love at first sniff for me, it smells like yummy marzipan and the formula is amazing. It’s very highly pigmented for a lip gloss meaning you don’t have to pile it on to get a great glossy colour. Switch all lip glosses just don’t wear it with your hair down in the wind as it is a little sticky!

NYX Butter Gloss
The product that I’ve used the most is another pretty pink lip product. The Butter Gloss is a gorgeous moisturising lip gloss in bright pigmented shades. I’ve used it both on it’s own and on top of other lipsticks for a glossy finish.

NYX Colour Mascara Pink
I haven’t tried this product yet, but I’m already in love with the Colour Mascara in Pink Perfect. I’ve always really liked coloured mascaras, especially on bottom lashes and NYX have a great selection of different colours. It’s great to break the rules a little and have fun with colours so I may be adding a ew more shades to my make-up collection very soon.

Nyx Love in Paris Eyeshadow Palette

The Love in Paris eyeshadow palette is a lovely versatile set of colours which are ideal for this time of year. The pigmentation is incredible, the black is such a perfect dark black that you could use it as an eyeliner alternative and the plum shade is perfect for adding a 70s touch to your make-up look. I like that it’s a small handbag sized palette while still having a big selection of colours, it’s definitely something I’d take away on holiday with me.

NYX Angel Veil Primer
I always use a primer before applying my make-up and I definitely have a firm favourite that I use everyday, it was nice to try a different one though. The NYX Angel Veil skin perfecting primer is a great everyday product and is pretty much like most other primers, its oil free and dries very quickly leaving a lovely smooth base for make-up to be applied over.

NYX Baked Blush in Chiffon
The Baked Blush in Chiffon is a lovely shimmery blush in a very pretty shade. It’s a pretty peachy shade with plenty of highlighting shimmer giving a lovely glowy  finish.

I haven’t had a chance to try the eyebrow gel, lip pencil and eyeliner yet but I’ll let you know how I get on with them soon.

Find the full range of NYX products on the Boots website.

I often wonder at what point a set of things becomes a collection. There are lots of lovely vintage things I keep an eye out for when I’m out vintage shopping but not many I’d actually consider myself to be collecting. In fact collecting as concept scares me a little, I don’t like to own things that I’m not using and never want to become a hoarder! However my recent enthusiasm for vintage kitchenalia is definitely becoming a collection. I’m also completely happy with it as I use most of it all the time.

Vintage Kitchenalia Collection
The other day I cleared everything from my vintage dresser and arranged some of my lovely vintage kitchen items on it, I then decided it was high time I shared some pictures of my little collection with you. Throughout the post I’ve linked to individual post about the items or the event where I bought them.

Tala Icing Set Vintage Kitchenalia
My precious Tala icing set was the first vintage kitchen piece I owned and it was bought from a house clearance. I love that Tala stuff is really common and very affordable. You can get these icing sets on Ebay for under £15 and they look really lovely on display.

Tala Two Way Egg Slicer
Two other Tala pieces in my collection are my egg slicer which I bought a few weeks ago at a vintage event and my cookie cutters which I bought at the Classic Car Boot Sale last year. They are pictured with my precious box of Elizabeth Craig recipe cards from 1937.

Vintage Glass Jelly Moulds
I absolutely love anything made from glass so vintage jelly moulds have always been something  that has caught my eye. I have such a huge list of vintage set dessert recipes that I cannot wait to try and now I have so many moulds that I can do them all at once. If you have one why not try my milky jelly or blancmange recipes.

1930s Simple Recipes for Home Baking Recipe Pamphlet
My collection of vintage recipe books and advertisement booklets is getting pretty extensive. Ever since I started regularly trying original vintage recipes I’ve bought them whenever I’ve seen them. I have big plans for the baking side of the blog which I will hopefully be sharing in the new year. Find lot’s of vintage recipes in the Baking section of the blog.

Vintage Quality Street Tins
I see these vintage quality street tins all the time, I bought both of mine for under £1 at car boot sales and I’d definitely like a few more. They’re really colourful and fun. Vintage tins are definitely something I’d like a few more of so I can keep useful bits and bobs in them.

Vintage Mason Cash Bowls
I also absolutely love Mason Cash mixing bowls. They have been produced consistently for over a hundred years and are such an essential part of any vintage kitchen collection. The second two in the picture are both Mason Cash and the first one is a 1930s Gripstand mixing bowl which is much rarer.

I G Green & Co Gripstand Mixing Bowl 1930s
To me the joy of vintage clothing is all in the details and the same goes for vintage homewares, even the packaging is so iconic…

Vintage Kitchen Advertising
What vintage things do you collect?

As I never tire of telling you all, I’m a big fan of Lindy Bop. I adore their huge selection of vintage inspired dresses and I love the affordability. I wear their dresses on days when real vintage pieces would be too fragile (pretty much every day out with kids). I was a little bit excited and very worried about my bank balance, when I saw that they’d launched their biggest sale ever. So many of the items I’ve been coveting are now at ridiculously low prices and I have to confess I’ve already made a big order!

Lindy Bop Kelly Paradise Review
The gorgeous tropical print Kelly dress which I reviewed earlier this year is now reduced to £24.49

Lindy Bop Sale Marlene Blue Floral Dress
It’s hard to choose favourite dresses, as I like so many but I think the Ophelia (£16.09) and Marlene (£24.49) in gorgeous shades of blue would look beautiful in any wardrobe.

Lindy Bop Review Vintage Frills
All three of the dresses we reviewed this summer are now in the sale, so lovely little girls don’t need to miss out either. The Joy dress worn by me is now  £24.49 and the kid’s Audrey dresses are now just £10.49 each.

Lindy Bop Sale Marlene Banana Leaf Dress
One of the things that made it into my basket was the Malene dress (£24.49) in the banana leaf print, I’ve wanted it for ages and I can’t wait to try it on. The Tara in teal (£20.99) is the perfect dress for wearing all year round and is a real classic.

Lindy Bop Sale
I’m liking all the gorgeous shades of blue, although there are dresses in laterally every colour available in the sale. The Courtney Floral dress (£20.99) could be put away to bring out in the spring. The lovely Wedgwood blue of the polka dot Hannah dress (£20.99) really caught my eye. I love the classic cut of the dress.

There are literally hundreds of things to choose from in the sale. I picked up a few skirts and a couple of evening dresses to see me through the winter, as well as some lovely new dresses. I’ll try to post up a haul as soon as they arrive.

Check out the full range of sale items on the Lindy Bop website.

We’d been wanting a record player for absolutely ages. Both Rob and I both really love music and the idea of trawling car boot sales and charity shops to find lots of old records really appealed to us.

When I spotted some of the fab Crosley turntables at the last Urban Outfitters press day I knew I had to get myself one.

Crosley Record Player
The next thing was to choose a colour, they have so much choice and I could;t decide whether to go for a girlie pastel or a deeper retro shade. In the end we went for the pale pink as it goes well with our light coloured living room.

Crosley Urban Outfitters
The player is really easy to use and after a quick read of the instructions I was ready to go. It can play 33s 45s and 78s, although I’ve only used it at 33 so far.

The sound quality is excellent, all our records sound amazing on it. For everyday use the volume is definitely load enough, although I do wish it went a little bit higher. I’m planning to buy a speaker for it so I can use it when we have parties.

Pink Crosley Review
I love that it neatly sits in it’s case and can easily be put away. So far we’re enjoying ours so much that we’ve not needed to put it away yet. But I’m sure it’s portability will come in handy, especially for holidays and visits to friends.

Fleetwood Mac Rumours Vinyl
As for the vinyl collection, that’s definitely growing fast. We’ve been hunting out all our favourite albums which all sound amazing on vinyl. I’m considering writing about music more on the blog in the future, so you may be seeing a lot more of our vinyl collection very soon.

Vintage Frills Pink Crosley Record Player
Here it is sitting in our living room. I’m so glad we bought it, it’s been so fun buying records and having a chat and listening to them together in the evening. It really is a great product and I’d definitely recommend it to anyone who’s been thinking of going back to vinyl and wants a good player to start.

See the full range on the Urban Outfitters Website.

Lady Bird
Last Sunday we were blessed with the most beautiful sunny day. Days this lovely at the end of October are a real treat and we decided to make the most of it by taking a trip to Garson’s Farm in Esher for a bit of fruit and veg picking. I love taking the girls out fruit picking, we always have loads of fun and it’s nice to go home and eat all the lovely things we gathered.

Apple Picking Garsons Farm
Despite it being late in the year there was plenty of choice we started with apples and moved on the various vegetables.

Ugly Carrots
I love weird and rude veg, so had to include some pictures of these quirky carrots! One of them made it into a pie I made and another is now some carrot cupcakes!

Pumpkin Picking Garsons Farm
With Halloween just around the corner, the girls were really excited to choose a couple of pumpkins we’re planning on carving them tomorrow, so look out for pictures soon.

Pumpkin Picking Patch Garsons Farm

Corn Field Garsons Farm
After the pumpkins we got completely lost picking corn!

Pick Your Own Strawberries
The highlight of fruit picking is always the strawberries and we took so many home with us and they tasted delicious.

Strawberry Picking

Raspberry Picking
After the strawberries it was on to the raspberries, which were really ripe and easy for the kids to pick.

Raspberry Picking Garsons Farm
I’d really recommend this as a great way to spend the day together and a great alternative to getting your veg from the supermarket. We bought absolutely loads and it was about the same price as we would usually spend. The pick your own fields are still open, so it would be a great half term outing.

Fruit Picking Outfit

What I Wore: I love creating casual looks with my vintage dresses. This 60s shift was a bargain car boot sale buy and I paired it with some blue tights and comfy converse, perfect for a day out with the little ones.

Cardigan – New Look

Dress – Vintage 1960s

Blue Tights – Primark

Shoes – Converse

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