This Way to The Ministry of Magic – My Harry Potter Themed Loo!
In recent years my decorating around the house has been quite grown up. Think vintage furniture, lots of houseplants etc etc. But I do really love a theme, I’ve enjoyed doing the ice cream theme… View Post

The Ice Cream Theme – Lila’s Ice Cream Bedroom Haul
A few months ago I wrote about Lila’s ice cream themed bedroom makeover. Since then I’ve added a few bits and bobs and once we’ve given her room a good tidy and made it look… View Post

HOME – A Gorgeous Gin and Tonic Candle with Upcycled Packaging
I absolutely love burning candles. As well as making my home feel nice, they create beautiful light, make the house feel cosy in the evening and definitely give me that sense of hugge. When I’m… View Post

HOME – Interior Inspiration at Petersham Nurseries
One of my favourite places to stop for a quick cuppa and wander would have to be Petersham Nurseries. It’s one of the prettiest spots in London and since it’s near some of my other… View Post

The Ice Cream Theme – Pretty Plant Pots for Lila’s Room
In my last post, I talked about the work we’ve been doing on Lila’s room and the ice cream theme we’ve been creating. Now that the room is painted and the basics are in place,… View Post

The Ice Cream Theme – Lila’s Room Makeover Part One
There’s loads of things I love about being a mummy, but one of the things I love best is making the girls rooms look lovely. Over the last few months Rob and I have have… View Post

I Went to Home Bargains for the First Time and this is What I Bought!
As I’ve mentioned a couple of times, I’ve been decorating and reorganising Lila’s room over the last couple of weeks. I’ve done the room in an ice cream theme. I’ve been planning the them via… View Post

My Favourite Mugs and Cups Part One
I am a huge tea addict, in fact my tea collection is getting a little bit out of control! As much as the beverage itself is important, I also think choosing the right cup or… View Post

Delicious Pumpkin and Squash Autumn Soup
I recently blogged about my Laura Ashley Autumn soup bowls, and I thought it would be lovely to make a lovely seasonal soup to serve in them. I collaborated on this with my lovely friend… View Post

Getting my Home Ready for Autumn with Laura Ashley
Last week I wrote a post for the Laura Ashley blog, all about getting cosy and ready for Autumn entertaining. I absolutely love their Autumn themed range, it has everything from cute fox mugs to… View Post