Kingston is one of my favourite towns to go shopping, they have a vintage shop, an antiques centre and a John Lewis where I like to go for home bits and haberdashery supplies. When I go shopping I always like to stop for something to eat, to keep me re-fueled and to break up the day a bit. I was delighted when Rossopomodoro opened in john Lewis last year, I love Italian food and their pizzas are absolutely delicious.

Rosopomodoro Like PizzaA few weeks ago I popped into Rossopomodoro with Rob for a chilled out lunch and after looking round the shops it was a welcome treat. They had invited us along to try the new restaurant and write a review. The company originates in Naples and have a fantastic Italian menu. They claim that you won’t find a more authentic Pizza than theirs outside Naples and I know neither of us were disappointed by our delicious meal.

Rossopomodoro KingstonI was also really impressed that they have gluten-free and low-calorie pizza options. I’ve been being careful with my food and have been losing weight, so being able to go for a slightly less sinful option was really good.

Rossopomodoro MenuThe decor of the restaurant is lovely. It is spacious, light and airy. There is loads of space between the tables so you can enjoy your meal and conversation without having other diners on top of you. The huge floor to ceiling windows give you a great view over Kingston, so you can watch the world go by while you eat.

Rossopomodoro OlivesThe staff were really friendly on arrival and we were immediately offered a drink and some olives. The olives were absolutely gorgeous and it was nice to have something to nibble on while we looked through the menu.

Rossopomodoro BruschetteWe opted to share a selection of Bruschette for our starter. There were four different varieties and we had half each. They were all really tasty and luckily not too filling as I wanted to save room for my pizza!

Bruschette RosopomodoroThe Bruschette were made using chargrilled home-made bread and came in a classic tomato, garlic and basil, a mushroom pate with pork, a cannellini bean and Neapolitan Friarielli and my personal favourite buffalo ricotta cheese with rich & spicy nduja. I’d definitely recommend getting the section if you’re opting for Bruschette as they are all really yummy and it’s nice to try lots of new flavours.

Rossopomodoro Leggerina PizzaWhen it comes to pizza, I always go for one with fresh rocket on top. It’s one of my favourite flavours and I always think the peppery crispy leaves go so well with the tomato and cheese. This time I chose the Leggerina from the under 500 calorie range.

Rossopomodoro Leggerina Close UpThe pizza is topped with Buffalo ricotta with herbs, ham, rocket, cherry tomatoes and tomato sauce. All the ingredients were so fresh and went perfectly together, it was absolutely delicious and beautifully presented. The food also arrived really quickly, so there was no waiting around between courses. Perfect if you’re having a quick lunch between visiting shops.

Rossopomodoro CalzoneRob opted for the Calzone, which looked absolutely delicious too. This was stuffed with Smoked mozzarella, Neapolitan salami, buffalo ricotta, tomato sauce and basil.

Rossopomodoro Calzone Close UpI’d definitely like to try this myself in the future, as it looked absolutely amazing and Rob really enjoyed it. Again I thought the presentation of the dish was perfect.

Rossopomodoro TiramisùOnce we had finished our pizzas I couldn’t resist trying one of the desserts (forget everything I said about the diet earlier!) When I saw they had Tiramisù, which is my absolute favourite dessert I knew I had to give it a try. It was every bit as good as I’d expected.

Rossopomodoro Tiramisù Close UpMy only complaint would be how huge the portion was! I did my best but I couldn’t quite finish it all. Rob had a coffee instead of dessert, which was really strong and well made.

Our whole experience at Rossopomodoro was a really good one. From the lovely decor, to the friendly staff and excellent menu, it was all perfect. I loved the handy location in the heart of Kingston and being able to walk in from the shops for a nice lunch suited us perfectly. I’d love to go back with the kids to sample the children’s menu soon too.

To find your nearest restaurant and see the full menu on the Rosopomodoro website.

Thank you to Rossopomodoro for inviting us along for lunch. Although our meal was free, all opinions as always are my own.

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A few months ago I shared a rather lovely vintage jewellery haul on here. I’ve always mainly collected vintage clothing, but jewellery is definitely my new obsession. It takes up less room and it’s still really easy to find bargains. Since writing my last post I’ve acquired quite a lot more jewellery. I do put a lot on my Etsy store, but I also keep bits for myself and here are a few of my recent buys…

Vintage Clip On Cluster EarringsOne of my favourite things at the moment, is big over the top cluster earrings. They are so bright and colourful! The only problem is that I don’t really suit earrings so I don’t wear them very much. I just like looking at them. They are the only exception to my rule of not keeping anything I don’t actually wear. I might try to make an effort to wear them with special outfits this summer as I don’t want them all going to waste.

American Flower jewelleryOne of my favourite new pieces is this pretty American flower necklace and earring set. I got for a bargain price, because it has a little damage, but I still think it’s gorgeous. The necklace is going to get so much wear over the summer paired with my favourite 50s dresses.

Reverse Carved Lucite BroochAnother recent addition to my collection, is this pretty reverse carved lucite brooch. It needs a bit of a clean, which I’ll get round too soon I’m sure. I love the pretty colours and it looks great with collection of embroidered and hand painted brooches.

Red, White and Blue Bracelet and EarringsI’ve had this bracelet for years and its one of my favourite pieces of jewellery. I kept seeing it on the same stall at my local car boot sale and eventually Rob bought it for me. Earlier this year, I spotted some earrings on Facebook, that I knew would match really well, I absolutely love them together.

Bakelite Clip On EarringsI’ve been trying to build up my collection bakelite a bit more this year too. I absolutely love of these bright shiny bakelite clip on earrings. I have quite a lot of summer dresses which feature yellow and orange, so I’m looking forward to wearing these with some of them.

Bakelite Bangles and Hoop EarringsI also got two new bangles and some hoop earrings to go with them. The lighter yellow bangle and hoops are both bakelite and the darker bangle is a similar early plastic, but not true bake. I wear bangles with almost every outfit, so I know these will get used non stop over the summer.

Yellow Vintage Banana JewelleryContinuing my love of yellow, I picked up these wonderful banana-esque earrings which look amazing stored with the rest of my fruit themed jewellery. I also love the painted wooden bangle so much.

Dark Bamboo BanglesI wear my lighter coloured reproduction bamboo bangles all the time, so when I spotted these darker vintage ones for a bargain £1.50 for the three in a charity shop, I had to snap them up. I also recently bought some square bamboo bangles on Facebook. I’m going to be truly tiki-tastic in these!

Fruit BraceletLastly because I can’t resist anything with fruit on it, I got this cute plastic fruit bracelet, which I think will look really fun with a fruit print dress this summer. You can never have too much fruity vintage jewellery.

What do you think of my latest jewellery stash? I’m definitely a fan of vintage plastics! What kind of vintage jewellery do you like?

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This post follows on from yesterdays one, in which I was talking about all the fun vintage related things I’ve been up to so far this year. It’s been a great year for trying new things, going to new places and making new friends. I have to say though, that I actually spend most of my time either looking after the kids, doing housework or working, but it’s a good thing to break it up with fun stuff too!

Mother MashAnother really fun day out, was a day of vintage shopping with my friend Holly. We had a fab meal in retro pie and mash shop Mother Mash, which is just off Carnaby Street. This fab little cafe serves a huge selection of pies and sausages paired with lots of different mashes and gravies. The food was amazing and I love the simple concept of the menu. I had Lincolnshire sausages along with colcannon.

Beyond Retro and Irregular ChoiceWhile we were in the area we popped into Beyond Retro for a little vintage fix and then visited Irregular Choice to take a look at the new Alice in Wonderland range.

Vintage Shopping and vogue 100I saw another really fantastic exhibition in march with Lucy. The Vogue 100 exhibition at The National Portrait Gallery, looks back on the last century of the iconic magazine. The exhibition was absolutely brilliant and it took us more than two and a half hours to look at everything. for a vintage fashion lover it was fascinating looking at how both fashion and photography have changed through the decades. Afterwards we visited some vintage shops in Lower Marsh and Covent Garden.

Tasha's Tearoom CheamOne of my favourites things to do, is visit the local charity shops with my mum, we popped to Cheam which is quite near where I live. After having a really good browse round the fantastic charity shops and picking up a few bargains, we stopped for tea and lunch at a lovely tea room.

Rowans Bowling and CocktailsFor Lucy’s birthday at the end of march, we had a really fun night out in north London. We started the night off with Mexican and cocktails in Finsbury Park, before heading to Rowan’s for bowling and karaoke, it was such a fun night.

DreamlandAt the beginning of April we had a lovely little family holiday in Kent. It was so nice to get away for a few days and spend some time together. most of the trip involved trips to castles and long walks by the sea. We flew our kite and searched for sea glass amongst the pebbles on the beach. As you’ll have seen in my blog post earlier this week, we also popped to Dreamland in Margate for a very vintage day out. Read all about our outing here.

Classic Car Boot SaleLast weekend was absolutely fantastic. I met up with lots of lovely friends for an afternoon at The Classic Car Boot Sale. I met up with Sarah from Lipstick and Dresses, Nicole from Coco Von Vintage, Carrie-Ann from Something Definitely Happened, Holly aka The Vintage Girl and another online Friend called Rhina who isn’t a blogger she’s a Botanist with a PHD who speaks 6 languages (awesome!) I’m planning to write a blog post all about it later in the week.

CahootsAfter a wonderful afternoon of shopping, we headed to Cahoots, which as usual was absolutely amazing. We indulged in lots of lovely cocktails and it was brilliant spending time with all these lovely ladies, who I can’t wait to see again soon.

So that’s me all caught up on my vintage year so far. Now that the summer is approaching I have so much fun stuff planned for the next few months. I’m hoping that in a few weeks I’ll look through my phone and find loads more to write about!

What vintage things have you been doing this year.

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One of my favourite things about being into vintage, is all the opportunities to go to new places and meet new people who go with it. I’m also a little bit hooked on hunting out amazing bargains. When I was looking through my phone earlier, I found loads of pictures of things I’ve done this year that are all a bit vintage! Many of them don’t really require their own blog posts, and some I’m just yet to write about. I thought it would be nice to put them all together in one (two) post so I can look back on some of the fun vintage related things I’ve been up to.

Brugue Madam MimOne of the first things I did this year, was take a little trip to Bruges with my mum. I am going to dedicate at least one blog post to my trip, but so far I’ve felt a little daunted by the idea of choosing from the 800 or so pictures I took while I was there. One of the highlights of the trip was a little vintage shop called Madam Mim, this super affordable little shop was jam-packed with wonderful vintage treasure. I got a few nice dresses for the summer and loved looking through her huge variety of stock. I also spotted the lovely vintage mannequin in the window of a nearby antique shop. I love his detailed face.

Beyond Retro Cheshire StreetLater on in January I had a lovely day with two of my best friends Fay and Tammy. We met early at Spitalfields Market for a breakfast crepe and then had a fantastic wander around the market and a look at all the fabulous vintage in Beyond Retro. I love their funky mannequin display!

The Vintage CafeWhile we were in the area, we popped into The Vintage Cafe on Cheshire Street for a quick refuel. Although the cakes looked lovely I opted for a hot apple drink, which was absolutely divine. I’d definitely recommend this snug little cafe if you need a little respite from the hustle and bustle of Brick Lane.

Wimbledon Car Boot SaleIf you’ve been reading this blog for a while, you’ll know that I pick up a lot of my vintage bargains at Wimbledon Car Boot Sale. I’ve been a few times this year and found some amazing things. There is a huge mix of modern rubbish, amazing antiques and brilliant vintage clothing there. You do have to be prepared to have a big rummage and haggle to get the best prices though. On the day I took these pictures I spotted a huge pile of deadstock vintage knitwear and some vintage furs. I never buy fur myself, but the selection was pretty impressive all the same.

London EdgeIn February I went to London Edge, which is a trade show for alternative fashion. The exhibitor list is packed with reproduction vintage brands and it was lovely chatting to all the different companies and have a sneak peek at all the stock that will be coming in over the next year. I went to see Ronke who runs one of my favourite brands Love ur Look and the pictures above are a little glimpse at some of the beautiful prints which will feature in her Summer collection. I also went to a talk from Perelandra from Pamper and Curves about vintage and plus size fashion, which was really interesting and inspiring.

Liberty ExhibitionA huge highlight from February was going to the Liberty Exhibition at The Fashion and Textiles Museum. I would have written a blog post about this one, but I went a few days before it closed. It was absolutely amazing seeing all the wonderful prints and how they had been transformed into different clothes through the history of the shop. I went with my friend Lucy who write a really fab vintage blog.

Earl Haig HallAfter looking round the museum, we decided to hit a few charity shops, before moving on to Crouch End for a lovely meal at Earl Haig Hall. This retro social club is full of vintage charm. I love how nostalgic the interior makes me feel. There’s been no attempts to try too hard or gentrify this fab venue. It’s a working mans club through and through. The best part though is their amazing menu. I had an incredible burger and fries and can’t wait to go back and sample more of their offering.

Scarlett Rage VintageWhile in Crouch End we popped into Scarlet Rage Vintage. This is the most incredible vintage shop, packed with the finest vintage pieces from the 1920s to 60s. The dresses are all absolutely dreamy and the range of sizes is superb. They are one of the only vintage shops I’ve found in London who have plus size pieces. I left empty-handed on this occasion, but when my bank balance is looking a bit more healthy I’ll be back!

Brasserie ZedelIn March I visited Brasserie Zedel, for my friend Holly’s birthday. This is the most amazing French style brasserie in London and it was simply fantastic. The decor is all in a grand vintage style and the food and drinks were all spectacular. It was lovely chatting while listening the grand piano. I wore an early 60s California Cottons dress, which was really summery despite the rather cold weather!

Vintage FairOne of the most fun days I’ve had this year was a little local vintage fair I did with my daughter. It was great going back to something I used to do nearly every weekend, and I loved meeting lots of people and getting to see all my vintage stock laid out in all it’s glory. I wrote a blog post about it a few weeks ago. A lot of people have enquired about the stock in the pictures. Some of it is already on my Etsy shop. the rest will eventually go up if I ever get a free day to photograph it all!

Having got this far, I’ve decided to do this post in two parts, as it’s a bit of a long one. So check back tomorrow evening for part two!

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Dreamland Pleasure Park MargateI’ve been hearing great things about Dreamland in Margate for some time now. For the perfect vintage day out you can’t really beat this historic pleasure park, which has been keeping people entertained for over a century. Through good times and bad, Dreamland has sat beside the sea in Margate as a relic of the days of the great British seaside holiday. After a multi million pound renovation and a lot of pastel coloured paint, Dreamland has found a new heyday and I love everything about it.

Dreamland Vintage SignsThe park is the perfect homage to the glory days of the seaside and the attractions date from different eras of the Park’s history. I love all the retro typography and vintage images scattered throughout the park, which remind us that this isn’t your average theme park or fairground.

Dreamland Margate SignRob, the kids and I were lucky enough to be invited to Dreamland for a day, to see what this seaside attraction was all about and to write a review. Since we had a little holiday in Kent booked over Easter I decided to combine the two and I’m so glad I did.

Dreamland Margate ReviewNot only is Dreamland a great day out today, but it has been enjoyed by many generations past and has a really fascinating history.

Dreamland TimelineThe site that dreamland sits on was first used for rides and amusements as early as 1880 and the name Dreamland was first introduced in 1920. Towards the second half of the twentieth century the park grew in size and new rides were added over the decades. In the early 2000s the park began to fall into disrepair. In 2003 it was announced that the park would close and the site redeveloped. Although due to Dreamland’s rollercoaster The Scenic Railway being a listed structure, it could not be moved or dismantled. For many years the public campaigned to save the site and in 2013 ownership passed to the local council, after a compulsory purchase order was approved by a High Court judge. The park was then restored and reimagined and opened once more to the public in 2015.

Dreamland The Scenic Railway

Scenic Railway DreamlandThe park now features classic fairground and theme park rides from many different eras and it makes the perfect day out for a vintage enthusiast. I love the fun mix of traditional amusements and slightly tacky theme park attractions. There are many classics from the fully restored Scenic Railway rollercoaster to a fabulous helter skelter and dodgems. The super colourful big wheel stands tall above the park, like a lovely nostalgic rainbow and although I wasn’t brave enough myself, Rob and the girls managed to enjoy the windy view from the top.

Dream Land Margate Big Wheel

Dreamland Margate slideThe weather was far from perfect on the day, as you can see from my pictures, it varied from bright and sunny to grey and drizzly, but it didn’t dampen our spirits at all. Dreamland is so cheerful and colourful that it kept a smile on our faces throughout. A couple of the attractions closed when the wind picked up, but soon reopened once the weather improved. I do think it would be fun to go in the height of summer in all my vintage finery, to really appreciate it though.

Helter Skelter Reflection dreamlandAfter going on a few rides we were all feeling a little hungry. Luckily Dreamland has a great selection of food, from traditional fish and chips to healthy option and Thai food. I opted for some cheesy chips and coffee, which were perfect for warming us up from the wind and rain. I loved the colourful umbrellas and beach chairs which looked really pretty.

Dreamland Margate FoodOn a warmer day we would have opted for ice creams from the fabulous vintage Ford ice cream van

Dreamland Vintage Icecream VanDreamland has something on offer for all ages, from a few faster rides to classic such as their wonderful old-fashioned carousel which Lila especially enjoyed. This particular one dates back to 1922 and was painstakingly restored by Dreamland experts.

Gallopers Dreamland MargateFor vintage fans, you can’t beat the Speedway. This ride was originally built in 1934 and has made its way back to dreamland after several years in the Isle of Sheppey during the 40s and 50s. I absolutely love the vintage graphics.

Mayhew's Speedway ride DreamlandWe had loads of fun crashing into each other on the 70s themed dodgems, they have always been one of my favourite fun fair attractions and we loved them every bit as much as the kids.

Number cars Dreamland MargateRob took the kids onto the rainbow coloured Born Slippy slide, I’m terrified of heights so this 65 metre slide definitely wasn’t one for me. It was great fun lurking at the bottom, watching them all shoot down at top speed though!

Born Slippy Slide Dream Land Margate

Dreamland Family FunThere is absolutely loads to do at Dreamland and we were able to fill a whole day there, going on each ride at least once. A full list of rides and attractions can be found on the Dreamland website. If I wrote about them all we’d be here all day! Dreamland Kiss Me QuickOnce we had finally worn ourselves out going on everything, we headed inside where the girls were instantly drawn to the cute little sweet shop. I loved all the traditional jars of sweets and the pastel coloured Dreamland bars are which would make great gifts for family and friends at home.

Sweetshop Dreamland MargateWe then headed to the Roller Disco, which was slightly more successful for Rob and Jess than it was for me and Lila. In all my 30 years on the planet, I have known better than to even attempt any form of skating. I am super clumsy when it comes to these things. On this occasion I thought rather than being boring and sensible I’d give it a go. However after a few minutes falling on our bums, Lila and I gave up and watched Rob and Jess speeding round the disco, almost gracefully! It was great fun though.

Roller Disco dreamland

Dreamland Roller DiscoWould I recommend Dreamland? Absolutely, it was one of the most fun days out I’ve had in ages. All four of us were entertained and happy and it filled the whole day. It really appealed to my vintage side without being too vintage for the rest of the family. I just can’t wait to go back on a sunny day, hopefully when one of their events is happening.

Dreamland Sunset

Find out more about all things Dreamland and plan your visit on the Dreamland website.

More pictures from our day…

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