I think pretty little things for the home make wonderful gifts. Something nice that can be seen and enjoyed every single day. People often get me things for my house as gifts and I always really appreciate them. When I was contacted by Flamingo gifts recently about reviewing a few of their products, I was delighted to see how many things were exactly the sort of thing I like.

Flamingo Gifts Mint Green Phone

I’ve doing a lot of work in my house recently we’re moving the rooms around a bit and I’m going to be turning Lilas old room into my office. After spending way too long looking at offices on Pinterest I had quite a good idea of the colour scheme I was going for. I’m thinking lots of white with pretty girlie pinks and pastels greens and blues. This phone from Flamingo gifts will look absolutely perfect on my desk. I love the retro 60s look and the colour is gorgeous. I like that it had buttons to dial as my real vintage phone takes so long!

Flamingo Gifts Green 1960s Phone

I absolutely love paper pom moms they make fantastic decorations and I just think they look really cute. These ones are the perfect colour for my office and I’m planning to hang them in a corner as a simple decoration which ties my colour scheme together.

Flamingo Gifts PomPom Kit

I’m going to use these tins for storing bits and bops in, they’ll be perfect to go on a shelf in my office and I’m going to keep stationary and sewing bits in them I think. The design is so pretty.

Flamingo Gifts Cute Deer Stacking Tins

Flamingo Gifts Deer Stacking Tins

I like little plaques that say nice things, however I rarely find ones which I really love. However this one is absolutely lovely. My kids are forever making a mess and leaving stuff all over the house. It’s nice to have a little reminder that they are little and now is the time they will remember as the most fun time.

Flamingo Gifts Excuse the mess the children are making memories

I also really love this one which I’m going to put in my hall. It include so many of my favourite things to do like jumping in puddles, being creative and lying in the grass. I love the idea of seeing it everyday and reminding us to do all the little things that make us happy.

Flamingo Gifts Laugh a lot, dream big

All of these things would make perfect gifts for mums and friends and daughters.

The Flamingo Gifts website is divided into brilliant little sections to help you choose the perfect gift for your loved one. For example in the Gifts For Her section there are also options for Mum, Grandma, Teenage Girls, Wife etc. Or there are sections on the home page for Kitchen Gifts and Vintage Boutique. It’s so easy to use and all the gifts are really lovely. I’ll definitely be using when I need to find something nice for someone special.

Find out more on the Flamingo Gifts Website

I haven’t bought any new make-up in absolutely ages. Sadly gone are the days of buying new make-up every week (I miss those days!) Anyway I decided it was time to stock up on the basics again. Thankfully Boots currently have a 3 for 2 offer on all make-up at the moment for I saved myself quite a lot. My total spend was £67 and I think I got quite a lot for it.


Boots Haul Botanics Skincare

First up I got two Botanics products. I’m a big fan of Micellar cleansers, I’ve used both the Bioderma and Loreal ones before and thought it would be nice to try this one too. The toner is new to me, but I love spray toners and I’m looking forward to using this one.

Boots Haul Cold Cream

I love this Boots Tradition Cold Cream and have used it for a long time now. It’s great for taking off eye make-up. I’ve not been using it as a cleanser that much as I prefer the Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish. I reviewed the whole Boots Traditional skincare range here last year.

Boots Haul Baby Cotton Wool Pads

Something I’ve learned from reading other peoples beauty blogs is that these baby cotton wool pads are far better than the ones in the cosmetics section. For the same price each pad is twice the size so you don’t need to use as many. I swear by these.


Boots Haul, Rimmel Lasting Finish, Bourgeois Healthy Balance

For my face I picked up the Rimmel Lasting Finish foundation in Ivory. I’ve never tried this one before, but I’ve read some good reviews and I’ve always got on really well with other Rimmel foundations. The colour is a tiny bit light for me so I may blend in a little of one of my darker foundations if necessary. I also got the Bourgois Healthy Balance powder in Light Beige. I love the coverage of this one and think I’m going to get on really well with it.

Boots Haul Collection lasting Perfection Concealer

As I’ve mentioned in numerous posts in the past I absolutely swear by Collection Lasting Perfection concealer. As a very tired mummy my eye bags need all the help they can get and the coverage on this concealer is absolutely amazing. I use the lightest shade which is called Fair.

Boots Haul Rimmel Red Lipsticks

More red lipsticks! Now these I didn’t strictly need as I have many many red hippies. However I chose these particular shades for some vintage make-up looks I’m hoping to create on the blog in the near future. I’m not making any promises as I’ve said I’ll do this before, but we’ll see! The shades I chose were In Love With Ginger which is a beautiful orange tone and Mayfair Red Lady which is the perfect classic red.

Boots Haul Maybelline Eyeliners

 I’m still on the look out for the perfect liquid eyeliner. I don’t usually go for felt tip ones as I find them harder to use. I decided to give these Maybelline Master Precise liquid liner a try. I got both the brown and black and I was impressed by how black the black was. There’s nothing worse than black eyeliner that looks a bit grey. I’m looking forward to trying these out but I know I’ll find the felt tip end annoying no matter how fine it is.

Boots Haul Sleek i-Divine Oh So Special Palette

I wanted some new eyeshadow tones and being a big fan of Sleek make-up that was the first brand I looked at. The Oh So Special Palette has a lovely array of colours. I like to use mostly browns and there’s some great ones in there. I’m looking forward to trying the pink tones too.

Boots Haul Sleek Face Form Contouring and Blush Palette

Also from Sleek I picked up this contour and blush palette. I love a bit of subtle contouring and the colours in this are excellent.


Boots Haul Bleach London Bruised Violet

Although Bleach London colours are designed to be used on bleached blonde hair to create dramatic colours, I’ve been using the red one on my dyed red hair for ages to make it last longer between colours and to boost the red before it fades too much. Now my hairs more of a plumb tone I thought it would be fun to try a little bit of violet in it. As my hair is quite dark the difference is usually pretty subtle but I’m interested to see how this turns out. Shall I do a before and after blog post?

Boots Haul Large Cushion Rollers

Lastly I got some new foam rollers. I have pretty much every type of hair curling device under the sun and I have smaller foam rollers which make my hair a little too frizzy and the brush out is a bit of an ordeal. I wanted to try the larger ones to see if they create more subtle curls. We will see.

Let me know if you’d like me to do proper reviews and swatches of any of these products and I’ll see what I can do.

I haven’t been to Wimbledon Car Boot Sale in absolutely ages. It’s always been an amazing place to pick up fantastic vintage bargains. In the past I’ve bought 40s and 50s dresses, vintage books and magazines and a lot of the vintage fabric which I’ve transformed into dresses. The best day to go is on a Wednesday morning, when almost every seller is selling either antiques or vintage items. Over the past few months I have got out of the habit of going as I’ve been much busier.

Car Boot Haul Vintage Plates

I really wanted to buy some new vintage plates, I’ve been sharing a lot more recipes on the blog in recent months and I like to use some of my mis-matched vintage plates to photograph them on. I’ve used the ones I have so many time now that I thought it would be great to pick up some more. The best place to go by far is Wimbledon Car boot.

Car Boot Haul Floral Vintage Plates

DSC_0466Car Boot Haul Alfred Meakin Mid Century Bowls

I managed to pick up quite a few pretty ones as well as some mid-century Albert Meakin bowls. They’re all so pretty and I can;t wait to cover them with cakes! I’ll probably keep them for a few months and then donate them to make room for some more. I like to have new things but there’s no point in keeping old ones. No vintage hoarding going on here! I think all in I spent about £4 on all these plates. Such a bargain.

Car Boot Haul Mason cash Mixing Bowl

I also bought a Mason Cash mixing bowl which is something I’ve wanted for absolutely ages. As a fan of vintage baking I needed the ultimate vintage mixing bowl. This cost £5 which is far cheaper than the modern ones which you can still buy so I was really happy with that. I’m not sure how much I’ll use it as I do most of my baking in my mixer now, but i think it’ll look great on a shelf in my kitchen.

Charity Shop Haul Skirt

As I mentioned before, I’m loving ugly vintage granny skirts at the moment and after having a good rummage in a pile of old skirts I found this cute floral skirt for £1. I plan to wear it with a vest top and sandals this summer.

Car Boot Haul 40s and 50s Picture Post

Last year at the same car boot sale I spotted a big box of Picture Post magazine from the 50s and the seller offered them all to me for £40. Which actually wasn’t bad for a huge bundle. They’re also not particularly cheap to buy individually. At the time I decided not to get them as I think Rob wouldn’t have been too impressed with me bringing back so many magazines and blowing 40 quid on them! I did regret not getting them a little bit though. So today when I saw another big handle of them I knew I had to have them, and when the seller said I could have the lot for a tenner I really couldn’t walk away. These ones date from 1948 -1955 and they are absolutely fantastic, I’m going to look through every single one.  They are such a great resource for vintage fashion, culture and advertising.

I had to be very disciplined with myself while walking round. I saw so much stuff I loved!

Have you bought any nice vintage bits at car boot sales recently?

March Birchbox Review

I am a little late (again) with this month’s Birchbox review, where on earth has March gone anyway? It’s been one of those crazy months where there seems to be something on the calendar every single day and the month has flown by. In between rushing around all month I have had the chance to use most of the little treats included in this month’s Birchbox and here’s what I thought…

Birchbox March 2015

The box itself was a really pretty one this month, I love it when the box features a collaboration and this time it was with home style brand Habitat. Jessie always ends up keeping my empty Birchboxes to put her bits and pieces in so she was very happy to get her hands on another pretty box!

March Birchbox Bad Gal Lach

I really like it when Birchbox offer a choice of products to try, sometimes it will be a choice of nail polish colour and this time you got to choose which Benefit mascara sample you wanted to try. Since I already have Roller Lash and They’re Real I decided to try the Bad Gal mascara. There’s nothing at all wrong with this mascara and the formula is great, it’s just not the best product for me as I’m not a fan of mascaras with big brushes, if you are, you will love this though. I’m still debating in my mind whether I like Roller Lash or Their Real best, maybe I’ll do a battle of the Benefit Mascaras blog post soon?? The full size product costs £17.50

March Birchbox Catherine Malandrino

The second thing in my box was a perfume. Style de Paris by Catherine Malandrino is a fun and very sophisticated fragrance. I absolutely love old fashioned classic scents and this one was just perfect for me. It’s the perfect accompaniment to a classy vintage outfit and I’ve had it in my handbag for a couple of weeks. The scent is pretty strong and lasts all day. This one was a definite favourite for me. The full size product is available from £50.

March Birchbox Philip Kingsley Smooth Cream

I’ve tried a lot of Philip Kingsley hair products through Birchbox, so far I’ve really enjoyed using all of them. This smoothing cream is perfect for keeping frizz and flyaway under control. Now I have shorter hair it’s really important to me to keep it looking smooth and sleek especially at it’s naturally wavy and prone to frizz. This product was great and I found I only needed to use a little, so even the sample size will last me a long time. The full size product is £18.

March Birchbox TanOrganic Tan Oil

I also received a TanOrganic Self Tanning Oil in the box, I haven’t used this yet although I may do soon as my legs are far too white and shorts season is just around the corner. I love the idea of a self tan being an oil too, and this is the world’s first oil and tan product. The full sized oil costs £24.99

March Birchbox Janjira Cleanser

I’m really into skincare at the moment, I’ve been wearing less make-up and using more products to keep my skin in perfect condition. It’s probably because I’m merely months away from the big 3-0 so I’ve suddenly started panicking about keeping my skin looking good. So I was really happy to get the Janjira Pomegranate and Acai Cleanser in the box. This lovely cleanser smells lovely and left my skin feeling really clean and soft. The full size cleanser costs £24.

March Birchbox Habitat Notebook

Also included was a sample of the new Penny Vincenzi book which I’ve not had a chance to read yet and a handy Habitat notebook which I’m keeping in my handbag to jot down blog ideas. There was also a 25% off Habitat voucher as well as lot’s of handy tips in the booklet which comes with every months box.

March Birchbox

I was really happy with this months box, which had a great selection of products, I’m really looking forward to getting April’s box in a few days.

What did you think of the contents of this months box? If you’d like to sign up for Birchbox yourself I have a refer a friend link which will give you 50 points (£5) to spend in the Birchbox shop when you sign up. You can find out more or sign up for Birchbox here.

On Monday night I popped to The Hoxton Hotel in Shoreditch to join a selection of other bloggers to celebrate the launch of HBO’s Girls Season 4 being available for digital download. We were each provided with a room in the extremely cool hotel, along with an iTunes voucher and some lovely treats to enjoy while watching the show.

Girls Season 4 Sleepover

After some drinks in the bar we headed off to our rooms to wait for the series to become available at midnight. In the meantime we were provided with prosecco, strawberries, chocolates and a special Birchbox to enjoy for the night. I absolutely love my monthly Birchboxes so getting a bonus one was a real treat.

Hoxton Hotal HBO Girls Season 4 Sleepover

My very comfy bed for the night. I didn’t get much sleep as I stayed up until 4 watching Girls!

Hoxton Hotel Bathroom

The Lovely bathroom in my hotel room, the shower was epic!

Hoxton Hotel Birchbox

Some of my lovely treats from Birchbox, including a sample of Benefit’s Roller Lash mascara which is one of my favourites at the moment. 

While I was waiting I ordered some room service which came really quickly. I had an absolutely delicious halloumi and avocado burger, followed by some chocolate cake which was so big I could only eat a third of it! I was really impressed with the service and the hotel and food were absolutely lovely.

When midnight struck it was time to download Girls and get watching. I’ve not watched that much of the series, despite being a huge fan of everything on HBO. I really enjoyed it so I ended up downloading series 1 as well and stayed up until 4 watching it! I was always a big fan of Sex and The City back in the day, and Girls is a slightly more realist, more graphic younger generation of SATC. I love how real it is, it’s also very funny.

Girls Season 4 on iTunes

I absolutely love the convenience of being able to download TV shows through iTunes, mostly because I can watch them on all my devises. I’m forever switching between my iPad, iPhone and Macbook so being able to watch a bit of TV on the go is always really convenient. There are loads of great HBO shows available to download on iTunes as well as all 4 series of Girls.

757463_1932962_900x1600_med res

Thank you so much to HBO, The Hoxton and Birchbox for a fantastic night.

To download Girls Season 4, just go to the iTunes store search for Girls and simply purchase the episodes individually or the whole series.