I can’t quite believe it’s Monday again already! I’ve got lot’s of great crafty ideas for the coming weeks, and this week I thought I’d try something new. I’ve never really put my hand to any kind of floristry before and I absolutely love flowers so it’s something I really wanted to try.

So I grabbed a few bits in Hobbycraft and made a few arrangements that I’m really happy with. I really like an English Garden look, so I just used bits from the garden and some roses from Tescos.

I put together a little tutorial video explaining how I created this look and took loads of pictures, as there’s nothing I love to photograph more than flowers.

Here’s the video tutorial so you can make something similar…

The little pots I used are available from Hobbycraft you can buy them here.

The Florist’s Foam can be bought here.

These were my two practice runs I did before filming the video. I used slightly fewer leaves and I think I like the subtler ones a little better. How beautiful is the teacup? I picked it up in a local charity shop this morning, and couldn’t not include it in my photographs!

This is the arrangement featured in the video, I have a really big garden which is still slightly over grown as we’ve not managed to tame it yet. There was so much greenery to choose from so I got creative and tried a bit of everything.

These gorgeous roses were part of a small bunch of flowers I picked up in Tesco for £5 this morning. They are pretty and very similar to the flowers I had in my wedding bouquet. Next time I do something like this I’ll probably plan ahead and pop to a flower market to save a little money and maybe get something a bit more unusual.

The small white flowers (I’m sorry I don’t know what they’re called) come from a small house plant which I picked up at a supermarket for about £1.50 I think. Don’t the little flowers look cute next to the big roses.

Have you ever tried flower arranging, is it something you would like to try? xxx

Another busy week has passed, where does the time go? I’ve had a lovely week and most of the time forgotten to take pictures. But you definitely have to just live in the moment sometimes! I’m really enjoying recording my week in pictures as it’s nice to look back and enjoy the little things which fill every day life.

Here are a few of the little things we did this week that I did manage to catch on camera…

Having two kids can be a bit tricky at times, especially with a 5 year age gap. Spending most of my time at home with Lila means it’s always a treat top get Jess all to myself. At the beginning of the week Rob took Lila out and I had a whole afternoon with Jess. We popped to the playground and she showed off her amazing monkey bar skills and we did a little shopping for stuff for her school project, followed by a cheeky McDonald’s.

With the teacher’s strike on Wednesday, Jess was off school so we had a really lazy morning in our PJs and had lots of yummy pancakes for breakfast. The girls like it with sugar and lemon, but I like lots of maple syrup.

Our cat Oscar joined us with a little saucer of milk as a treat, which the girls loved.

The rest of Wednesday was spent working on Jessica’s school project, which was to make a model pyramid. We used all sorts of things to make it including foam board and papier-mache. I wish I’d remembered to take a picture of the finished article as it looked amazing. We make a little lake, some palm trees, a scribe and a little mummy!

On Friday night I met Fay for a much-needed trip to the pub, and had a berry Bulmers. It was great to have a catch up with my best friend.

On Saturday we popped to a local Greek food shop and picked up lot’s of gorgeous fruit and veg, as well as lot’s of dips, olives and pitta. The food was amazing, and much fresher and cheaper than the supermarket. Remember to support local small shops and businesses!!!

We also popped to Mitcham Common as I said in yesterdays outfit post. It was such a lovely day and Rob did a little fishing while Lila and I fed the geese. After that we popped home for some lunch and went out again to get presents for our mums for mother’s day. I won’t say what I got as I haven’t seen my mum yet!

Today was mothers day here in the UK, so as a special treat we went to Afters in Tooting for some very big ice creams. It was the first time I had been with Rob and the girls and they all really enjoyed their yummy desserts.

The rest of the day was spent relaxing at home before a quick trip to the local playground and a big pizza takeaway in the evening.

What did you get up to this week?


My beauty giveaway ends tonight, so you only have a few more hours to enter.

You can enter the giveaway here.

Wasn’t the weather just beautiful today? The wonderful blue sky and the lovely sun, led me to pull one of my very favourite dresses from my wardrobe and head out for a lovely walk on Mitcham Common with Rob and Lila.

Lila and I had a little explore while Rob had a go at catching a fish, then we fed some geese and looked down rabbit holes. It was a perfect start to the weekend, and I just hope the weather continues to be this nice in the coming weeks.

My dress is one I bought from Collectif last year and it’s a beautiful linen fabric with a palm tree print and beautiful wooden buttons. I don’t think it’s available anymore, however I do have an eye on a lot of their new collection to add to my wardrobe this year.

Feeding the geese – sadly there weren’t many ducks as I much prefer them!

This cute little doggy came and chased the geese away!

Taking in the gorgeous view

Trying not to fall!

This goose wanted bread and wasn’t taking no for an answer!

Outfit Details:

Dress – Collectif

Shoes – Primark

Necklace – Locket from H Samuel

I’m not a massive TV watcher, if I was I wouldn’t manage two kids, a blog and millions of hobbies. However when I do want to relax I usually turn to Netflix. I’m a big period drama addict, I love anything from the Regency period to the 1950s and there is plenty of great stuff to watch on Netflix.

So here are a few things that’s I’ve watched and really enjoyed, mostly for the amazing costumes and vintage inspiration as well as my obsession with the past…

1. Upstairs Downstairs – This wonderful drama set in the 1930s got totally sidelined by Downton Abbey and sadly only two series were made. I only watched it recently and absolutely adored it. The costumes are incredible, the storyline is fantastic, and the period of history leading up WWII so brilliantly portrayed. My only complaint is that the show was axed as it was absolutely wonderful.

I think it would have been better if it was a stand alone project rather than a continuation of the popular 70s drama. But if you love that era of the 20th century, you will love this.

2. Titanic Blood and Steel – This fantastic mini series, follows the building of the Titanic at Harland and Wolff in Belfast between 1909 and 1912. Although it is packed with historical inaccuracies the mix of plot and history makes this a must watch. I loved all the characters both fictional and based on true people.

I also found the Northern Irish history fascinating. This drama shows a whole other story to history’s most famous ship and having watched it twice already I would definitely recommend it.

3. Titanic – Another recently made Titanic programme, this one created by Downton Abbey screen writer Julian Fellowes. This one covers the voyage of the ship from the point of view of several characters.

I shed many tears over this one, as the tragedy is more real than any previous portrayal. You really get a sence of the huge loss of life. It’s definitely worth watching though for the amazing acting, and the fabulous sets and costumes.

4. The Bletchley Circle – I watched this ages ago, and I’m glad to see it’s still on Netflix. This murder mystery follows four women who worked at Bletchley House during WWII and have returned to their normal lives. They all have particular skills and find it hard to fit back in to normal life after their roles in the war.

They find themselves putting their skills into action while hunting the identity of a brutal serial killer. It has a few upsetting scenes so not one for the faint hearted.

5. Foyle’s War – I love this one so much! There are also quite a few series of Foyle’s War on Netflix so if you want something to get really stuck into this a great choice. The programme follows the life of a senior policemen during WWII and has absolutely fantastic plots and again I love the costumes.

6. Pride and Prejudice – I have watched this so many times and I never get sick of it. I remember watching it for the first time when I was 10 and have loved it ever since. Although I prefer the 1980 version even more, this is the perfect BBC costume drama and great for a relaxing evening of swooning over the gorgeous Mr Darcy.

I adore the regency costumes and can’t help but adore everything set in his period. If you’ve never seen this (what planet are you on?) you absolutely must give this Austen classic a watch.

7. Some Like It Hot – This is definitely my favourite Marilyn Monroe film, she looks absolutely amazing in this film and her costumes are some of the most beautiful I’ve ever seen. It was made in the 50s and set in the 20s and is an absolute must watch.

8. The Scapegoat – This ITV film is set in a country house in the early 1950s. Basically two men meet in bar and realise they are exactly the same in appearance. After one gets the other drunk a series of misunderstandings lead to them swapping lives. John finds himself at the head of a troubled aristocratic family. This is surprisingly good and great for it’s costumes and locations.

9. Mr Selfridge – The firsts series of this is now on Netflix and I absolutely love it. It tells the story of Harry Selfridge and his famous London Department store at the beginning of the Twentieth Century. It’s full of humour and drama and is a thoroughly good watch. Series two is showing at the moment on ITV but will hopefully make it onto Netflix soon.

10. Bomb Girls – I haven’t actually started watching this yet, but it’s next on my list. I’ve heard good things about it. It’s about a group of women working in a munitions factory during WWII and sounds like my sort of thing.

I hope you like my list and if you’re a Netflix subscriber you’ll give them a go. I think most of these are just available on UK Netflix but US users got Mad Men so I don’t feel too bad!

Let me know if you have any recommendations for great shows on Netflix.


Mothers Day is just around the corner, and if you haven’t got the perfect gift sorted yet here are a few great ideas the perfect mum…

1. Cupcake Selection Box (delivery within London) £16 0r £24 – Crumbs and Doilies

2. Vintage China Cake Stand – £29,95 – Dot Com Gift Shop

3. Prada Body Lotion – £26.35 – Feel Unique

4. Little Beach Street Bakery by Jenny Colgan – £3 – Amazon

5. Aqua Tote Bag – £45 – Ollie and Nic

6. Moet Brut Rosé – £29.99 (usually £39.99) – Sainsburys

7. Shabby Chic Picture Frame – £6.95 – Dot Com Gift Shop

8. Bird Cup and Saucer – £8.00 – Cath Kidston

9. Bright Daisies Pyjama Set – £50 – Cath Kidston

What are you getting your mum for Mothers Day and suggestions? xxx

For more Mothers Day ideas check out my Mothers Day board on Pinterest