Maxi Dresses – Vintage and High Street
Hooray! The sun has finally come out in London and it’s time to get into some of my favourite summer clothes. When the first sun comes I love to wear a maxi dress, to hide… View Post

Carlton House – London’s Lost Palace
I have been writing alot about Princess Charlotte recently, I thought now would be a good time to write a little about her background. Starting with the house she was born and spent part of… View Post

Charlotte the Forgotten Princess at The Royal Pavillion
I’ve been very busy the last couple of weeks with lots of vintage and family related happenings. So I’ve had no time at all for blogging. Amongst other things I have been approached by Hampton Court… View Post

5 Minute Make – Cute Vintage Guest Soaps
Today I have been running through a few ideas for little gifts for friends, family and customers. These vintage inspired guest soaps are really quick and cheap to make. To make these cute vintage gift… View Post

Teddy Bread
Recently my six year old daughter and I compiled a list of fun things to do together, simple things like baking cakes, going rockpooling, making clothes for her teddies, and other fun stuff. One random thing on her… View Post

The Devils Whore
A couple of weeks ago we signed up to Netflix, and I’ve ended up watching lots of amazing costume dramas that I hadn’t already seen. one such programme was The Devils Whore. Set during the… View Post