I get to do some really fun things because of this blog. A couple of weeks ago I went to an event that was areal highlight for me. I’d been wanting to visit Cahoots, a vintage London underground themed bar for ages. It’s just the perfect place for me, I love the past and have a very geeky obsession with London’s transport history. I’d also wanted to watch A Royal Night Out since it first appeared at the cinema, but just didn’t get round to it, so was waiting for the DVD. When I was invited to celebrate the launch of the film on DVD at Cahoots I jumped at the chance!

Cahoots Royal Night Out Tickets
Cahoots Royal Night OutThe venue was the perfect place for a 1940s themed event, as the film is about the queen and her sister celebrating VE day back in 1945, the cocktails for event were named after the two sisters. I tried both the Princess Elizabeth and the Princess Margaret and they were both delicious.

Cahoots Royal Night Out Cocktail IngredientsAs well as the 40s venue and themed cocktails we were also provided with a 40s style dress and were given a little vintage makeover, I never do 40s hair, but actually really liked the faux bangs and victory rolls combination.

Cahoots Royal Night Out 1940s Hair

The film came out on DVD earlier this month, it’s the perfect film to watch this year as it is the 70th anniversary of VE day and the queen recently celebrated being the longest reining monarch. Never has there been a better time to snuggle down with a cup of tea or a glass of wine and feel all patriotic! The film is based loosely on true events with a lot of poetic licence and I found it absolutely adorable. I won’t give too much away but I will say if you love the 1940s you will adore the costumes! The film also really captures the amazing events and celebrations which took place in London at the end of the war.

Cahoots Royal Night Out DVD

I loved everything about the interior at Cahoots, it’s like stepping into a time-warp from the moment you enter. So much effort has gone into making the interior as authentic as possible from the tiled entrance to the advertisements on the walls. The bar even has it’s own train carriage to enjoy a drink or two in. It makes for the perfect night out for vintage fans.

Cahoots Royal Night Out Entrance
Cahoots Royal Night Out Decoration
Cahoots Royal Night Out Table
Cahoots Royal Night Out Train Carriage

Here’s the trailer for the film…

A Royal Night out can be bought on DVD from Amazon.

Find out more about the bar on the Cahoots website.


I absolutely love going to vintage themed events, they’re a great chance to get dressed up and spend a day with Rob and the girls. So when I saw a classic car show was coming to Morden Park for the August bank holiday I was delighted. It’s only a 5 minute walk from my house so I just had to go. I had planned to wear a lovely summer dress and take loads of pictures. But in true British style the weather had other plans. I think the day of the show was literally the wettest day of the year so far. It poured torrentially from the moment we woke up and it certainly wasn’t ideal weather for a day outdoors.

Luckily the event organisers decided to go ahead and brave the storm and after sitting miserably indoors watching the heavens open, we decided to go anyway in the afternoon. The turnout of cars wasn’t amazing, but plenty of car owners did decide to go anyway and it was great to see a few amazing cars there. I didn’t wear my planned outfit and we turned up in our jeans and wellies and hid under our umbrella for the whole time we were there, but I did manage to get a few photos of some of my favourite cars.

Classic Car Show 7

Classic Car Show 6

Classic Car Show 5

Classic Car Show 4

Classic Car Show 3

Classic car show 2

Classic Car Show 1

Going to events like this makes me and Rob want to buy a classic car even more than we already did, and one day I know we will own one. I’m looking forward to the days when we can turn up with our own vehicle to show off! Do any of you own a classic car?

A few weeks ago Rob and I headed to Camden for one of our favourite vintage fairs. The Mid Century Market is a fantastic fair run by the lovely Bettina Scarlett. Unlike most of London’s vintage fairs it focusses on just the mid century era, so if you love the 40s, 50s and 60s you’re sure to find something perfect for you. As always the range of stall holders was fantastic, with a great mixture of vintage clothing, accessories and homewares. I took lots of pictures while I was there, and as I’ve reviewed the event a couple of times before I thought I’d just share my pictures with you so you can see the sort of things to expect at the next event…

Mid Century Market Vintage BikiniHow  amazing is this gorgeous bikini surrounded by lovely shoes?!?

Mid Century Market 1950s Mouse Salt and PepperThese cute little mice salt and pepper shakers completely stole my heart!

Mid Century Market Vera Mode Bakelite JewelleryLots of fantatsic bakelite jewellery on the Vera Mode stall. 

Mid Century Market Hucklebuck CardigansRepro knitted cardis.

Vintage Wicker Bags Mid Century MarketPerfect vintage accessories, I want all those bags.

Vintage Typewriter Mid Century MarketA vibrant vintage typewriter, which would look amazing in a vintage lovers home. 

Vintage Shoes and Jewellery Mid Century MarketThose shoes!!!!

Vintage Hat Mid Century MarketMore excellent accessories.

Vintage Dresses Mid Century MarketThere was such an amazing selection of clothing there both original vintage and repro. And not a 70s or 80s dress in sight!

Vintage Dresses at the Midcentury Market

Hair Flowers Mid Century marketLots of colourful hair flowers, I always pick up a couple when I see them as they brighten up even the most boring outfit. 

Bow and Crossbones Jewellery Mid Century MarketBow and Crossbones stock the most fantastic selection of reproduction vintage jewellery and accessories.

Find out more on the Bettina Scarlet Presents website.

Peach Marshmallow Refrigerator Dessert from a 1960s Recipe

When it comes to baking, I’m mostly a cake kinda girl. But every now and then I’ll spot something a little unusual in a vintage recipe book that I just have to try. If you’re looking for something a little different then the 1960s is a good place to start. Todays recipe reminds me of the stereotypical housewife preparing something special to serve for dessert. Recipes of the era include lots of tinned fruit and are usually set with gelatine or something similar. This recipe using marshmallows to solidify it and comes from a 1960s recipe booklet which I recently picked up at a car boot sale.

1960s Peach Dessert Recipe

You Will Need:

225g Marshmallows

1 Large tin of sliced peaches

150ml Peach Juice (from the tin of peaches)

150ml Sherry or Madeira

2 Packets of sponge fingers (boudoir biscuits)

220ml Double cream

Marshmallow and Peach Refrigerator Dessert Vintage Recipe Ingredients

How to Make:

1. Melt the marshmallows in a pan, along with the peach juice and sherry on a low heat until completely dissolved.


The mixture should look like this when it has melted…

Melted Marshmallow Mixture

2. Place the mixture in the fridge until it has completely cooled and started to thicken.

3. Meanwhile whisk the double cream.

4. Mix the whipped cream into the melted marshmallow mixture.

5. Take a silicone loaf tin and place a row of sponge fingers along the bottom.

6. Then add a layer of roughy chopped peached.

7. Add half the marshmallow mixture.

8. Continue to add these layers until all the mixture is used and finish with a layer of sponge fingers.

9. Leave the dessert in the fridge over night to fully set.

10. Turn out the dessert the next day and decorate with more peaches and whipped cream if desired.

Peach and Marshmallow Dessert Recipe

1960s Peach and Marshmallow Refrigerator Dessert Recipe

The desert can be served in slices and is actually really nice, the sherry really comes through giving it quite a strong alcohol taste and the sponge fingers are nice and soft without being soggy.

Peach Dessert 1960s Recipe

I’m not much of a dessert person and because this was rich, one thin slice was just enough for me. I’d love to try a more modern version of this made with cherries or berries and a cherry liqueur instead of the sherry, so I’ll definitely be giving it a go soon. I loved trying this recipe because it is so quintessentially from that era and unlike some other vintage recipes it’s not really similar to popular recipes we commonly make today.

1960s Marshmallow and Peach Refrigerator Dessert Recipe Vintage Frills

Have you ever tried a 1960s style set recipe? What did you think. Remember if you try any of my recipes, be sure to tag me on social media as I’d love to see.

Sepember 2015 Birchbox Review

It’s been a while since I did a Birchbox review. My lovely boxes of treats come every month and for a little while I haven’t got round to photographing all the lovely products, but I certainly have been enjoying them. I thought it was high time I shared the contents of a box and the latest one is extra special as it is celebrating Birchbox’s 5th birthday. Happy Birchday Birchbox!

For those of you not familiar with Birchbox, it’s a monthly beauty subscription box. When you subscribe, you fill in a beauty profile and then each month you receive a lovely box of high-end products to try. You also earn points for each box which you can redeem on full-sized products in the Birchbox shop.

This months box is packed with plenty of lovely products and I’ve been using every single one. The box itself is really pretty, I like it when they do colourful boxes as I usually reuse them to store my ever growing collection of vintage accessories so they always come in handy.

Here’s what I thought of each of the lovely products in my box…

September Birchbox Laura Mercier Flawless Skin face Polish

First up is a fab exfoliator from Laura Mercier. I absolutely love trying new exfoliators, as they are one of my favourite products to use. This one has really tiny micro beads and the lovely thick consistency makes it the perfect skin polishing product. As it’s quite harsh product I’d only use it twice a week to get my skin feeling really clean, smooth and soft. the full-sized product costs £26

September Birchbox John Masters Organics Citrus and Neroli Detangler

I really enjoy trying organic products, especially for my hair and this Citrus Neroli Detangler from John Masters Organics, worked wonders on my thick unruly hair. The product contains coconut oil (which I often use on its own as a hair treatment), as well as wheat amino acids which nourish the strands. The grapefruit and neroli within the product are perfect for conditioning the scalp. I love the smell of this product which reminds me of a fruity cocktail. The full-sized product costs £16

September Birchbox Laqa & Co Cheeky Lip

I love lipsticks that come in crayon form. I always find them really easy to apply and I have quite a few different shades and brands in my make-up collection. The Cheeky Lip Pencil in Cray-Cray from Laqa and Co is the perfect coral lip shade and from my point of view would be perfect for a fun 1950s make-up look. It can also be used on cheeks.  The pigment is absolutely amazing and it’s so easy to apply. The finish is quite matte which I prefer and I know I’ll be getting a lot of use out of this one. Normal price £17

September Birchbox Beauty Protector Beauty Wash

The next product is a richly scented body cleanser from Beauty protector. I’ve used quite a few of their hair products but the Beauty Wash is the first body product I’ve tried from them. The body wash makes a lovely thick foam when mixed with water and makes even the quickest shower a luxury. I absolutely loved the strong fragrance in this product and I will also be using it as bubble bath for a relaxing long soak. The full-sized product costs £8.

September Birchbox Benefit Porefessional Licence to Blot

I’m always thrilled to receive Benefit products in my Birchboxes. Porefessional is one of my favourite products from the brand, but I was yet to try the blotting stick. This product is perfect for t-zones and keeps the skin matte and shine free for up to 6 hours. I have very normal skin, so I’ve never really had a problem with shine, however I’ve still been using the product as I’ve found it gives a great smooth base to the t-zone under make-up.

September Birchbox Best Hair Day

Birchbox Brush

Lastly this month’s beauty bonus product was a Birchbrush. This brush is very similar to the Tangle Teaser, but with slightly more rigid bristles. I wasn’t sure I’d like it when I first saw it and felt how hard it was, however I’ve found it great for detangling my hair as well as the kid’s hair and its small enough to fit in my handbag. Normal Price £5.99

This month was one of my favourite boxes so far. If you’d like to sign up for Birchbox yourself I have a refer a friend link which will give you 50 points (£5) to spend in the Birchbox shop when you sign up. You can find out more or sign up for Birchbox here.