In December I was joined by a new sponsor on the blog. Bookish Kind, based in the US sell a selection of beautiful antique and vintage books on their website and Etsy shops.

The books are mostly by British and American authors and are mostly Victorian to mid 20th Century. Most have beautiful covers and illustrations.

A Daphne du Maurier book from 1994

If you love books and vintage this is a great place to start. As a lover of vintage books I always look for something that will look great in my bookshelf. Vintage children’s books also look great displayed in children’s rooms with a pair of vintage book ends.

A vintage copy of Alice in Wonderland

There is a great selection on both the website and Etsy shop so check out both, I have my eye on a couple of classics including Cranford and Jane Eyre as I love both books and would love an older copy of each.

Bookish Kind Links…


Etsy Shop

Facebook Page




Last week I went to Wimbledon Car Boot Sale for the first time in ages. It’s one of my favourites for vintage finds and I’ve found some pretty amazing vintage clothing and accessories there before. It’s also a great place to get antiques, vintage magazines and textiles. I didn’t find any clothing at all this time but did pick up some nice bits. I also brought my best friend Fay along for the first time and she picked up some very pretty pink tea cups.

So here are the goodies I bought…

Vintage Quality Street tin 50p – I was particularly looking for a tin, and although I wanted a slightly older one I couldn’t resist this one which I’m going to keep hair accessories in.

Vintage 1970s skirt pattern £1 – Just as I arrived a seller was putting out a big box of vintage patterns. I only picked up this one as I have loads of sewing projects to get on with. I’m going to make lots of summer skirts from this pattern in older fabrics for a more 50s look than the seventies one in the picture.

1963 The Lady Magazine 50p – I had promised myself I wouldn’t buy any more vintage magazines for a while, but I love The Lady so had to bring this home with me. It features a royal wedding and I love to read all the adverts.

2 vintage patchwork pillowcases 50p – This pair of pillow cases are really pretty and after a lot of cleaning might be used on one of the girls beds.

Large piece of striped vintage fabric 50p – There was absolutely loads of this fabric and I plan to use it to make a 50s style circle dress for the summer.

Large piece of blue vintage fabric £1 – This is a really thick 60s style fabric, although the piece is very long it is also quite narrow so I may use it to make a top.

Vintage table cloth £1 – I’m undecided whether to use this as table cloth or to make one of the skirts from the pattern above from it, as it has a very pretty border which would make a great skirt bottom.

Very large piece of vintage fabric £1 – I think this is the most beautiful fabric I’ve ever bought, I’m totally in love with it. I might make a 50s style dress with this one too. I am kicking myself as there were two bits there and I wish I’d bought them both.

1960s baby dress 50p – I love vintage children’s clothes, these perfect little 60s dresses are toddler sized but sadly a little small for Lila so I’ll either sell them or pass them on to a friend.

1960s baby dress 50p

1960s baby tank top 50p

What did you think of my vintage buys? Any suggestions for the fabric?

I hope you all liked my last home made cosmetic tutorial. Here’s another really easy one for you. This time its a bath melt, which when put in the bath will release a beautiful rose smell and lot’s of lovely moisturising oil.

So here’s how to make these yourself…

All the ingredients are readily available on the high street except for the cocoa butter and colouring which can be bought on Amazon and Ebay.

These would make a great gift, especially for valentines day, and could be displayed in a heart shaped box to make them extra romantic. Although I love them in a jar with a pretty ribbon.

As with all cosmetics take care if you have sensitive skin or allergies. In hot climates these are best stored in the fridge, although if you live in chilly England theres no need!!!

Did you like this tutorial? will you be giving it a go? Do you want more? I’d really like to make bath bombs soon. xxx

I’ve been on a bit of a shoe mission this week. I’m not very good at winter vintage looks, I’m all about 1950s summer dresses and the colder months see me retreating back to high street dresses and even jeans. I do have some very lovely vintage dresses that would be great for the colder months but I want some perfect shoes to wear with them.

1940s shoe advert (source)

It’s actually very hard to find many affordable vintage inspired shoes on the high street, but one place which does have a hint for the past is Clarks. Although they aren’t truelly authentic in vintage style a lot of the shoes I’ve spotted at Clarks definitely pay homage to the past, especially the 1940s.

I couldn’t resist putting a few of my favourites together to try and decide which pair to buy…


Row One – 1234

Row Two – 1 – 2 – 34

Row Three – 1234

Row Four – 1234

This pair is top of my shopping list, they are so pretty!

And is the sixties are more your thing then, the new Orla Kiely range at Clarks is the one for you. I absolutely love Orla Kiely’s retro designs so I was really excited for the launch of this range. I really really want a pair (or two)…

Row One – 123

Row Two – 1234

Row Three – 123

Row Four – 1234

I hope you like all my choices, and I’m sorry in advance for any shoe splurges that I may have caused!

Yesterday Fay and I took a trip to one of my favourite shops in London. The East End Thrift Store is located in an alley of Mile End Road near Whitechapel. They currently sell a huge selection of vintage and second-hand clothing by the bag. So you pick up either a £10 or £20 bag and get as much or as little as you can fit in.

They buy their clothing in by the tonne so it’s a real mixed bag, but I always manage to find a few things I like. I usually buy things that I can change and modify as most of the clothes are seventies and eighties and need a little work. We filmed a video so you could come along on our little shopping trip with us…

This is what I got, my total spend was £20…

I got these three 1970s and 80s dresses which I’ll probably leave as they are or alter the length.

The floral dress is going to get a complete remodel to make it fit, The 50s cardigan and knitted skirt are perfect as they are.

The purple eighties dress is going to have a remodel to make it more 40s and the middle dress will be taken in to make it more fitted, the 60s floral top is going to be turned into a smaller top for one of the girls.

The cute mod style sixties dress fits perfectly and will look great with tights and brown boots and the other sixties dress needs to be made much smaller.

If anyone needs me I’ll be at my sewing machine! What do you think of my purchases? I can’t wait to get sewing and add these to my wardrobe.