Beautiful Vintage Books from Bookish Kind
In December I was joined by a new sponsor on the blog. Bookish Kind, based in the US sell a selection of beautiful antique and vintage books on their website and Etsy shops. The books… View Post

Vintage Car Boot Sale Haul
Last week I went to Wimbledon Car Boot Sale for the first time in ages. It’s one of my favourites for vintage finds and I’ve found some pretty amazing vintage clothing and accessories there before.… View Post

Home Made Rose Bath Melts
I hope you all liked my last home made cosmetic tutorial. Here’s another really easy one for you. This time its a bath melt, which when put in the bath will release a beautiful rose… View Post

Shoes to Wear with Vintage Dresses
I’ve been on a bit of a shoe mission this week. I’m not very good at winter vintage looks, I’m all about 1950s summer dresses and the colder months see me retreating back to high… View Post

Vintage Shopping at The East End Thrift Store
Yesterday Fay and I took a trip to one of my favourite shops in London. The East End Thrift Store is located in an alley of Mile End Road near Whitechapel. They currently sell a… View Post

Home Made Lavender Sugar Scrub
If you love luxurious baths as much as I do, you’ll love todays little tutorial. It’s really quick and easy to make and all the ingredients are easy to get your hands on. Yesterday I… View Post

7 Fabulous Kilner Jar Ideas
I’ve had a bit of an obsession with jars for a while and use them to store all kinds of different things. I recently invested in some Kilner Jars from both Sainsburys and Lakeland and… View Post

Charity Shop Haul
I haven’t been charity shopping for absolutely ages. In recent years I’ve just found that there isn’t much vintage to be found and the prices have gone up a huge amount. However I really felt… View Post

A Sale Bargain from Ciate
In recent years I’ve looked on enviously as other bloggers open their beauty advent calendars. They are a huge indulgence but what women doesn’t love beautiful mini beauty products especially when you get a new… View Post

In Love With Cori Lu Vintage
Cori Lu Vintage is an online treasure trove of vintage loveliness. This gorgeous Etsy shop is packed full of an eclectic mix of vintage home wares and accessories all at very reasonable prices. Although based… View Post