Chocolate Coconut Cakes from a 1930s Recipe

Today I have another fantastic vintage recipe to share with you. This one came out absolutely perfect on the first attempt and tastes absolutely amazing. I like this one because it’s quite unusual while still containing ingredients that can be bought from any supermarket. The coconut is a great addition to this yummy chocolate cake and I hope you enjoy making these as much as I did.

Vintage Chocolate Coconut Cakes

I got this recipe from a recipe book which was published in 1930. The Bestway Cookery Gift Book is full of amazing recipes including lots of easy to make baking recipes, I’ve tried loads of things from the book and some work better than others! This recipe didn’t need changing at all, I’ve just converted the measurements and temperatures into modern ones.

Bestway Cookery Gift Book

1930s Recipe Book Chocolate Coconut CakesYou will need:

55g Cocoa Powder

225g Plain Flour

1tsp Baking Powder

170g Caster Sugar

115g Margarine (I use Stork)

55g Desiccated Coconut

1 Egg

Vanilla Essence


Chocolate Coconut Cakes Vintage Recipe

How to make:

1. Pre-heat oven to 200 degrees. Line a muffin tray with 12 cases.

2. Sieve flour, cocoa and baking powder and coconut and mix together. Place to one side.

3. Beat the sugar and margarine to a cream.

4. Add the egg and stir in quickly.

5. Beat the mixture for a few minutes.

6. Stir in the dry ingredients and add a little milk to loosen the mixture if required. I left mine as quite a stiff dough.

7. Mix in a few drops of vanilla extract.

8. Spoon into cake cases. (I used an ice-cream scoop as the mixture is quite stiff and keeps it’s shape a fair amount while baking so this helps to create the rounded shape). The cases should be 2/3 full.

9. Bake for 15 to 20 mins

Choco Coconut Cakes

Coconut Chocolate Cake Recipe

Please let me know if you try this recipe, I love it when you send me pictures of my recipes so keep them coming!

Chocolate Coconut Cake Recipe

As I’ve said many a time on here, I’m a bit of a skincare addict. I love a good pamper and I’m forever trying new products to keep my skin feeling happy and healthy. I’d been wanting to try a cleansing brush for a really long time, so when I was gifted one at Bloggers Fashion Week earlier this year I couldn’t wait to give it a try. I’ve been using it most days since then and thought it was finally time I shared a review of this fab beauty tool.

Magnitone Cleansing Brush Review

The idea behind the Magnitone, is to give a deeper cleanse and exfoliate than tradition cleansing methods. Not only does the vibrating brush head give your skin a good scrub (otherwise known as vibra-sonic technology), but it also sends gentle electromagnetic vibration deep under the surface of the skin. This process opens up blocked pores and naturally shakes out the impurities that cause breakouts and black heads.

Magnitone Review

You can use the brush with your normal cleanser or facewash and I’ve used it with a variety of skincare products, all with great results. Using the brush helps prepare the skin for better moisturiser absorbtion and creates the perfect base for applying make-up. If you’re a fan of fake tan it’s a great tool for getting your skin nice and smooth for an even application.

Using the brush takes about 1 minute a day, I use it in the morning as part of my regular skin care routine. It has the advantage of being waterproof so you can use it in the the bath or shower. There are two modes ‘deep clean’ and ‘sensitive’ so you can tailor your routine to your skin type. It also has a handy feature where it beeps when you need to change the area of your face you are cleansing.

Magnitone Lucid Review

The model I received is a limited edition collaboration with Pixie Lott, which comes in a lovely bright pink. The brush came boxed and the set includes instructions, a matching pink headband and the charger. The brush charges with a magnetic charger which is really handy.

Magnitone Lucid Review Cleansing Brush


Magnitone Pixie Lott Review

I’ve always had very clear skin so I can’t really judge if it has reduced breakouts, however my skin has definitely felt really soft and glowy after using it and it absolutely feels smoother. I’ve found that my daily cleanse is a lot quicker when I use the brush. All in all I’m really happy with the quality of the product and the results. It’s definitely something I will continue to use.

Magnitone also have a selection of other products for different needs, some with interchangeable brushes and different features for your age and skin needs. You can find out more about their products on the Magnitone website.

The Magnitude Lucid retails at £69.99 although it is currently reduced to £45 on Amazon.

So I had planned to get back on track with blogging, and then I finally gave in to all the persuasion of my friends and started watching Game of Thrones! And after a few stressful weeks, all I really wanted to do was snuggle up under a blanket and watch TV with Rob. So that’s exactly what I did with my evenings for the last couple of weeks. This is why I don’t usually watch TV it messes with my productivity!

The last weeks of the girls school terms have also been busy, with all the meetings, parties, fairs, picnics, sports days and other activities I feel like I’ve been at school nearly as much as them! I’m so glad the summer holidays are here now. No more dragging myself out of bed before I’m ready, for a whole 6 weeks! Woohoo!!!

So my last Life Lately in Pictures took us up to mid June. The rest of June was a bit shit to be honest, Jess had to go to hospital to have some teeth taken out under general anaesthetic, I spend a few days looking after her. Then our lovely cat Oscar got very ill. We all thought he wasn’t going to make it, but the vets fought so hard for him and after a week and lots and lots of medication he started to improve. He’s now nearly back to his former self, but it was all very stressful at the time and I spent a lot of time in tears, praying he would be OK.

Another annoying thing that happened since we last caught up, is that I finally filled my MacBook! So full of photos was my hard drive, that the whole thing crashed and it took ages just to get it to turn on. So a lot of the time I would have spent blogging, went on transferring photos I wasn’t using to an external hard drive. I clearly take too many pictures as I moved around 50 thousand pictures! OMG! Although anyone who knows me, will know that I’m always glued to my camera!

So talking of photos, and having finished catching up on the not so good stuff, here’s some of the happy bits, that I’ve snapped over the last few weeks.

Frisbee Morden Park

21st June: Here’s a little pic of my favourite people. We’d popped to the park for a little fathers day walk and a game of frisbee. As far as I remember the frisbee flew into a bush, so we abandoned ship and  did something else instead!

Sniffing Roses - Morden Hall Park

Rose Garden - Morden Hall Park

26th June: I took Lila for a lovely little walk round Morden Hall Park with my parents, the Rose garden was looking absolutely amazing!

Gardening(something tells me we have a long way to go!)

27th June: Rob and I got up ridiculously early for a Saturday to do some gardening. I am now officially a proper grown up! We made loads of progress with our mission to turn it from overgrown jungle to beautiful floral retreat! After all the hard work gardening we treated ourself to a little lunch at Harvester.

COCKTAILS!!!To counteract all grown up stuff I met up with my lovely friend Chloe that evening for drinks in Wimbledon and lots of Prossecco and cocktails.

Paddling Morden Hall Park

Pond Dipping Morden Hall Park

30th June: Remember that crazy hot weather we had a few weeks ago? Well we really made the most of it! We popped to Morden Hall Park after school for a little paddling in the river with some of the girls friends from school. We had such a lovely time and the kids even managed to fish out a few little creatures, before setting them free again!

Dot Com Gift Shop Tin Can Alley Game

1st July: One of my favourite online shops was having their Christmas in July event. Dot Com Gift Shop have so many beautiful products and I absolutely loved seeing all their current and new stock and getting loads of ideas for Christmas.

Morden Hall Park Picnic

2nd July: Lila’s nursery had a fantastic fun day in Morden Hall Park, we had a lovely picnic and bug hunt and it was just lovely to see all the little ones playing together! I then rushed back to school for Jess’s parents evening which went really well.

Sports Day

3rd July: Today was Lila’s first sport day at school. All the little ones looked so cute running around. I got lots of pics, but given that they are full of kids who are not mine, here’s a picture of a Lila going through a tunnel instead!


4th July: We had a lovely chilled out Saturday in Rob’s parents garden, here’s Jessie playing with their gorgeous Yorkie.

Antique Shopping

7th July: Rob had the morning off work, so we went to Epsom antiques fair. There was so much amazing stuff there, but all very expensive! We then went charity shopping in Banstead. I spotted a surprising amount of good vintage, including this amazing wedding dress and a couple of other dresses all with metal zips. I left them all there though, as they weren’t quite right for me.


9th July: The girlies had a mufti day at school and I decided to get up early and do their hair all pretty for school. How cute do they look!

isabella Plantation Stepping Stones

Flowers Isabella Plantation

10th July: I had a sudden realisation that with Lila starting reception in September my lovely mornings at home with her are coming to an end. I decided to take her for a little walk around the Isabella Plantation at Richmond Park. It was the most beautiful day and we had such a lovely time looking at all the birds and insects and playing on the stepping-stones.

Passionate About Vintage - Teacups

Passionate About Vintage - Beads

11th July: I popped to Hampstead to celebrate the first birthday of Passionate About Vintage. This gorgeous little shop sells the most incredible vintage jewellery and the Alice in Wonderland themed party was absolutely lovely. I have a blog post about this one coming up soon too.

Sports Day 2

14th July: Today was Jessica’s sports day and she was amazing! That girl can run!

Amazon Press Day

15th July: I went to London for Amazon’s Christmas press day, there were some amazing products and I was particularly impressed by the fashion and beauty offerings. I was given the most amazing beauty goodie bag and I’m planning to write a blog post about some of the beauty products available on Amazon. They have so many great high-end products which I’d never thought to buy online.


Afterwards I rushed back to get to Jessica’s end of year stagecoach show. She played Miss Hannigan in Annie and she delivered all her lines perfectly. I was so proud 🙂

Mayfield Lavender Farm

Mayfield Lavender

16th July: After school I took the girls to Mayfield Lavender Farm in Banstead. It’s so beautiful there and I took so many pictures! I might have to do a whole blog post on it.

Hampton Court Privy Garden

Hampton Court Pink Flower

17th July: This was the girls last day at school, they finished early so I took them to Hampton Court for the afternoon. My brother is a curator there and he took us behind the scenes and showed us some amazing things in the stores. I felt very very lucky to be able to see so many things that aren’t on display to the public. We also had a lovely long walk around the gardens.

Ham House

18th July: We had a little trip to Ham House where we met my dad for a cream tea. The girls had a great time exploring the gardens and house. This is one of my favourite places to take them for an outing.

Garson Farm

21st July: We met up with some of Lila’s friends at Garson Farm in Esher for some fruit picking. We came home with more raspberries than I knew what to do with! Most of them ended up in smoothies.

Claremont Landscape Garden Haha

Claremont Landscape Garden Woods

23rd July: We popped to my all time favourite place, Claremont Landscape Garden in Surrey for a walk and play. We explored the woods and took loads of pictures.

So I think we’re all caught up! Sorry this has been a bit of a long post! I want to look back on the blog as a record of things I’ve done with the kids, as well as what I’ve bought and worn. I may be a bit quiet on here over the next month as I want to concentrate on the little ones while they’re off school. But I will be a bit more back on track soon.

When Lila stars reception I’m going completely full time blogging so I’ll have all the time in world to catch up on blogging then. Thanks for bearing with me while I’ve been busy! I’m hoping to get a few posts on in the next few days including another vintage outfit so I’ll see you soon!

In my last post I shared one of my favourite original vintage dresses and talked about my love of red gingham. I’ve spotted so many fantastic reproduction vintage pieces in gorgeous gingham and thought it would be nice to share my favourites on here. There’s something for everyone, so if you’re not a dress wearer or you want to try something different the capris or tops are a great option for mixing and matching.

Red Gingham Vintage Style Dresses

Red Gingham Audrey Dress – £29.99 – Lindy Bop

40’s Style Gingham Tea Dress – £85.00 – 20th Century Foxy

Red Gingham Myrtle Halter Neck Dress – £29.99 – Lindy Bop

Red Gingham Dolores Doll Dress – £49.00 – Collectif

Gingham Flavia Picnic Top – £27.50 – Collectif

red vintage style gingham

Red Gingham Bow Bodice – £48.00 – Tara Starlet

Tilly Nautical Trim Shorts – £32.50 – Collectif

White Dolores Top – £25.00 – Collectif

Red Gingham Kendra Capris – £19.99 – Lindy Bop

Red Gingham and Floral Dress – £75.00 – House of Fraser

Red Gingham Horrockses

All my recent outfit posts have featured my favourite vintage style highstreet finds and reproduction dresses, and I thought it was high time my original vintage dresses got a bit more of a look in. So I’ve decided to do a new series on the blog featuring some of my favourite authentic vintage outfits.

1960s Gingham Horrockses Dress

Todays dress was an eBay buy and I don’t wear it very often as it’s a little too small. I usually sell dresses which aren’t the perfect fit, as I really don’t believe in keeping stuff you don’t use. This dress is an exception to my rule however, because I love it so much. I have a huge love of all things gingham, especially if it’s red. For everyday wear I have been wearing my red gingham dress from Sainsburys a lot, but it has not replaced this dress in my favourites.

Red Gingham Horrockses Dress

I’d always wanted an original 1950s Horrockses dress, one of the really collectible expensive ones, but I’m yet to find the perfect dress in just the right size and for such a big investment it would have to be perfect. When I spotted this 1960s one for just £40 I had to have it. Hopefully when I finally get round to losing my baby weight it will be a better fit. To get it on today I had to wear the most ridiculous vintage girdle to take an inch off my waist!

Red Horrockses Gingham Dress

The dress is made from a lovely soft cotton and has a cute lace trim on the body. It’s not full enough for a petticoat like a 1950s style would be, but still full enough for a mid-century look.

I’ve teamed the dress up with my favourite pair of wedges from New Look a couple of years ago and an original 1950s bag which I bought at Wimbledon Car Boot Sale for £2.

I’m looking forward to sharing a few more of my favourite vintage dresses with you in the future and hopefully getting some new ones soon too!

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