Today was just the loveliest day. Despite a very cloudy sky the rain stayed away and we enjoyed a trip to one of my absolute favourite places. Mayfield Lavender Farm is only a ten minute drive from my house and yet it feels like a million miles away.

I went with my daughters and my Mum and Dad, and spent most of the time running in and out of the rows of lavender and breathing in the beautiful smell. It is just too beautiful for words and such a nice little outing. There is also a little shop selling all things lavender and a café serving amongst other things lavender lemonade and lavender fairy cakes – yum!

I wore a dress I’ve finished making recently. The pattern is one I got free with Sew Magazine a few months ago. It is made from a beautiful vintage sheet that I bought from a charity shop in Wimbledon and I’m so happy with it. The lavender fields felt like the perfect place for my new dress to make it’s debut. I packed my Nikon camera to get some great shots only to discover on arrival that I had left the battery at home (doh!) So in the end I got my dad to take a few pictures on my IPhone as I really wanted some pictures of the dress. But please excuse the quality of the photos which aren’t as good as I would have liked.

Find out more about Mayfield Lavender here

The Pattern I used for the dress is Simplicity 2444

Are you feeling fruity? Watch this….

Now are you feeling fruity?

With vintage floral prints everywhere, sometimes it’s nice to have a little change. And right now I’m thinking fruit print dresses and bright fruit themed accessories. Here are a few of my favourite yummy fruity delights from the internet. If these don’t make you feel all Carmen Miranda nothing will!

Clockwise from left…

Vintage 1950s Glass Fruit and Leaves Necklace – Ebay (Auction)

Vintage Plastic Fruit Necklace – Etsy – £16.05

Fruit Medley Print Swing Dress – Lady V London – £45.00

1980s Fruit Flats – Etsy – £12.71

Carmen Miranda Fruit Hair Clip – Etsy – £5.69

I have one of the Lady V London dresses on it’s way to me now, I can’t wait for it to arrive and will be writing a review next week.

I recently picked up these beautiful haberdashery items at a car boot sale for £2. I’m always on the lookout for bits and bobs to use when making dresses. These are some of the oldest I’ve seen dating from the Edwardian period to mid century. Most of it is too old to use and the beauty is in the vintage packaging.

My plan is to frame the ones I like best with a fabric background to hang in my room. I’d already planned to frame some of my older vintage sewing patterns so I think these would go perfectly with the frame. I may also add a few vintage fashion illustrations to finish the look. Watch this space!

I’d just like to say a big thank you to Jessica from Chronically Vintage who interviewed me last week for her blog. You can read the interview here. Also thank you to all my new followers I value for follows, likes and comments so much! xxx


I’m always on the lookout for fabric and patterns to make my own vintage style clothes. I usually pick things up at charity shops and car boot sales. Sadly things have been a bit quiet lately on the sewing front, but that hasn’t stopped me stocking up on fabric for when I do get time. Last night was the first time I’ve sewed in ages and I finished a gorgeous dress I’ve been working on for a while. I’ll save the big reveal for later in the week as I’m going to do an outfit post.

Now the sewing bug is back I’ve reorganised my sewing cupboard and rounded up all my recent thrifty purchases, so here are a few of the things I’ve bought recently.

I bought these vintage buttons from a car boot sale for 50p

My local charity shop has a big basket of original vintage metal zips for 25p each. Every time I go in I grab a few.

All these vintage sewing patterns are from car boot sales. They cost between 50p and £1.50

I got all three of these vintage double sheets for £4 at Wimbledon Car Boot. They are all going to be dresses for me and the girls.

I got these vintage curtains at car boot sales the white and green ones were £3 and the pink ones were £. I got these from Nutfield Farm Car Boot and Hook Road Arena Car Boot.

These two vintage table cloths were 30p each. I also got a few more from the same seller. I got these at Ewell Giant Car Boot.

I got this king size duvet cover for 50p at Ewell (in need on an iron) It remind me of Sanderson fabrics.

I got this kitsch embroidered table cloth for 25p, I might leave it how it is or turn it in to a cushion for my bedroom.

This fantastic knitting book was £1.50 in my local charity shop and features instructions for various stitches and techniques. I’ll be using this loads in the winter as I really want to improve my knitting and make some winter woollies for the girls.

Lastly I picked up these two copies of Woman’s Weekly from 1960 for £1 at Wimbledon Car Boot. They have some great sewing ideas and recipes which I will definitely be using.

Has anyone else got any good thrifty bargains recently?

Vintage Brooch Display

I have a really pretty collection of vintage brooches. I used to share a stall at vintage fairs with my lovely friend Tracy from Macmillan-Cole Vintage Jewellery. The problem with working near to so many fabulous jewels was that I couldn’t resist buying lots of them! One thing I always look out for are hand embroidered brooches and painted porcelain ones. I don’t actually wear them very much but I think they are so beautiful I just like to look at them.

Vintae Brooch Display

When you have jewellery that is mainly there to be looked at and enjoyed you need a nice way to display them – they are just too nice to be shut away in a jewellery box! A few years ago I made this little padded frame to show off my favourite pieces. It was so easy, I just took the back off the frame and stretched the fabric over it with some toy stuffing behind it.

I hadn’t had them on display for a while, but now I’ve got them out they are going to take pride of place in my bedroom for a little while.

How do you display your favourite jewellery?