As I’ve not really blogged much in a while, I thought I’d come back and have a little catch up. I must say I’ve enjoyed taking most of the summer off and have had a really lovely August so far. I’m planning on blogging full-time from mid September onwards as both my babies will be at school! I have so many ideas written down and I’m feeling really excited about making this blog bigger and better.

Here’s a few of the things I’ve done this summer…

Catch up

Got lot’s of new vintage fabric for a very exciting secret project,

Went to Lates at the Science Museum and drank cocktails. My red dress is a vintage 80s does 40s dress.

Got interviewed by Period Living Magazine! (the issue is still on sale for a couple more days),

Went antiques and vintage shopping,

Spent lot’s of time celebrating friends birthdays. My Navy floral dress is from Love ur Look,

Spent hours watching Frozen and Tangled and drawing the characters with the girls,

Tried to get my vintage camera working,

Bought lot’s of vintage treasure at a car boot sale, including a 1940s compact and a Sarah Coventry brooch,

Made home-made pizzas with the girls and their friend Fred,

Went to the Mid Century Market wearing a new 50s dress, bought lot’s of goodies and had some cake.

And here’s a little video from my holiday in Cornwall…

Thank you for bearing with me while I’ve taken a break! See you soon xxx

A couple of days ago I ventured into the city with Fay for a day of taking photos and exploring. The weather in London has been a little unpredictable of late. Sun one minute, stormy skies the next. It has been impossible to know whether to go out in a raincoat or a summer dress! My take on unpredictable weather is to dress for the sunshine and if necessary get wet. There is nothing worse than having to carry a coat and umbrella round on a hot day after all.

20140814-203151.jpgThe dramatic stormy sky made for amazing photos and the view from Madison just can’t be beaten.

We mostly stayed around St Paul’s to take lot’s of pictures before stopping for champagne at Madison and take in the incredible view across the city. We then crossed the river and wandered along the Southbank to watch the sunset. I took a lot of photos which I am saving for another post.


I wore a dress from Laura Ashley which I had wanted for absolutely ages, but not managed to buy. I was delighted when I spotted a brand new one on eBay last week and managed to get it for a bargain £28. I love it so much I want it in more colours now! Thanks you to Fay for taking my pictures for me. Excuse my hair, I had been rained on quite a bit by this point!

Standard telephone box shot, I felt like a total tourist doing this! Does anyone still use phone boxes?

20140814-203213.jpgPhotos taken using Nikon DC40, Nikon S9500 and iPhone 5.

More London photos coming soon!

It feels like I haven’t written a blog post in ages! I’ve been really busy over the last few weeks having lot’s of fun with my girls and doing far too much vintage shopping! I have bought loads of gorgeous 50s dresses recently that I will be sharing on here really soon.

On the subject of vintage shopping and 50s dresses, I’m super excited that my favourite vintage fair is returning to The Hammersmith Club in London on Saturday. The Mid Century Market is the perfect place for fans of the 1950s and is one of the only vintage fairs that focusses entirely on the 40s, 50s and early 60s. The  fair features a great selection of vintage and reproduction clothing, as well as lot’s of jewellery and accessories, a record stall, pop-up salon and a tea-room. If you’re in London this weekend be sure to pop down.

I found a few pics on my phone from the last market…

Highlights of the last few fairs for me have been the gorgeous vintage dresses from Vera Mode and hair accessories from Rosie Alia, they will also be joined this time by my very favourite reproduction brand Love ur Look who I have several lovely dresses from.

The fair is organised by Bettina Scarlet, whose passion for the mid-century era really shines through in her events. Every stall holder is carefully chosen to offer the perfect stock for fans of the fifties. The stalls don’t just cater for women, there will be plenty on offer for men too. I even managed to get a dress for Lila last time!

I’ll be heading down with Rob in the afternoon so if you spot me come and say hi!

As a huge fan of vintage clothing, wearing the right lingerie is an absolute must. Vintage dresses look so much better worn with the shape of lingerie they were made to fit over. I absolutely love What Katie Did, who make the most fabulous vintage inspired lingerie. I’ve mentioned them a couple of times on here before, but I was delighted to discover that they have just added a few items to their sale. Including lingerie sets, corsets, Bernie Dexter dresses and Miss L Fire shoes. Sadly the bra I wanted is sold out in my size. But I’m very tempted to pick up a pair of shoes.

I picked a few of my favourite bit’s from the sale. Firstly the lingerie below which would look perfect under a vintage dress, giving that perfect silhouette. They also have a few seconds stockings available which would come in very handy for everyday wear. I was really sad that they didn’t have my size left in this as I would have bought it all. They do still have loads of other sizes in stock so it’s definitely worth a look.

Fetique Corselette – £39.75

Fetique Cone Bra – £19.75

Seconds Stockings – £6.00

Fetique Knickers – £13.75

Fetique Girdlette – £17.75

If you’re looking for something other than lingerie, there a few lovely reproduction vintage items from the fabulous Bernie Dexter and some stunning vintage style shoes. I’ve wanted the Pandora in red for so long and missed out on getting my size in the sale. Next time I’ll act faster! I Have spotted another pair that I think I’m going to buy though.

Pencil Skirt – No Longer Available

Wiggle Dress – £75.00

Swing Dress – £75.00

Rosita Shoe – £49.50

Pandora Shoe – No Longer Available

Since these sales don’t happen very often it’s always worth snapping up a bargain. I’m off to choose a pair of shoes and some stockings. Happy shopping!

Last week we took yet another trip to my beloved Claremont Landscape Garden in Surrey. I’ve been trying to make more videos recently so rather than taking lot’s of photos I captured the day on film. Rob was on hand with the camera to get a few snaps, while the girls made friends with some friendly geese!

I wore a floral vintage dress which I picked up for £25 at The Classic Car Boot Sale back in March.

Here’s my video of the day…